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for special occasions  and assemblies.

[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /keeps silent and slowly walks in your office and cautiously takes a seat,
feeling like I would fall on the floor rather than have myself seated on the chair.
/pats my chest gently, calming myself down and takes the pills,
drinking the water down after to make it easier for me to swallow feeling like my throat had ran dry.
/shakes my head gently at your question and gently places the now empty glass of water down your table.
I-I think I'll be fine now.
/nods as I gently wipe my lips with the back of my hand.

[] nah. it's fine :)
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@α❅nam joohyuk *nods though facing the cabinets and looks for the right pills*
*brings a small saucer with the prozac pill and a glass of water to my desk and looks at the entry*
Please come in, have a sit and take the medication.
*smiles softly, quickly taking notes in his laptop for the pill provided*
Are you feeling okay aside from that? I care and it happens to be my job around here so you were lucky today.

((So so sorry, I forgot to answer!))
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /shrugs lightly, having no choice but to accept your offer being that it would take it longer for me to take my meds if I opted to head back to my dorm instead.
uhm.. /clears my throat lightly.
/nods a bit, averting my gaze from you and looks around your office interior instead
as I stood by the door and doesn't dare walk in further anymore.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *walks out, content that you agreed*
I hope you don't see this as an intrusion into your life...
*peeks at you shortly and gets out the keys to my office when we enter the clinic aisle in the school*
So tell me the name of your medication or at least the condition you suffer so that I can find a good match.
*lights up my office and puts on my glasses before opening the cabinet*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /looks at you and blinks; still considering your offer but reluctant at the same time.
/could already feel the familiar feeling im getting when Im not able to drink my med on time.
/sighs a bit eventually and nods, finally taking your offer.
/follows your lead out of the auditorium.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *notices how troubled you are and frowns lightly, shortly*
*stands a few minutes after you, and stretches*
You're putting my duty on the line you know.
*chuckles and steps back, facing you but progressing slowly towards the exit*
My office is a few meters away, I'm sure I have whatever treatment you need...
*is curious as to what you need but wouldn't ask unless if you accept my help*
It's not easy to be disciplined enough to take a pill on a given time, even I am not good at such prerogatives so I can only help you if I can.
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /looks at you again, blinking softly as I think about your offer.
/shakes my head lightly not really wanting to bother you or anyone else.
It's okay.
/nods a bit as I rubbed my arm instead, calming myself down
since Im getting more anxious with the situation.
/looks to the front, staring blankly at the stage and couldn't manage to get myself on the chair
simply stuck there for some reason though I would really want to go and get out of the place
before anything happens.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *notices that you're looking for it everywhere so looks at the stage without really watching it*
*worries a little as you don't find it and it could be a time sensible pill*
If you don't have it I might be able to find the perscription and get you an emergency one.
*offers out of nowhere because of my quality of Head of Daycare*
If you have an alarm for it I suppose it's important...
*looks at you, ready to get going if you need it*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /blinks, nodding my head a bit since I actually have to take my medication.
/turns away from you and simply goes through my pockets looking for my medication
but I cant seem to find it.
/tries once more and checks every pocket I have but still no medication
and I remembered I left it back in my room during lunch when I headed back there to take a nap.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *peeks at you quickly from the corner of my eye and acts like I heard nothing for a while*
*notices you're a little embarassed after making a noise and smiles, looking at the students on stage, knowing they can't see us that far in the dark*
Time for a pill?
*whispers and glances at you with a small smile*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /watches the play a bit more then my watch's alarm starts to beep
causing me to jump lightly on my seat almost forgetting about it.
/presses on the button on the side to turn off the alarm and looks your way,
afraid that I may have disturbed you.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *nods slowly and figures you're not the type to share at all*
Too bad. You tmhave the looks for it.
*mumbles, looking one last time at your face from the side before letting you enjoy the play as you intended to*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino 'Trespassing?' /thinks to myself and feels a bit anxious
being that I dont really want to get in trouble and I didn't really intend to trespass if it was what I was doing.
/feels a bit relieved though when you added and somewhat implied that you are too
and makes me relax a bit as I look towards the stage again and shakes my head a bit at your question.
No. /answers shortly.
/was just there by chance and I was just enjoying that form of art.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *nods as you didn’t pick up on my jokes but watches how anxious you seem*
So I suppose you're now trespassing on the secret repetition of the drama club...
*adds quietly before sitting back comfortably in my chair*
Just as I am.
*tilts my head while followin the action going on stage*
Would you like to join the drama club?
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@β☣song mino /didn't really notice you as my attention were all on the stage not until you spoke.
/blinks then as I came back to my senses and looks your way, backing away slightly on my seat
as I shook my head being neither of what you asked.
/glances around me then, looking for any sign that I shouldn't be here
thinking that the auditorium was off limits of some sort.
β☣song mino 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *sits a seat away from you and enjoys the play*
*when they pause, looks at you*
So are you a rich donator or the executive director of the play?
*asks with a smirk at the other, leaning against the empty seat between them*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
/wanders around the school, just getting myself familiar with the place and my way around
then stumbles upon here.
/blinks as I walk in, emerging from the back seats and sees a few students practicing on the stage.
/takes one of the seats in the back and watches them practice for something and I got amused
of how they play their parts so well, making me watch them with my full attention and totally immersed in their role playing.
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ *push you away from me*
Ok fine~
What is our game again~?
[H] β☣kim jongdae 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun /leaned down as I cornered you between my arms by putting it in the chair's arm/
well babe were just playing /smiles sheepishly/
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ (*poke you*)
[post deleted by owner]
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ *chuckles*
are not allowed in this room babe~
[H] β☣kim jongdae 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun okay.. let's change the game ... it's now called.. if I pin you down...
seduce me, you win if you can../smirks/
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ (sorry, i thought i replied to you in here already~)

Your game, your rules~
[H] β☣kim jongdae 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun here of course... but how do you want it to be?
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ Hmm ok~
Where do you want to play it~?
[H] β☣kim jongdae 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun truth or dare.. /smiles sheepishly/
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ (*pokes you coz it seems get buried in your notif~*)
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@[H] β☣kim jongdaeℋ *looks up to you*
What kind of game you have in mind~?
[H] β☣kim jongdae 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun /walks in as i saw you sitting on one of the chairs, slowly walking in as a smirked visible in my lips/
/stops in front of you and shows a well scripted smile/ wanna play?


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