Pokémon: VI Generation

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A small group of settlers set sail from Kanto intent on discovering new land. They eventually happen upon a large, mostly uninhabited continent, which they create a small settlement on the edges of. The first supposed sighting of the creatures now referred to in Kotarou mythology as Enyuu and Pandur. They inspire one of the original settlers to move his people further inland for a reason he does not understand, which allows the group to narrowly avoid death from a freak hurricane the next day.Eventually, the region of Kotarou is founded by the settlers. The man who saw the Maker's avatars, now convinced of a divine presence, creates a group called the 'Excelsior Organization'. The intent of the group is to make sure Kotarou stays orderly, and behind closed doors, find some way to contact the beings above. Word of Kotarou's existence begins to spread far and wide as the region begins being built up. Stratford is created as a haven for the artistically minded, Valengrad is constructed as a small village for the families of miners, and the even smaller village of Spestrat is created and populated by farmers - to name a few of the developments. The Excelsior Organization builds its headquarters away from other cities, on the rolling plains found near the Magnetic Ocean. A large group of scientists, engineers and builders from the technologically advanced city of LaRousse in Hoenn migrate to Kotarou. They set to work on creating a new city called 'Mobius', which would serve as a center for scientific and tourist center in Kotarou much like LaRousse for Hoenn.



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Rororo 7 years ago
It looks like you need a little help doing this xD
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for anyone reading this; i'm making a database orz
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