this is
this is
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
//leaves to go home//
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
//stops by here//
I should able to cool off for now...
//sits on the swing set as I wipe the tears//
//cries out my sorrows as I swing//
( ✔ ) bae joohyun. 4 years ago
@park kyungri. //looks around
Ohh--this park is very nice.~
//turns and looks over to you, beaming softly
KyuKyu, you should pick a spot for us.~
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
@min yoongi. Right here, oppa~
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
/steals vcard


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mercury_ 3 years ago
can you add and reserve lalisa manoban?
thank you
tartarus 4 years ago
Dean left. Hardly active anymore
hieuthieut 4 years ago
Can you please put Choi Youngjae on the hiatus list for a week?
Admin has lots of stuff to do at school jsksms
cinqam 4 years ago
seokjin left, i had fun here, ty<33
Queen_Riri 4 years ago
I don't really want to leave, but I've been too busy lately. I'm sorry. I don't want to hog up a character, especially since she's a slightly popular celebrity. Thank you for having me though!
-sushi 4 years ago
Jaebum left, I'm not active enough sorry
bringmethehorizon 4 years ago
can you please add kang haneul for me? thank you.
[comment deleted by owner]
ValerieInTheNight 4 years ago
Please put Jung Minhee on hiatus. I got my laptop stolen >.<
Thank you
AriaEl 4 years ago
Kim Seuk Hye shall be taking her leave. Thank you so much for having me!~
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