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description of the roleplay

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme—Beauty and The Beast.

Its the year 2023, and vampires and humans have been harmoniously living together for centuries. The vampire population is a very small and rare one, the human population still the dominant race on the planet. Vampires and humans make "contracts" with one another to survive, gain power, etc. These contracts between a human (beauty) and vampire (beast) allow the vampire to live, using the human as a source of food in exchange for their total obedience to their new master.

The use of beasts, or vampires, range from needing a protector, needing someone to do your dirty work, and other more or less sinister reasons. It is also very common for humans and vampires who fall in love, to make a contract with one another. However the most common and accepted reason in society, is to use the vampire as a bodyguard or servant.

No matter the reason, vampires and humans are trying to exist peacefully... What happens when peace is no longer an option though?
This RP borrows elements based on Servamp but you do not need to know the source material to join. It also takes place in a fictional city by the name of "Reverie" which resembles Paris, France.
Guidelines of the roleplay
How to Join & Apply
[✱] If you are interested in joining, please be sure to read over everything carefully before you apply. I will disregard your application otherwise.
BEFORE RESERVING ✦ Make sure you read the FAQ and GUIDE pages at least and read all of these rules.

RESERVATIONS ✦ In order to reserve a fc and role, you must comment with the following information:*

FC Name.
FC Group/Occupation.
FC Date of Birth.
Species. (Beauty or Beast)
OC Name.
OC Date of Birth.

*This information will be pasted in a room for you to easily copy and paste.

RESERVATION VALIDITY ✦ Accepted reservations are valid for 24 hours after being notified, but ngl I won't be sweating you about them unless someone else asks for the fc you want.
Face Claims & Muse Creation
MUSE NAMES ✦ This RP is an OC (Original Character) RP. Muses in this roleplay are to be given OC names that are not alternate versions of their name or stage names (i.e. "Olivia Hye" instead of Son Hyejoo, "Jennifer Huh" instead of Heo Yunjin, or "RM" instead of Kim Namjoon). OC names must be unrelated to the IRL face claim.

MUSE AGES ✦ You are allowed to modify your muse's physical age by 3 years up or down as long as they remain at least 21 years old internationally. Due to the concept of the roleplay, however, some muses will technically be older than they appear. For your muse's DOB, it can be any time between 1600-2002 for now, but they must have been at least 21 for their death. I encourage you to get creative with your backstories!

RESTRICTIONS ✦ Face claims must be 21 and older internationally. When reserving them, please comment with the comment format. There is a list of already taken face claims located next to the rules. All reservations last for 24 hours. The following are things to note when requesting a face claim:
  • Your FC must be 21+ internationally.
  • Your FC must not have publicly stated they do not want to be RPed.
  • Your FC must not be involved in any significant scandals/crimes.
  • Your FC must not be a cosplayer or an adult entertainer.
  • I don't care what ethnicity your FC is.
  • Also not against FCs that are some kind of influencer or content creator, but they must have at least 1m followers or whatever term applies.
  • If you know your FC is going to be hard to look up, please provide a link to where I can find who you're talking about.
ADDITIONAL MUSES ✦ You may have 3 max at the moment. All you have to do is ask for them with the comment format, or reserve them with the comment format if not in the RP already. You must have at least one beauty and one beast muse.

OTHER NOTES ✦ We allow face claims and muses of all orientations, genders, ethnicities, etc. as long as they abide by the restrictions above.
Etiquette & Roleplaying
[✱] Please respect the admin and participants of this roleplay. As a member, you can raise concerns, offer feedback, and make suggestions, but please be respectful about doing so.
DISCLAIMER ✦ Absolutely no OOC drama though IC drama is fine with the consent of those involved and in threads (more on that later). We are an easy-going RP filled with laid-back people who wish to only vibe. If you cause trouble to the point where I have to step in, I will take action how I see fit. Whether that means you get a warning or get removed depends on what you did.

IC & OOC BONDING ✦ Keep OOC and IC separate. If the conversation is OOC, keep it OOC. If it is IC, keep it IC. You will be expected to use brackets any time you post OOC in IC RP spaces. Please also don't RP in the OOC room... I've noticed some people do that for some reason, so this is your only warning. I will kick you out if you consistently keep mixing IC and OOC. As this will most likely be a small RP, I will also kick you out if you bubble RP or chat. If you don't get along with someone else here or know they don't get along with you, you don't have to write with them, but at least be civil in public spaces. Don't make everyone uncomfortable and please be mature. Also do your best to make everyone feel welcome.

MATURE CONTENT & IC DRAMA ✦ Do not try to talk or send explicit photos in chats, save that for PMs, walls, or anywhere else where prying eyes aren't. The safe word is "code red." Also know that I will allow in character drama and mature content that isn't ual (like violence, for example) and such. Just be sure you a) make sure to include trigger/content warnings for things when appropriate, b) have the consent of all involved parties, and c) keep it out of public spheres if you wouldn't feel comfortable writing it in a class or text to your parents.

PROFILES & INFO ✦ You must set up a DP within your first 24 hours or I'll kick you out. You also have a week from when you're tagged in the welcome room to have at least the basics of a profile up, and two weeks for a full profile. I'm not going to strictly enforce that, tbh. It's more so people have an easier time plotting.

LEAVING & BEING KICKED ✦ If leaving, PM the ADMIN character and only the ADMIN character with a reason why you're leaving. If you PM any non-admin characters, I will ban you and delete your character. I will also delete your character and ban you if I have to remove you for anything other than inactivity. Make sure you save everything you find important.
Activity & Participation
NOTICE ✦ I won't be hounding you about activity tbh. Just make sure you communicate if you're busy and if your muse is low and stuff so I know you still care about being here. I will say, though, if you're inactive at any point, you must still have at least one ongoing thread up so that I know you're not hogging face claims.

POST FREQUENCY ✦ Inactivity is set to 15 days and starts after you start at least 1 public thread or post on your wall at the moment. You probably won't get kicked for having the inactive sign up as long as you communicate with the rest of us why it's there. If you ghost and go MIA without some kind of message or warning, though, I'll kick you out. You can always come back.

NOTE ✦ All points are automatically off unless in IC rooms. This is so you can see how active you actually are as you write.
our masterlist
Chittaphon Leechaiyakul as Indigo, a beast.
Choi San as Julien Caillat, a beauty.
Dacre Montgomery as Gabriel Rosenberg, a beauty.
Huening Kai as Klaus Von Nacht, a beast.
Huh Yunjin as Dahlia Hong, a beauty.
Jennie Kim as Ophelia Clarke, a beast.
Kim Jongin as Leon Yang, a beast.
Kim Jungeun as Seraphine Leroux, a beauty.
Lalisa Manobal as Élodie Aubert, a beast.
Park Chanyeol as Artemis Finch, a beauty.
most welcoming
featured writer
featured muse
friendliest writer
our application
mun information
✱ ooc age
ex: 26. !
✱ time zone
ex: gmt-7 !
✱ password
summarize 1 rule per section !
face claim information
✱ name
ex: nakamoto yuta, sam corlett !
✱ claim to fame
ex: nct, actor, etc. !
✱ date of birth
ex: 1995.10.26, 24 April 1996 !
muse information
✱ oc name
ex: sato yusuke, leif erikson !
✱ ic date of birth & age
ex: 14 September 1949, 27 !
✱ species
beauty or beast !
✱ occupation
ex: tailor, hotel manager, etc. !
✱ brief backstory
3 sentences min, 10 sentences max !
exclusively on roleplay republic


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PapaBeans 2 months ago
I have a question, I read the rules ^^ and got curious about something.
weeping 2 months ago
applied for ophelia clarke.
darumdarimda 2 months ago
applied for valentine russo!
himbos [A] 2 months ago
⬪  ʙʟᴏᴏᴅɪᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ :    notice!
   ⸺  mobile friendly rules are on the rules page!
   ⸺  the reserve & application forms are pasted at the link.
   ⸺  https://www.roleplayrepublic.com/roleplay/view_page/419839
xianzhou 2 months ago
applied for julien caillat.
themis 2 months ago
i’ll be applying shortly. is there a chance i can change my character’s fc to kim jongin and his surname to yang? and i’d like a second.

fc name: kim jungeun
fc group: artms / oec
fc d.o.b.: february 10, 1999
species: beauty
oc name: seraphine leroux
oc date of birth: february 10, 1999
grumps 2 months ago
applied for artemis finch!
psycheux 2 months ago
applies for kathleen roh!
Unholy 2 months ago
applied for Gabriel.
rosetea 2 months ago
applied for klaus!
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