The Jungle

careful from the cheetahs
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 1 month ago
@Changmin Shim (∝) -laughing silently before finally taking off my mask in front of my uncle's lover, or maybe I should say ex-lover? Oh whatever it is.-
I'm so proud of myself, that you still recognize my voice after all these months being away from our pack Changmin
-smiles softly while making my way towards you, bowing my head and bend my waist a bit, being polite to someone that might have the same rank as my own father-
I'm a free bird love...nobody gonna ever ground me...not even my own father
I have always being let to fly free...because when the time comes, I always come back to my nest
-eyeing the single seatee close to your bed and sits down without being asked-
I see your body is getting will be rough for my uncle if you get manlier than him Changmin...
-teases you, just to see how will you react to the mention of my uncle-
Changmin Shim (∝) 1 month ago
@Minki Choi (Ω) /it has been a long boring day for me, laying down on the bed is like my second nature after attending combat training every morning with the fresh recruits. Learning and adapting new skills, even as far as going for learning horse riding while using bow. A training befitting the status of the next ruler of the East clan, isn't? But my heart. My heart is empty. Yearning longingly for someone that I dearly missed. Someone unexpectedly stealing my heart not to mention, it's the first male ever. An alpha at that/
/to fill in my boredom, and to keep my mind off him I started reading. Yes, all the war strategy of Sun Tzu, the Great General of China, to Yi Sun-sin, the defender of the Joseon empire, sighing I flips yet another page when a strong smell of flowers suddenly gushed into my room through the opened window, looking up, I see a masked man standing there and at the sounds of his voice, I can't help but to chuckle/
What are you doing here Ren? Trying to get yourself grounded like me?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 2 months ago
@Changmin Shim (∝) -huffing a little bit, spraying myself with loads of flower scented perfume that I've created beforehand to cover the smell of my own as I make a way towards the castle of the East clan. Sniffing around to track the scent of someone consider very dear to my uncle, feeling sorry at how he has been since the East Prince was taken away from him-
-scruntinized my eyes as the scent brought me to the military base with a high tower situated in the middle-
Wow... he's like the imprisoned Rapunzel of werewolf...
-chuckling to myself before wearing my mask and takes out the daggers as I slowly climbed up the tower with a backpack containing rope and few other things with me-
-arrived at one of the opened window, sneaking into the tower and grins as I see the East Prince is actually sitting on his bed while reading-
Hello Changmin...
Daniel Ahn (Ω) [A] 6 months ago
*leaving the populace area of the island, shifting to his ink black wolf self and blindly navigating himself to the jungle, relying on his sense of smell to guide the way since his eyes would never see again; taking a deep breath of crisp evening air, the omega made his way deep among the undergrowth, eventually coming to a stop and laying down on the canopy littered ground, claws hooked into the earth under him as he fought to remain in his wolf form.
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) [Sorry for the late reply. I got busy and forgot to reply you ><]

/still your head and body, trying not to worry you and let you know that I'm injured from the attack/
'Shhh...everything is fine now, Kyungie. It's not your fault and don't blame yourself,okay?'
/nuzzles your side gently and stands up in all four, looking at you/
'Let's go now. It's getting dark and I don't want father (head of the orphanage) worried about you'
/starts walking slowly as leading you back to the orphanage/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /still following your scent to the big tree, hoping you're fine there, stops and sits not that far from it, waiting for you to come out/
/calls you softly before I see come out from your hiding, seeing the small white pup coming towards me as I'm feeling glad that nothing happened to you/
'Hyung is glad that you're fine...'
/let you nuzzle against me and leans down, your head and body gently/
'It's okay, a hyung, I should protect you from danger'
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /buries my fangs more on its neck before I get thrown away by it and hit again the tree, groan in pain/
/the thing attack me this time, biting my body hard and making me howling in pain/
/I'm trying to fight it back, clawing on its body and pushing it away off me, jumping on top of it and pinning it upper body with my paw as my shap nails get deeper into his flesh , pressing it body with my hind legs as I'm biting again at the same spot until it stop moving under me/
/hops off him and spits out the blood, looking around for you and trailing your scent, panting heavily/
' safe now...come out'
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /keep running before I hear your scream and feel your grip on me tightened, gasps in surprise because I fall on the ground because of the impact of you being ripped off me/
/opens my eyes and looks at you, eyes widen/
/gets up and runs towards you when I get push to the other side and hit the tree, groans in pain and falls on the ground again/
/opens my eyes slowly and sees a big wolf but it's so different than us, his scent is foreign and I can't detect what is it although there's a slight wolf scent from it/
/eyes widen more when I see it tries to attack you, gets up and runs towards it, tackles it down on the ground as we both are rolling away from you, biting on its neck hard/
'Run now, Kyungsoo!! Run and hide!!'
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) 'Don't say like that, Kyung. I might get in trouble too if I come here alone and not because of you'
/hears some noise from behind too, knowing that thing is chasing us and I'm running at full speed right now, hoping that I manage to make the big gap between us and that thing/
'Hyung will be fine and you will be fine. Trust me'
/sees that we almost get out of the jungle/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /my eyes are looking around to see if the danger is really close to us, looks at you as you get on my back, making sure you're fine there before I start running off/
'Hold me tight. I'll run as fast as I can'
/increasing my speed and sprinting up out of the area/
'It's not your fault and we will be fine'
/my heart is beating faster and feeling afraid too at the same time but I need to save both of us right now/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /nods my head and stays alert again, looking around the place as you're picking the berries/
/looks at you when I realize you're wearing your back pack, nuzzling my snout on your shoulder when you hug me/
'You're welcome, Kyungie. Next time, when you want to come here, let me know. It's dangerous here'
/suddenly, I smell foreign scent and it's something that I can't recognize at all, feeling danger as it sending shiver to my spine/
'Kyungsoo, get on my back. We need to go now!'
/stands up and nudges you to get on me/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /staring at you when you turn around and give me uneasy smile, listening to you before I look at your backpack, seeing the wild berries in there/
'You do know it's dangerous here, right?'
/moves closer to you and nuzzles my snout on your hand/
'Go on and fill it up. Hyung will wait for you here, Kyungie.'
/ your cheek and sits right next to you, waiting and protecting you at the same time, staying alert on our surrounding right now/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Kyungsoo Do (β) /coming into the jungle in my wolf form (snow white color of fur and blue eyes), is taking a walk here or if I find something I can hunt on it/
/getting more into the jungle before I stop in my track, a wolf beta scent hit me up and somehow it's quite familiar to me, decides to find the wolf and follows the scent, it leads me to the small area where all the bushes are and the scent is quite strong, knowing it comes from here/
/seeing a young boy who is busy picking the wild berries and putting into his backpack, walking slowly and silently to the boy/
'What are you doing at here?'
/asks the boy using the pack bond/
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 8 months ago
@Junsu Kim - (β) *watched as you tried to move your body so much, tried to cover my panic expression as I studied all those damages on your body*
What are you saying? You mean I never ran toward you like this?! You're just pulling my leg right now aren't you *tried to play along with your joke. This bad. Really bad. Your legs won't stopped bledding thanks to the silvers from the bombing and some of those shreds had entered your chest. Quickly transformed back into my human form and tie your tights to stop the bleeding.* I'm NOT LEAVING YOU su. You're going to be alright. *Quickly move around to move you to a more comfortable position, making you lay on your back* Damn it su. Why aren't you recovering as fast as you should. *cursing when you suddenly cough out blood, quickly craddle your limp body and bring you to lay your head against my chest* Su.. please. Don't do this to me. Don't leave me like this. *plead at you with tears threaten to fall from me as you slipped through your consciousness. Bringing my wrist toward my mouth, I buried my fangs on my wrist, taking in a good amount of blood from me, before leaning to you and gave you my blood through our connected lips. The vial, the pure blood, should help saved you. I don't understand why yours doesn't seem to do its job in your body, but if the reason was because you've lost too much of yours, I don't mind giving mine just to save* Stay with me su. *Parted from your lips watching your lips smeared with my blood and did it again, on my cut wrist before giving it some more to you until I saw some color returned back to your face. You're stablizing. Good. Good.*
You're gonna be okay su. We'll get you treated. *quickly lifted you up bridal style and make a quick run out of that scene. Heading back to where I've parked the car before off we were heading to the hospital*
Junsu Kim - (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) *barely able to recognise you but your voice calling out for me making me able to slowly open my eyes as I look at you, trying to roll my body to my other side when you start nudging my face* came running to me....this is the first...
*trying to crack a joke on you as I try to inhale the air into my lungs because of the feeling of my chest getting tight*
*coughing a little as I try to pull myself up but I can't really feels my legs, try to push my body up once again but fails as well* can't stay here... it's dangerous...our date... I'm sorry I couldn't make it...
*coughing some more before finally vomitting bloods, choking on the irony liquids making my breath hitches as I try my best to stay awake* you...Jin...
*falls unconscious at the excruciating pain pressing my chest*
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 8 months ago
@Junsu Kim - (β) *groan frustratingly as I leapt through the jungle's floor, picking up your trail with your scent as my call to you on the pack bond remained unanswered.*
Damn you su. How dare you blocked me out from you. *growling to myself as I wasn't able to reach you. It was then a thought occurred to me, if only we had a mate bond. Maybe then, I can forced you to answer me, called directly upon your soul and your wolf, so that both of you can tell me, what you are actually doing right now.
The trails pick up foreign smell. Human. They're here again. Damn it!
A loud bombing sound resonanting around the forest floor, followed suit with the strong smell of silver transmitting in the air. Oh no. Junsu. Fasten my pace as I was getting closer to the scene*
'Junsu, Answer me!' *trying to call for you again and this time finally receiving a respond.*
*realizing that weaken state of you from your voice as you finally answer*
'No, no, no. Stay with me buddy. Don't you dare walk away from me soldier. I'm losing my best man for this.' *approaching the scene carefully, and saw few bodies all over the scene, some were thorn apart no surprise by the work of my strong vice-captain, and some died out of the bombing took place. My nose is thick with the scents of silver and bloods, I tried to narrow down on that one scent I've been searching for.
Saw you were back in your human form next to the tree. Quickly strode pass the bodies and be by your side, nudging the side of your face with my nuzzle.*
'Junsu, I'm here bud. Stay awake. You can't loose to this.'
*At the pack bond, I reached for siwon, giving him an emergency alert.
"DEFCON1. The human has declared war on us."*
* the side of your face to try and get you to stay awake with me*
Junsu Kim - (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) *jumps from another branch towards another branch carefully, shooting arrows with rope towards the oldest tree in the jungle and makes my way towards it by swaying myself, landing perfectly on top of the tree as my eyes squints to the ground, looking at the group of human hunter sneaking in, my ears twitches in anger, moreover, they have the same symbol on their shoulder, indicating that they are on the very same organisation that have keep us and experimenting on us, growling lowly as I follow their movements*
This heads...we don't even bothering you...
*growls even more when I see them setting new traps, reaches for my crossbows and begin shooting at them one by one, jumping from trees to another trees before finally making an appearance in front of them*
What more you guys want from us?
*growls as they raise their guns towards me, pouncing at them while shifting into my wolf form, begin battling them one by one, ripping their throats apart as I feels their silver blades grazing against my skin, whimpers in pain but keeps fighting on*
"Monsters will be destroyed!"
*shifts my gaze towards a hunter who suddenly takes off his vest and activated the self destroyed silver bomb, widens my eyes and quickly runs away but a little bit too late. Feels my body getting thrown across the jungle's floor until my back hit the tree trunk hard, coughing out blood as I feels like my body getting ripped apart, loose hold of my wolf form and shift back to my human form*
*hears your voice calling out for me, smiling softly while groaning in pains before answering you*
'Jin....this time...I'm the one bailing out on you...finally I can walk away from you...'
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 8 months ago
@Junsu Kim - (β) *getting ready for the promised date, I wore a nice purple button up shirt, with a pair of navy pants. A touch of navy vest matching with the pant and tie, yes tie. Decided to gel my hairs for a bit before finally left the alpha house, heading toward the beta house. Didn't found you there though. Probably the lack of your present at the place worried me if something was wrong. Just in case, I took a spare set of your cloth along with me as I drove off to your post on the border. Taking off my nicely put on suit, and transforming into my wolf form.
In search for you.*
'Junsu. Su. Are you there?'
*calling at you through the pack bond. Although I've long lost the position as the supreme alpha. The present of the pack bond with those I'm close to, was still there. And that include you.*
'Junsu. You weren't there in the pack house. Where are you?'
Junsu Kim - (β) [A] 9 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook Junsu walks slowly among the thick bushes of the jungle, he's still in pain and his left shoulder is still throbbing but that doesn't mean that he will abandon his post. After all, he's the vice-captain. The tournament ended well and he manages to teach at least some basic skills to the younger wolves participating in it. Groaning, he looks at his sling arm, then sigh. The broken shoulder blade will take some times to heal but the safety of the island is still at risk.
He wonder around on the forest floor, being careful not to steps on the traps set by the patrol team while his nose sniffing on any unusual or new scent and that's how he notice a new scent approaching, hiding himself behind a tree trunk, his ear begin twitching as he try to locate the exact direction of where's the scent is coming from.
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 9 months ago
Jonghyun Choi (∝) 9 months ago
/quietly prowling the jungle in wolf form, eyes darting around and ears following every little sound, being extra careful now that darkness has fallen and the threat of night predators is high, my new alpha instincts still taking a little to get to but I decide it's time to see just how acute everything is, if only to serve as a distraction from a certain omega always on the cusp of my thoughts.
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 10 months ago
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -looks at you, peeking behind the blanket once you already pulls me into your arms, sitting astraddle on top of your laps, feeling relieved that at least my lower part is still covered by the blanket-
-leans my face close to you before stopping a little bit-
I think...we have never...kissed? didn't we?
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) [It's fine really. Don't fret over this]

-heaves out whimpering sounds as soon as I lose the skin contacts with you, unconciously drawing a small frown on my face and at your question, I peek over to look at you-
I...I don't really want you to stop...
B-but...that'll be selfish of me to ask for more when you already helps me
-chews on my bottom tier before I looks up at the roof-
Uhm...Jisung...I want you to...have with me..
-blushes redder at my boldness before just pulling the blanket to cover my body-
Urgh....just forget I asked that....sorry..
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -still feels shy despite of your words that I shouldn't be, but how can I not? Every touches left on my skin feels like a burning sensation that makes my body reacted even more, softly with your every touch-
-whines out your name when you turn me over and I feels like my hole already twitches once my bare touches the cold air-
C-Can't you...just...stop massaging me now...
I'm... I'm not in the condition of being sane... I'm... already...hard
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) And I will learned well since you're making time and effort to teach me...
-sighs in comfort when your hands keeps kneading on my knotted muscles, pulling the discarded shirt on the bed, covering my intimate part, scolding myself for being when you just want to help easing my pain-
-feels my cheeks blushes even redder that my ears turn bright red as well, shy away as I closes my thighs together unconsciously-'s fine..I will take care of it later...
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) Good...when I feel all better...I will definitely learn from you...
-cups my face and hide it behind my palm when you turned me around, lifts my hips up when you take off my pants , feeling myself totally exposed to you-
- out your name when I feels your hands massaging my sensitivity chest area-
I...I think... I'm getting hard...
-trying my best to hide partially erected from your sight-
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -enjoying the touches of your hands on my body too much that I feels all my knotted muscles being unknotted and that helps me to feel a lot better than before-
Uhm... someday I should learn from you too...
-moans in delight only to shiver when you asked me to take off my pants. Despite knowing that you jist want to massage my body, the thought of you touching me who's totally somehow makes me excited and I can feel my own member is twitching-
Uhm... I think I'm okay...but, you have to take them off for me..
i feel totally embarrassed to do it myself...
-hides my redden cheeks as much as I can*
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -still feel shy and awkward despite your words that I should feel shy around you-
Can't help it...
-tenses up a little when I feel the kiss on my shoulder, suddenly I feels like freezing on my spot and I swallow my saliva thickly-
-was being tense for a while before I can finally enjoys the massages and unknowingly producing some moans of delight-
Uhmm... you are very good at this...
Minki Choi (Ω) [A] 11 months ago
@Kim Jisung (Ω) -looks at you and although admittedly you have already seen me , I still feel a little bit shy about stripping my shirt of and let you see my topless body-
-takes of my shirt, then I lay down on the bed, with my back facing up and I have to tilt my head to the side, but not towards your way as I feels my cheek heating up again-
Sorry to bother you Jisung...but I feels all my muscles are knotted..


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