↳ psyche. brand new greek gods roleplay. many spots available.

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rp type:
au, literate
all welcome
the admin team
Choi Seungcheol
main admin
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about us
Athens, one of the strongest and well known place in all of Greece. With its high population of mythical creatures, as well as the mighty gods and titans, lives a new generation of children; demigods and demititans.

These beings attempt to live in harmony together, facing new challenges with things as big as monsters and as small as humans.
Psyche is a demi-god/titan au that takes place in Athens, Greece. You may choose from different species such as a human, demigod/titan, and more, (all which you can find on the species list. We
welcome you to Psyche and hope you have a wonderful time here.
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1. Favorting is a must, upvoting is optional (your application won't be accepted if you don't favorite.

2.OOC drama will not be tolerated. However, IC drama is encouraged.

3. Dating ban of 2 weeks. You may be in a relationship with anyone of any species.

4. is allowed in m-rated rooms. Most of the rooms will be m-rated for NSFW (gore, , etc)

5. Respect everyone and be kind. No bashing of any kind.

6. Activity sign pops up after a week of inactivity. Let an admin know if you need to be on hiatus or semi.

7. Password is your favorite greek god
full name:
if god/titan, which:


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xngeliquer 1 year ago
I’m sorry but Zayn is leaving. Life has been and will get more hectic.
SugaHU 1 year ago
Is Min Yoongi available???
chrysopos 1 year ago
Piggybacking on LordJee a bit lol
I'm gmt -4/-5 so I could help add characters and accept apps too
Squiddly 1 year ago
Hey there
I was just wondering if you needed a co-admin? Even just to add peoples reserves up for you when your offline? I'm in UK time so I could offer to help out a bit :)
xngeliquer 1 year ago
decision made: can someone reserve Maluma for me please?
xngeliquer 1 year ago
sooooooo someone help me choose please-

Toni Mahfud, Maluma or Stephen James?
AshFlower 1 year ago
And also- the term for Medusa’s creatures are called Gorgons ouo
AshFlower 1 year ago
Please add Kina Shen please?
bananavores 1 year ago
Jennie Kim for me pls
babyqueen 1 year ago
Ahn Hyejin please?
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