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teacher : kim seokjin 

The general lecture over . avoid during heat/rut...

α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -is unfazed and keeps teaching the lesson, explaining things and asking questions of the class-
-points out different chances to make up lost points and extra credit assignments-
-sets aside a small amount of time for everyone to roam the classroom/lab and look at all the material I have for everyone, different textbooks and models and posters-
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin *twitches hard as my beautiful daydreaming just interrupted something on my desk*
*looks weirdly at you, noticing a small puddle below and nods, trying to wipe it away quickly*
*writes down almost everything you said for today and bites my lips, trying to not come back to that*
*fails anyways and smiles mindlessly to you and plays with my bottom lip unconsciously*
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -doesn't mention the contact and simply starts the lesson, making eye contact with all my students evenly, even you with your drool-
-walks around the classroom as I talk, and drops a packet of tissues on your desk as I pass by, having noticed your drool-
-can probably imagine what you were daydreaming about, and won't give you the satisfaction of a flustered response-
-after all, I am an alpha too and I know what sort of daydreams I used to have-
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin *takes a sheet from you, touching your hand on purpose but still doesn't say any word*
*writes my name on it, signs and passes the wolf behind me, backing my stare on you*
*thinks about you laying at the desk and begging for me to enters you and smiles creepily to my own dreams, not even noticed i just drooled*
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [Alright. ^^]

-notices you come in, of course, and gives you a small nod of acknowledgement-
-waits for everyone to come in and get seated, then sends the roll sheet around-
-has some introductory talk before getting into the lesson-
-first day of class, so we'll just go over the syllabus, projects and introduction to ed-
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin (I'll just believe in miracles)

*Enters the other day when the class was scheduled just one minute before the bell rings*
*Curses quietly because there's no places but the one just in from of the teacher*
*Sighs and makes my way to the chair, taking my notebook on the table and intensively stares at you without any words, waiting for the lesson starts*
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [I'm not gonna cut it off, I'm just saying don't get your hopes up too high. o/]
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[post deleted by owner]
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin (come ooonnnn this kid will put like tons of efforts, don't cut it off D:)
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [Pft. o/
That might work. That might work out pretty well... 'cept for the giving up part. o/]
[post deleted by owner]
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin (WHO SAID I WANNA PIN JIN ON THE TABLE AND LIKE IMMEDIATELY?! Well, Jim maybe wants, but he's character, so don't mind him XD
I was actually thinking about long ed. courses. Like Jin will give Jimin knowledge and latter will try to apply them on teacher right away~ and maaaybe just maybe someday teacher will give up?)
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [Slim chances.
And definitely not keen on having Jin in a relationship so soon. //bricked]
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin (cries a river. Like absolutely zero chances? Or or or- )
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [Mm... not sure...
I'm not keen on having Seokjin dating a student, tho. oTL]
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin (so... What's next? ._.)
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -gives a soft chuckle-
You'll learn how to court someone and why you shouldn't force anyone into a relationship, yes.
Among other things.

-waits for you to leave first and locks up behind you after you run out-
-heads off to the meeting, humming quietly to myself-
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin *smiles innocently and jumps off from the table*
so i'll learn how to make you mine later? Cool,i love it~
*looks at your phone and shrugs nonchalantly*
yeah sure, but be sure i will come back and take what i wish so hard
*chuckles and sends you a blow kiss*
see you later~
*turns my back and blushes madly,quickly making my way out and running away from the classroom*
*leans on the wall and breathes heavily*
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin [Ah, sorry, love. o/]

-wonders idly just how persistent you can be and how far you would go-
Mm. Well... I've spoken my opinion on the matter.
And you'll learn about forcing people later on in the semester.

-arches an eyebrow and tips my head to one side-
And why would I need to listen to you well?
I will teach you how to tame them, but it's a one-person job on your end.

-my phone chirps at me and I look down at the little notification-
Ah. If you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend.
-gets up out of my seat and smooths my jacket and trousers out-
I'll need to lock up, Jimin. Shall we leave?
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@β☪yao mingming [wrong acc dear >.<]

there are many other students, i admit it, professor, but i am only interested in one significant person
*stares at you directly, crossing my ankles under the table*
Like i said before, i'm not going to force you be my lover. If i ever wanted to do so i swear you'd be moan my name already, instead of sitting here and trying to convince me that we will never be a couple. And yes, i'm not calling you babe right now, so zero lines crossed *smirks*

Well, you are an adult, the man who should teach me how to tame my hormones, but you don't listen to me well. Is that because i look too good, no? *fixes mt hair playfully*
I said i want to sign up, that doesn't mean you must accept me immediately. And i agree with your rules, let's see how i'm good in your class *grins, hiding the word "babe" somewhere behind my teeth*
β☪yao mingming 3 years ago
@park jimin -chuckles softly and shakes head-
Because I'm sure there are other students who are not only available to you, but who like you as well.
Though I do get the feeling that the more I say "no," the more you'll push.
In another lifetime, we might be good mates, but for now, we have lines we should not cross.
-gives a small smile-
And calling me "babe" crosses a line.

-shakes head a little, chuckling-
You don't get to be TA as a freshman.
I need to see your dedication to this class, good attendance, participation, scores.
I'll get you the TA application two terms from now.
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin why you're so positive it's not you, Professor Seokjin-seonsaengnim *says the last word with a smirk on my lips*
what if we are destined? i already like your scent, we can be good mates you never know.
*chuckles, trying to stretch myself on a table* and i don't demand you to be my lover right now~ but i believe i can melt your hearteu one day
*sighs dreamily* and you'll even let me call you babe.

*looks at you seriously and nods solemnly*
i'll take that to account. For now, i'll accept this deal.
*flips my hair* and where can i get my TA application form?
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -quirks a small smile and taps my fingertips together-
On the contrary, I believe that you could be a very gentle, very caring mate for the right person.
Just not for me.
I can teach you to be a good alpha, yes, but you wouldn't be the right alpha for me.
Not for some time yet. I won't presume to tell the future, but for now, no.

-chuckles softly and gives a small conceding nod-
Perhaps. We might have had some "romantic stuff."
And that's Professor Seokjin to you, Jimin.
Even if we're not in class right now, I'm still your teacher.
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin *the "up-to-no-good" sparkles flashes in my eyes as you said so but soon i realize the you just said and huffs, taking back my jacket*
why don't you believe? You don't think i can be gentle and caring?
*tilt my head to the side and coos gently* but teacher can teach me how to be a good alpha~
*hums quietly, still looking at you from my spot*
so the appearance we can scratch off, you can have any kind of romantic staff if we weren't tied up with responsibility . That's reassuring, Seokjin *winks to you cutely*
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -tilts head from side to side-
It may play a factor. I will have a teacher/student relationship with you.
Or even a teacher/assistant.
But I don't believe we could be romantically related.
-still has a neutral expression as you shrug off your jacket to reveal some admittedly nice muscles-
-leans back in my seat and looks you in the eye-
It would depend on the kind of love you offered.
But hypothetically, I might have accepted it.
However, once I found out you were a student here, even if not one of mine, I would end whatever sort of imaginary relationship we would have had.
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin *hums in approval and nods to my own thoughts*
Okay, so... May I ask you something? Is it my student status a thing... that refrains you from having any kind of relationship with me? I mean... Just imagine
*Smirks and looks aside innocently, throwing back the jacket and revealing bare shoulders in tank shirt*
Imagine it's yesterday and we are both in club... And I look at you like this...
*Shifts my gaze at you and smiles guilty* and offer you some kind of love with me, would you accept it?
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin -peers at you sitting on the table, but lets it slide-
Yes, yes you are.
And as we are both adults, I am free to let you know that I'm not entirely interested in dating students.
There is a line of professionalism that I do not want to cross.
We may be equals outside the learning environment, but here, I have a duty to the school and to the students I teach or come across.
-quirks a small smile-
I'm not entirely sure what you meant by that, but I do know that as long as you are in my classroom, you are my responsibility to some extent.
α☪park jimin 3 years ago
@kim seokjin [yep]

*steps to the table and sits on it tilting my head to you*
i am an adult, glad to hear it.
*throws a glance to you* you're and adult too, so we are equal, right?
*hums a little, following your hands with my gaze and stares at them attentively*
so assuming this you just took off all the responsibility of me during the tuition period. Hm, this is interesting...
α☣kim seokjin 3 years ago
@park jimin (your post)

*grins cheerfully when i finally see a trace of reaction on your face*
*listens up to you thoroughly, nodding times of times*
well this is interesting and you really have to be a tough cookie to not give up under student's charming
*hums slightly, looking at your hand judging*
isn't it you who should give us contraception, teacher? You know, to make the that isn't part of your business, safer so i won't do anything *makes a face* unwise?

-shrugs a little when you say I'm a tough cookie-
What can I say... there's a reason they picked me for this class.
I've heard just about everything, don't worry.

-removes my hand, lacing my fingers together-
No. You're an adult. A perfectly functional person.
You can make your own decisions.
My job is to educate, your responsibility is to take what I've taught you and do something useful with it.


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