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apartment au
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panorama is an unbroken view of a region surrounding the observer. the panorama apartments, located by the han river, are a great place to live if you enjoy meeting new people, a great community and making plenty of great memories. send you application in now and be sure to enjoy your new living space!

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banned faceclaims

anyone who wish not to be rped, problematic idols anyone under the age of 20.

banned users

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— rules

favoriting the rp is a must, upvoting is optionaly but necessary if you want to get a second character!


read the comment format below if you want to reserve a character! please let us know in the comments as well if you are going to be a move in roommate with someone! 


no ooc drama will be tolerated, however ic drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it! do not drag someone into something that they don't want to be in! if you have any issues we ask that you handle that outside of the rp, or if you need admin things please pm them to let them know!


the inactivity is set to 14 days! if you fall inactive you will be given a 48 hour warning before being removed, if you fall inactive twice in a row (back to back) then you will be removed without warning! we ask that you respond to the welcome message to kick start your activity within 48 hours of being accepted or you will be removed from the rp as well! so please be sure to do these things and let the admins know if you are in need of a hiatus!


move in couples are welcome here! however we ask that you refrain from bubble rping and that you are interactive and inclusive of others! please refrain from user chasing or face chasing as well!  


this is an apartment au, everyone will be living in the same apartment complex but the apartments will be given out randomly based on your requests of bedroom, if you are moving in roommates with someone, or intereted in being someone's roommate from the 'roomie center' room feel free to state that in the comments below and if you need to discuss with them (the landlord will reach out) or if you already discussed with them and it's something you already established! 


if you are leaving please pm the admin, as well as any other admin concerns can be taken there! feel free to approach with any questions that you may have! the password is two rules revised in your own words!

— application
full name/age
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insert here
insert here
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psycheux 1 month ago
park sooyoung (joy) from red velvet is an idol manager and is requesting a two bedroom!
fairys 1 month ago
hello! i'm not sure if my comment was seen or not, may i confirm if my reservation was noted? thank you so much!
eliminated 1 month ago
song eunseok from riize is a second-hand bookstore owner and is requesting a 1 bedroom.
parsley [A] 1 month ago
⠀⠀⠀〈 ᴘᴀɴᴏʀᴀᴍᴀ 〉:: now open!
⠀→ please read the rules before commenting!
⠀→ full name must be used when reserving, and please use the comment format below to reserve!
⠀→ if you are applying for a pre reserve, please put in your application what amount of bedrooms you are looking for! it is a first come first serve basis so if you see the spots are filling up fast please put your first and second choice!

⠀⠀[full name here] from [group/why they're famous] is a [character occupation] and is requesting a [1/2/3 bedroom]

note: if you are rooming with someone please state that in your comment or app! either one is fine! :D
gotohellu 1 month ago

Do i?
jeonha 1 month ago
hey there, if's alright could i extend my reservation for jongin and jaehyun please.
preciosa 1 month ago
⇢ huh yunjin from le sserafim is the lead singer and guitarist of an idol band, and is requesting a 2 bedroom ♡
preciosa 1 month ago
hallo I also need assistance with picking a fc ;u;
nubile 1 month ago
deciding between song jia or noh jihye. need help in picking between these two. >___<
creamytears 1 month ago
claiming pre-reserve + applied for yoo jimin ♡
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