Ferry Docks

ferry docks
this is where the ferry that goes between the island and the mainland where humans reside docks. you must have a ticket which bears the approval from the Supreme, Seer, or Ultimate Omega to gain passage.
Sehun Oh (∝) 6 days ago
*with my mind completely distracted the next thing I knew was when arriving back to the island, exits the ferry boat briefly thanking the worker before looking around seeing the forest at the other side. Walks over to the parking lot near the dock to see my car still parked; however the only bad thing is that I dont have my keys after leaving most of my belonging back at the human city. Not wanting to give a call to my brother, decides to walk back home letting my legs drag my feet towards the alpha residence*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 6 days ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /is waiting for Mark to come out from under the dock, looks down at him and his expression/
'It's okay, Markie...I'm glad that I don't loss you here...'
/leans down and his head and and his snout, nuzzling him/
'Let's go back, hmm?'
/gets on my feet, making sure that Mark is following me and using the other road that is a shortcut to the residence area, uses the pack bond to tell Jongin/
'Jongin, we're heading back now'

(Let's move to alpha residence and Sehun will join us)
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *stays quiet as I think for a little bit before crawling out from under the dock and looks up at you with my ears and tail downwards*
‘I’m sorry Uncle Myeonnie....for running away..’
*lowers my head and sniffles softly*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /hears what Mark said and sighs softly/
'I know he will and he must feel worried when he found out you guys aren't there...'
/stops and sits down, looking at Mark and nods my head/
'Yes, I'm sure. If he doesn't come back, uncle will go to human world and drag him back here. Come out from there, okay?'
/is sitting where am I right now, letting you decide to come to me or not/
'Your mama is worried about you and he's crying right now. Let's go back and wait for papa at home.'
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Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *shivers as i stay low under the dock seeing you appear by the forest*
*whimpers softly with a shut of my eyes*
'B-but Papa must be sad....really sad. I want to be with papa.'
*peeks my head out slightly at i look up at you with teary eyes, my ears folded down*
'A-are you really sure Papa is coming back home..?'
*sees the boat approaching closer to the dock*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /I'm still running towards the dock, speeding up when I smell the salty scent of the sea, knowing I almost reach there/
/arrives at the dock and stops, looking around for Mark/
'Mark! Come out now!'
/sees the next boat approaching/
'I sent a voice note to your Papa about you, mama and you brothers are here now. I know he will come back here as soon as after he hears my voice note.'
/stepping closer to the dock/
'Let's wait for him at home, okay Mark?'
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *takes a small step towards the dock only to turn my head back towards the forest hearing
Uncle Myeonnie through the pack bond*
*stays my ground before hearing the sound of your movements coming closer causing me to run under the dock when i see the next boat approaching*
'I want to go back to Papa!'
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /sighs when I hear Jongin said that again, didn't know how to respond about it and decide to talk about it with you later/
/let Jongin take the key from me and nods my head/
Drive carefully. I'll come back soon
/closes the door and watches him driving away, shifting to my wolf form and running in full speed into the dark forest towards the dock, using the pack bond to reach Mark/
'Mark! Stay where you are and don't go anywhere!'
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *pants heavily and reaches the dock; looks back at the dark forest and waits for the next boat to arrive*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) H-he’s probably hating me...
Because we came home..
I w-worried for him and the triplets..
-uses my inhaler and nods, sadly taking the keys-
I’ll d-drive home...
-gets into the driver seat, buckling up and driving off once you close the door, drives to the alpha residence-
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) What?!
/throws the bag to the front passenger side and looks at Jongin/
Jongin...calm down. I'll get him and bring him back, okay?
/frowning as looking at him/
Can you drive now? I want you to go back home first and I'll come with Mark. I know it's hard for you now but I can't make you and the triplets wait here. Please, Jongin...
/waiting for his response, is ready to go and catch up with Mark, hoping he's not going to far right now/
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) M-Mark...
He’s left...
Mark wanted to b-be with Sehun
-cries heavily, covering my face-
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /arrives at my place and gets in, starts packing my clothes, toiletries and few more things that I need, comes out and locks the door before I go down to lobby/
/arrives at the lobby area when I hear Jongin calls for me, rushing out and my eyes widen when I see the front passenger door is wide opened, runs towards the car and opens the door/
What happened? Where's Mark?
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) No you can’t Mark!!!
You’re not going back and that’s final!
-sighs and tries stopping you, starts panicking, calling out to Junmyeon-
J-Junmyeon Hyung..
-can’t leave the boys and I start feeling sick to my stomach, my eyes glowing golden as I try bringing you back with my motherly bond-
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *frowns deeply when Mama said that I can’t go back*
If papa can protect himself, then I could too!
*unbuckles my seat belt and pushes the door open; hops out as I shift into my wolf form and starts running back towards the dock*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) Because Mark...
Papa is strong.
He can protect himself.
You won’t go back...
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *stays quiet for a bit then responds*
Then why did we leave Papa with the bad people?
Uncle said that they aren’t always bad.
*tears up again and sniffles; buries my eyes against my arm*
I just want to go to Papa... *mutters out in between sniffles*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) Mark...
Papa is busy....
He has work and you can’t be in the human city. If you get sick you can shift.
Then bad people will be after you!
Don’t you want to be with me?
With mama hm?
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *hears the door shut and looks up when I see Uncle head into his house; stays quietly only to hear the happy noises coming from my baby brothers*
*stays silent hearing Mama’s question before speaking once again after 5 minutes*
I want...to go back to papa... *mutters out*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) -brings my hands down from my face, unsure of what to think and I breathe out-
-silently looks out the window when you drive, my lips slowly I close my eyes, feeling my heart race against my chest-
-looks at Junmyeon, nodding my head for a moment-
-my eyes turn to look at the triplets as they giggle happily, Leo babbling and drooling-
Do you hate me?
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /glances at Mark before I glance at Jongin through the rear mirror, didn't know what to say about this right now/
/driving the car to the alpha residence, stops by at the beta residence and parks the car/
I'm going to take my belongings. You guys stay here, okay? I'll not take long.
/looks at Mark than to Jongin, smiles a little and gets off from the car, rushing towards the building/
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) -sees the babies giggling happily once they see their favorite uncle, doesn’t even smile at how cute they are. The depression slowly sinking into my heart and I keep scratching at the mark-
-looks at Junmyeon and silently nods my head, getting into the car I buckle myself up-
-covering my face in pure shame-
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *is seated at the front passenger seat quietly as I let Uncle Myeonnie put my seat belt on; hugs my backpack against my chest and rest my head against it feeling tired*
*closes my eyes*
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /walks to my car and places Mark down to sit on the front passenger seat, helps him wear the seatbelt/
I will get the bags
/closes the door and walks back to the docks, carrying all the bags to the car and putting them inside the car boot/
/makes sure the triplets are secured in the baby seat, smiles a little at Jongin/
Get in now
/opens the door and gets inside at the driver side, turns on the engine and drives to alpha residence/
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) -nods my head sadly-
We can...
-mumbles tiredly and helps the boys up from their sling and into the baby seats-
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /sighs softly when I have two crying person in my arms right now, didn't know what to do and how to calm them/
Mark...Jongin...let's get in the car and I'll send you guys back to your home...
I will stay with you guys at there this time...
Mark Lee (∝) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Jongin Kim (Ω) *sniffles softly as I let Uncle Myeonnie carry me in his arms*
*buries my face against his shoulder and curls my fingers
against the back of his shirt; cries silently*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 week ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Mark Lee (∝) -stays silent as it starts dawning on me, maybe I wasn’t a good enough mother-
-Mark seemed to understand that I was leaving Sehun, but I couldn’t tell him really why I did-
-doesn’t react to being held-
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 1 week ago
@Mark Lee (∝) @Jongin Kim (Ω) /looks down at Mark and my eyes widen when I see his tears, bends down and carries him up in my arms, rubbing his back/
Don't cry...uncle is here...
/turns around at Jongin's voice and sees him crying too/
Jongin! Don't say that in front of the kids.
/holds Jongin in my free arms, wondering what is happening here right now/


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