confess your heart out. here.

1.i think boys are cute e u e + confession v-card
2.I confess... I want someone to spoil. Not someone innocent and helpless. Someone who doesn't think they need that care and affection--- Those are the people who need it the most. #obviouswhothisis #whydidianonthis
3. I would be down for a with jaebum and jackson-- just sayin
4. mingyu is the hottest hot guy around - mingyu
5. I confess that Mingty and Woozi hyung should stop grounding me
6. lee chan wants to be noticed by all hyungs
7. Himchan don't ever think your not as good looking as most people because you are your better looking that pretty much everyone here #nooffencetotherestofyouyourbeautiful
8. Youngjae is the cutest thing around 100% no lie. I mean... Have you even seen him?
9. I may be thirsty but I do wanna find love someday... maybe really soon or maybe just someone who will me right and make me feel loved without actually having to love me.
10. i'm hungry, are you?
11. i love po tat to ♥
12. Why am I even getting jealous when you're not mine in the first place?
13. daehyun is another weirdo
14. I thought you would have been ready to commit like I was but you playing so bye, you gonna miss out on all of this ♥
15. i confess that i fall in love easily so be careful with my heart.....its fragile
16. I feel like everyone just like....forgot about me or something. Well at times I do.
17. I feel like so many people like/want Jaebum that I don't think I have a chance or that he even notices tbh
18. Jungkook is honestly so cute and I feel like he is romantically lonely and that makes me wanna pursue him in that way.
19. I think I like you...a lot
20. I confess... You may not ever see this, and it may be for the best. Jay. I may or may not have a thing for you--- a powerful one. I may or may not check on you every now and again, to see how you're doing; how far you and 'he' are progressing. I may or may not... be insanely jealous. But I know it
21. P.S. [former confessor] Jay-- The answer to each of those options is a sure-fire yes.
22. i'm not sure if what you were saying in the spam room was towards me or not but if it was then i'm sorry you feel like this, i'm sorry i cant return your feelings, im sorry you fell for me, im' sorry im scared of commitment and i just wanna around for the time being.. without 'strings attached'
23. is jay, zico, jb and mino in like a love square? e v e or maybe a buddy clique?
24. I confess that I'm bored af and lonely af and in need of some d but no one talks to me so how would I get some?
25. I confess that... I have a crush. But he's apparently not who you think he is. PLEASE. SEND. HELP.
26. okay, I lose.
27. i do not ship seungyeon and hoshi u v u
28. ;-; I need a boyfriend,
29. i think i'm having a crush argh, No!!!!!!! -hxjvnd
Let's play a game. I am a killer and you are all could-be victims. Each day I will put up an anon riddle describing my next victim, and you must all guess who that person is. If you guess who it is, you must tell the person to put 'safe' as their status until the next day when there is a new victim.
31. The game will keep going until there are either no more victims left, or until someone posts an anon scenario of themselves catching or killing whoever it is that they think is the murderer. That will end the game until a new "killer" steps up to take his place. Deal? Now for my first victim:
32. My first victim is Junhoe's love interest.
33. I want to have children with you.
34. I confess that i'm a bad - Angel
35. I'm afraid i might fall for you , but i'm more afraid that you won't accept my feelings
36. I confess that I'm probably the most normal one #sorrynotsorry
37. I'm getting tired of just simply being the one that watches everyone play from afar.
38. And here I thought I'd made it obvious. What a pity... Regardless, it's story-time! Once upon a time, Kim Jinhwan was merrily walking along the street, headphones in ears. The song ended just in time for him to catch the screech of a car, a mattress truck sliding over a few too many stray puddles.
39. It plowed right for him, but he was wily, dodge-rolling right out of the line of collision. But as the truck smack into a nearby donut shoppe, the sign above (wielding a giant, neon donut) fell right on him and flattened him immediately. The End. ☠
40. Now for my next victim: Eunhyuk's best friend. I'm coming for you next, sweetheart.
41. you look so happy with him. *sighs* maybe i should just give up.
42. I'm here for Suho, but not in a romantic way I guess. Is it bad I need SuChen to get together so the mission can be complete?
43. Ah, so it seems Eunhyuk's guess was correct! But sadly, the victim didn't put 'safe' as his status. What a pity to be so close. Victim》Kim Heechul Status》homicide Manner of Death》Eaten alive by rabid corgies Maybe next time... I'd elaborate in the story but the police are on my tail.
44. Now for my next victim. His stage name is the same nickname of an (un)popular American star. Time is ticking, now.
45. Is it bad that I said that? Was it maybe a little too forward? Eh I dont care. It was the truth. I really want to kiss you.
46. Hoshi is adorable. I just want to wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle with him forever. Theres something so lovable about him. And hes nice and funny and sweet and super cute. Oh god I think I'm falling for him.
47. namjoon's diq is the best. ♡
48. I don't want to be just a friend.
49. Junsu will be mine. Very soon.
50. Well then, you've saved him. My next victim, I mean. Good job giving the man a warning ahead of time. Your friend, JB, is now in a safe house and out of my line of fire. You've beaten me this time. But I don't anticipate it happening again. ♡
51. My next victim will be a slightly tougher one to find. This victim... currently has an endearing dp.
52. you.
53. i, have come to like you..but, i'm too weak to admit it- -babi..-
54. stop ignoring me
55. I am so frustrated right now. Don't know why don't want to be but I really am and I try to act like I'm not but I'm not sure I'm hiding it well enough.
56. I feel as if you don't want me as much as you used to.
57. I just - I want someone to spank me a little, and tell me I'm a good boy, and make love to me so hard that I'm in pain the next morning, but I'd be awakened with a kiss on the cheek and the early afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows, and I'd know that everything is gonna be okay.
58. Aw, have I done you in this badly? Not even a few 'safe' statuses? Pity. Victim》Choi Youngjae Status》homicide Manner of Death》Trampled to death in the mosh pit of a Rihanna concert. He truly did look so delectable in his dp. I couldn't resist.
59. I've decided to be bold today and target two people instead of one. Your hint for victim #1 is that this little guy is the 'golden' member of his group. For victim #2, he's in a popular group known for their moves. But during one comeback, we all 'dread'ed his animalistic street appearance.
60. Hey yo killer, I want in. Contact me, Blurswing On to bloc yeah. I won't give you away just don't feel appreciated by my so called friends stealing my ideas
61. I have a crush on you I think a huge crush but I can't...
62. He's so amazing and handsome and all other things like gkshejcjeisbfoe I cant
63. Yall are so close yet so far away
64. I have to admit I'm bored
65. I'm done I'm just done I can't believe you would think that
66. Why doesn't he accept the fact that he loves him? Why?
67. I feel bad for Eunhyuk. He has no idea what is coming to him.
68. What happens if I started another game in the confessions? Like let's guess this riddle? Oohs so doing it. First riddle: what's red and white and blue all over?
69. Seeing him ask you out made me jealous... I know you feel something for me so why did you say yes?
70. I notice you KEY, I'm right here. Always have and always will.
71. though what if I'm the killer? or what if I'm not? what if I'm an accomplice? or what if I'm just messing with all of you? *sinister laugh*
72. Killer senpai, I wanna work with yew, like I have to satisfy my sadistic urges and you're kinda doing a very very inspiring job,
73. SiChul please happen juseyoo
74. everybody needs love here, specially Jinwoo
75. Why do people talk to me but leave me hanging anyways? Like, the ? Then don't talk to me in the first place. It makes me feel annoyed, honestly. (¬_¬)
76. So like, when are the starting or what? I wanna watch e u e - Kento Bento ♕
77. and to think that i liked you.79. The first one is an easy riddle if you know the answer... I was born in America yet they call me a Thai prince. Who am I?

Newest Feature

Padlet Confessions


Hey there so we came up with the padlet confessions idea so feel free to use whichever confession option you like. The password for the padlet is bananas

To go to the padlet confessions just click on the title and you'll be taken there. You are free to put who you are when confessing but you're also free to leave it anon we don't mind.

Like said before no rude confessions towards others please.


jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
that I love Christmas~
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
I confess /raises my hand.
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
ba ba ba na na na
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
ba ba ba
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
Wae? You don't like? D;
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
You're weird at times hyung
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
Because I can~
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
79- the answer is Nichkhun from 2PM
baekhyun ( h ) [A] 4 years ago
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe Exactly.
I'm going to tell my kids some day to never fight
and when they ask why just say; "Its too much stuff to work out and then after wards its too much stuff to clean up."
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe Nah, fights are too much work
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
Hyung why are you squishing me?
*Pouts before noding.*
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
/squishes Youngjae.
We'll be friends forever and ever~
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe so we are NOT going to fight then?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe You were the one to put it in my head though.
If you didn't want to you wouldn't have asked
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
But its true u.u
II love you too Jinwoo hyung
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
u n u
But I still love you Youngjae
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
Oh well that's awkward
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe But you were the one who wanted to fight
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
Uh, no. I Dont think so.
I posted like a few up there, I dont know which ones are mine
are you asking me?
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
I didn't vote yet
I'm sorry u n u
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe because it was your idea
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe Okay cool cool.
Sounds good for me
You do it
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe So we go around and ask people whos the nicer admin?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe How would that work?
It sounds interesting but how?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
I don't know how to respond to that but!
jinwoo ( sh ) 4 years ago


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Can you add Seventeen's Jeonghan please?
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Donghae left, sorry :(
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Hello. Can I please reserve taehyung?
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Can you add and reserve nct's Doyoung please?
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