Class 2-A

class 2-A;
Sophomore classroom
Adviser: Seon yein
Seon Yein [A] 9 months ago
/peeks inside from the window before hesitantly making my way inside, looking around the room like a lost child/ I can do this. /takes a deep breath, closing my eyes for a couple of seconds as I try to make my nervousness go away; proceeds to go to the teacher's desk and places my things there before I sat down/
Kim Sohee [A] 9 months ago
/enters the room and looks for a perfect seat; grins when I spotted the empty seat at the back of the classroom, near the window; walks over to the seat and puts down my navy blue backpack; sighs in content as I sit/


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kitramos 8 months ago
hey is this still open?
TokidokiCutieBoi 8 months ago
is this still open?
contrail 9 months ago
sorry, hyejoo left.
milkytea 9 months ago
jinsoul dipped
Mansuetude 9 months ago
I love y'all but ajdnsjs muse has died so dongwoon gotta bounce.
haenim_ 9 months ago
sorry, but Jihoon is leaving!
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
milkytea 9 months ago
jung jinsoul please!
Mikhun 9 months ago
han jeonghoo pls
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