do watch where you're going or you might bump into someone and -- we all know where this is going.
Kim Sohee [A] 10 months ago
/vandalizes an innocent locker/
Yoon Sanha 10 months ago
/My stomach growls loudly indicating that I am already hungry/ Ughh calm down stomach please~ /I puppy eyes my stomach, silently begging my stomach without getting any real result/ Fine! You win this time! /I let out a sigh while rubbing my stomach/ I should probably try to find the cafeteria first.
Kim Sohee [A] 10 months ago
/takes out some books from my locker and checks my smartphone for the time/
I still have many time in hand. And I have nothing to do.
/heaves a sigh/


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kitramos 9 months ago
hey is this still open?
TokidokiCutieBoi 9 months ago
is this still open?
contrail 10 months ago
sorry, hyejoo left.
milkytea 10 months ago
jinsoul dipped
Mansuetude 10 months ago
I love y'all but ajdnsjs muse has died so dongwoon gotta bounce.
haenim_ 10 months ago
sorry, but Jihoon is leaving!
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
milkytea 10 months ago
jung jinsoul please!
Mikhun 10 months ago
han jeonghoo pls
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