taken greek gods

Gods typically have 2-3 children. With that being said, there will be more than one child of a god. After there's three children, no one else can apply to be that child. Titans are also available for you to be as, however just like greek gods, you are only half.

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➻ titan

➵ Zeus

• Seungcheol

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xngeliquer 1 year ago
I’m sorry but Zayn is leaving. Life has been and will get more hectic.
SugaHU 1 year ago
Is Min Yoongi available???
chrysopos 1 year ago
Piggybacking on LordJee a bit lol
I'm gmt -4/-5 so I could help add characters and accept apps too
Squiddly 1 year ago
Hey there
I was just wondering if you needed a co-admin? Even just to add peoples reserves up for you when your offline? I'm in UK time so I could offer to help out a bit :)
xngeliquer 1 year ago
decision made: can someone reserve Maluma for me please?
xngeliquer 1 year ago
sooooooo someone help me choose please-

Toni Mahfud, Maluma or Stephen James?
AshFlower 1 year ago
And also- the term for Medusa’s creatures are called Gorgons ouo
AshFlower 1 year ago
Please add Kina Shen please?
bananavores 1 year ago
Jennie Kim for me pls
babyqueen 1 year ago
Ahn Hyejin please?
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