for all your shopping and other needs that you may have *coughs* anyway enjoy and enjoy your shopping.
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Looks around before buying a couple of things.*
*grimice a little bit as I leave the store.*
That was a hit to my bank account.
But its for a great cause so oh well~
*Smiles before sipping out of the mall, done in there for a day or so.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Gets a lot of different snacks and sweets and gummies and chocolate.*
*Goes to the front and pays for everthing.*
*leaves and goes to the next store, a jewerly store.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Goes into a sweet shop.*
*Looks at all the candy and everything.*
*Beams widely as I look.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Shrugs before grabbing a bunch of them.*
*Goes up to the front and pays.*
*Skips out of the store and looks at the other stores in the mall.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*finds myself in a toy store.*
*Beams and skips to the plushies.*
*frowns a little as I see them all.*
There is so many though!
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*heads into the mall.*
*Looks around before going into the shops.*
*Looks for a great gift for my Changgie.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae *nods smiling before looking at you*
Yeah, it is very pretty
Hmm...what is your favorite color?
*asks curiosly as I look at other coats*
Oh, this dark gray one is nice....I like it
*smiles and takes it before turning to you*
I think I'll take this one. What about you?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky *Bows my head slightly at you.*
You're too kind though, really.
*Laughs and nods my head.*
Yeah yours.
*Smiles and nods my head.*
*Looks at the blue coat.*
Its very pretty, is it not?
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae *giggles when you cover your mouth like that and nods my head at you*
Just the truth, Younjae~
*looks at you and blinks a few times before pointing at myself*
My favorite color?
My favorite color is sky blue....But there's no sky blue coat...There is this dark blue one though and it looks really cool
*smiles as I point at the marine blue coat*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky *Smiles and coveres my mouth.*
Thank you so much.
*Nods my head, continuing to feel the texture of the jackets.*
THey are perfect.
Whats your favorite color?
*Turns to look at you and smiles.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae I know so~ You are amazing
*giggles at your eyesmile and nods with a cheeky grin*
They do look warm and soft..
*copies you by feeling the fabric of one of the coats and smiles at it's texture*
I think these are perfect
Pick a color so we can try them on~
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky Yeah.
It was really amaizing to see them at the end of it all.
*Gives you a huge eye smile.*
You really think so?
*turns to look at the coats.*
Oh, they are very nice.
And they all look pretty warm as well....
*feels the fabric.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae I really hope they were
They all looked so happy and cute together~
*smiles remembering the sweet music video*
You will, Younjae~ You're a very nice person
*nods and follows you looking around*
How about these?
*points at some nice coats in front of me and smiles as I look at them*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky It was.
*SMiles an dnods my head.*
I bliefve they where....
*Smiles widely at you.*
I so hope so.....It would be great to have someone....
*Follows inside behind you and sighs happily.*
Yes, lets go! I believe there's some over this way.
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@papi pepe thank you


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