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it looks like a good day for a picnic!
enjoy the bright summer sun and the fresh air. 
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong you haven't? I'd definitely do so then and play it for you, on our way back home perhaps? I- you're gonna tempt me into being naughty when I'm trying oh so hard in being a good, innocent girl for you on this date. pft. chuckles as i click my tongue at that before grinning and nodding my head once. aye, aye sir, gotcha. whispers softly as i glances over out the window in awe, as you do everything, my lips are pulling into an overly bright smile from how excited and ecstatic i am, my eyes shining in awe and love as i squeeze your hand tightly in my hold and chew down on my lower lip in bated anxiousness. I never have, I've always seen it in the movies and never have i - done this in real, it's a new experience, have you done this before? i ask albeit softly as i try to not let the insecure tone in my voice waver my breath or showcase as i look at you with slightly widened but curious orbs.
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ oof i haven’t heard of that song yet. play it for me some time? leans into your touch, my head tilting to shortly and affectionately rest my temple against your forehead, humming approvingly at the sweet kisses. hell yea. maybe that sounds even better than black widow now. cackles amused, shaking my head after a little. yea, let’s try watching the movie first. it’s a great plan B though. presses the button on the driver’s door to make my window go down, fishing out two tickets from my pocket as we were closing in on the gate with security on either side. woot, correct! you did not even need three guesses. nudges your thigh in amazement, the enormous screen coming into view little by little. you’ve done these before?
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong W o wwww so are you calling me a psycho right now? I guess ava max psycho song fits for me huh? Wiggle my brows as I look at you and chuckle as I lean in to brush my nose against your shoulder and over to your neck and cheek before pressing a lazy kiss there and moving back a bit before laughing in amusement. That's an interesting idea. Maybe even get carried away and have car okno sjsjj anyway. I need to stop thinking with my body and start thinking with my brain pft. Looks forward as I take in where we are and I tilt my head to the side curiously as I blink slowly. Is this like... Those movie nights thing out in the open where you watch in your car??? I asked in awe and pure happiness as I look at you with a bright smile. I'm even luckier to have caught your attention out of everyone else's
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ huffs a little chuckle and shakes my head in slight disbelief. yea if you’re the psycho i’m definitely the cute one okno aldjsldk curls my fingers to grab a hold of your hand, squeezing it gratefully. you’re the best, really. and you know, we could always just make out if it’s not fun anymore. i grin mischievously and wink. and laugh when you call me a dork. we almost sound married. i joke out loud, driving forward little by little until a very, very big field with loads of cars comes into view. and we’re driving right next to it, in a line to enter the gate. but i agree. i feel a lucky man to have met you.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong You're so adorable it hurts but in a really nice way. Chuckles softly as I lean into you a bit as I listen to you beating up yourself which has me frowning deeply and i look at you softly. Hey baby, we could Still watch it you know, I don't mind watching it over and with you especially it would be really fun you know? Murmurs with a soft smile as I chuckle a bit and tips my head to the side as I listen to you and grin softly. You're cute and dorky and this is why I adore you so much lee taeyong tsk. Murmurs and I'm a bit surprised as I feel your lips on mine. Breath hitching and my heart speeding up in my chest as I smile tenderly from your little peck and my eyes soften as I eye you and chuckle. Dork. Coos as I lean up and smooch your lips once more before moving back down and tightening my hold on your hand. I think we're doing just fine either way and I love you as you are same sign or not so it matters not to me coz we're happy.
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ ahaha well yea- and that really scares me- presses my lips together in a line, your kiss to my cheek tugging the corners of my mouth up nonetheless. shoot. no i did not. sighs out quite a disappointed sigh, tearing my eyes from the road to look at you now that we were standing still anyway. and i was kind of planning a little something with it- damn. did you happen to love the movie a lot? raises my brows expectantly, and slightly apologetically.
yea, i feel like we're doing great. i don't know anything about astrology but maybe the same signs are secretly meant for each other. reaches over to cup your chin with my free hand, turning your jaw so you'd look at me. and as i do so i bend over the handbrake and press a light and little kiss to your lips. don't worry about it too much. we'll pave our own way. one that horoscopes don't know of yet. releases your chin to make a playful fingergun at you.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong Pft well if you up you know what's gonna happen to you don't you now baby? Coos softly as I reach up to kiss your cheek before laughing softly as I listen to you and I nod my head slowly. Yes indeed I have. Did you not? Quirks a curious brow as I peek over at you and blink my eyes slowly, I'm so infatuated and lost in you and the conversation with you that I don't even pay attention to where we're going as I continue stroking your skin only to pause as you said so and my breath hitches in surprise. Wow... I'm a cancer too? Chuckles a bit at that and furrow my brows slightly as I chew on my lower lip a bit. Normally same signs don't get along so well but its nice that we are doing just fine, don't you think? Murmurs softly as I peek down at our linked hands and once again in gnawing at my lower lip anxiously as my shining orbs flicker up to your handsome features. I delve in a lot of horoscope or astrology things so that's why I was curious.
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ ouch, i'm kinda a little scared of you now. and that sweetpea isn't making it any better. hisses a little, though the amusement was still clear within the glimmer of my eyes. despite a little surprised at your sudden, unexpected fangirling, i can't help but feel joyous of your enthusiasm. though me basking in your thrill was not long lasting as i turned another corner and push the brake to stop right behind another car, waiting in line.
wait, so you've watched black widow already?
my thumb rubs over your hand as you stop fangirling, comforting you that it was alright and i did actually like seeing you like this.
i'm a cancer
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong Urmmmm well it is me saying that if you up then yes I would definitely be able to murder you and get away with it sweetpea. Coos softly as I flash you a half grin as my eyes light up with mischief and amusement before laughing a little and I hum under my breath, nodding my head along with your words and honestly enjoying all of it because it's the same exact type of movies I've come to love over the years. I absolutely am a crazy fan for marvel movies!!!! I want to see venom so bad too ugh! But I saw black widow and I saw hawk eye is coming out soon or something too and my god. I am such a fan too. I gush softly and then feel my cheeks heat up as I realized I was fangirling at this point before clearing my throat. Urm what's your horoscope?
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ listens to your enthusiastic response, humming and nodding every now and then to let you know i was listening. and i can't help a chuckle from escaping when you say you'd get away with murder.
i hope you did not mean you would get away with murdering /me/ if i were to up.
despite the ruthless topic, i enjoy the soft touch of your fingertips; my hand relaxing in your hold.
i love fantasy and action as well. god mysteries are great too. oh, and you know, i love the marvel movies.
at the mention of that last specific topic, for the next few seconds, i glance your way a few times more. do you like them?
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong Mmmhhhhh.... Movies. I love horrors actually. I love a lot of fantasy sometimes actions. But I love thrillers and horrors and mysteries a whole lot. I also looked at a lot of lifetime movies too. Sooooo you know if you up, I could possibly get away with murder. Psychology have always intrigued me so I watched a lot of those documentaries before so I learn a lot. Wiggle my brows as I turn to eye you with a cheeky smirk lining my brims. And you though? Murmurs softly as I play with your fingers in my hand's hold, stroking and caressing the skin as I brush my tips against your veins as well, admiring the lobes running under your flesh.
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ your soft groan has me glance your way, the corners of my lips tugging upwards at your remark.
we really should. responds quite curtly, not wanting to dig deeper into the subject as i would get too . and i really wanted to get to this event i had planned.
so... what kind of movies do you like? wonders, changing the subject after a few seconds while i turn a few corners.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong Well that's okay! I'm not gonna ask you to pay attention mostly to me compared to the road. Safety is most important. Chuckles at that with a little shake of my head before looking back at you, chewing on my lower lip, albeit nervously as I feel my body heating up at the vivid image you managed to paint in my mind, causing me to laugh softly along with you. Of course it is! I squeeze your hand at that and groan softly. It's far too hot, too if you ask me. Tsk. Clicks my tongue once as a low moan is emitted from your words as I see the images play out in my mind and I squeeze my thighs against one another a bit. Are you trying to right now? That sounds really... Yeah we should do that one night? Late at night when we know it'll be pretty dead on the roads?
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ nah you’re doing alright. despite honest, i’m a little absentminded as i start driving and need to split my attention between you and the road now. a smile spreads over my lips though, as soon as you press a kiss to my hand. the lights of the road reflecting in my eyes are nothing compared to the gleaming of my delight.
wow- that sure does sound hella y. i glance your way every now and then, not keeping my eyes off the road for too long, yet long enough to notice your flush. and it breaks me into a laugh.
cmon, that really sounded hot.
imagine us on a highway. no destination- or one that we dont really care about in the moment. shattering speed limits, with the roof down and wind tangling our hair, while you bounce on my lap.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong an amused brow and hum a bit. I mean I don't know what's your okay and not okays when driving. Is that how I should phrase it or am I phrasing this wrong. Murmurs thoughtfully before shrugging a bit and laughing softly as i peek over at your handsome visage, scanning every inch my eyes can cover before glancing down at our linked hands as I lift it up to bring it over to my lips and press a kiss to the back of your knuckles before placing them back down on your thigh. That sounds kinda hot though, might wanna try that one day. Or maybe even have your in me and doing it too. Wiggle my brows back as I look at you and then my cheeks flush darkly upon realizing just what I've said
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ feels a little relieved you were indeed happy with the date i so randomly asked you on. and i momentarily glance down at your hand on my thigh before reconnecting our eyes.
scare me? i chuckle a little, almost sounding offended, despite trying to still look confident. and after realizing it did not sound as convincing, i add a little ‘no’ and slide my fingers between yours.
i’d even drive with you in my lap. i add, wiggling my eyebrows before turning the gear into one; your hand still connected to mine.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong I'm pretty good.... Very happy you surprised me with a spontaneous date and all. Grins cheekily as I feel my heart pitter pattering in my chest, breath hitching as I move my hand over to place down onto your thigh, giving the clothed flesh a little squeeze as I look at you and flip my hand upwards as I tip my head to the side. Want to hold my hand while you drive or would that scare you? I ask curiously, not sure if you're keen on driving with your free hand distracted or would rather it being placed on the gear shift or not.
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ i would never admit to my heart skipping a beat when i see you exiting your front door, the shy smile on your lips and the gentle sway in your hips as you walk up to my freshly washed BMW. no you don't, you look great. i say as a matter of fact before i lean slightly forward, kissing your cheek back as a greeting. hey. how are you?
i start the engine again by turning the keys, but before i start driving i turn my head to look at you.
heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ 2 years ago
@༶ lee taeyong ()she'd have on what she has on in her dp lol

Once the message comes into my phone, I messaged back a quick okay, but I am rushing to look at myself in the mirror once more as I fix my shorts and blouse before passing a hand through my hair slowly as I take in a deep breath. Okay... This should be good enough... I hope. I murmur to myself and my lips quickly before walking out the door, making sure to lock it before noting the sleek car parked outside and i smile shyly as I hold my bag close to me and walk over to the vehicle as I open the passenger side and slide into the car, taking in the scent before looking at you as my lips part in awe. Wow.... You look insanely handsome, I look like a mess in front of you. Laughs sheepishly, cheeks flushed as I lean in and press a little kiss to your cheek. Hi.
bang yongguk。 2 years ago
@xiao dejun。ˣᶦᵃᵒʲᵘⁿ /chuckles, nodding my head/ I'm starting to get used to it, baby /my nose wrinkles when you pinch my cheek, and I offer you a bite of the sandwich, wanting to share it with you/ I'm going to gain weight eating your delicious food. I've finally got my own label, and I'm going to start putting out my own music again, and I'll be on stage with a food baby that you created /grinning, I lean closer to you, whispering against your ear/ Are you going to knock me up, Jun?
{ h } ༶ lee taeyong [A] 2 years ago
@{ sh } heo yoorim。ᵃᶦˢʰᵃ after sending you a text that i parked in front of your house, i turn down the engine of my car. my eyes flick down hastily, stroking any wrinkles out of my blouse before i check the time. it was a minute before 9. despite knowing i looked great: hair styled (not by myself, which proved that it indeed looked great), neatly clothed with dress shoes and an expensive watch, i still felt nervous. and anxiously gazed at your front door, hoping i got the right address at least.
xiao dejun。ˣᶦᵃᵒʲᵘⁿ 2 years ago
@bang yongguk。 "Sometimes people deserve to be spoiled, you think that after all this time you would be used to it hyung." Reaching up he pinches your cheek, a fond expression filling his brown eyes with warmth. "I'm just happy that you like my food to be honest. I always want it to taste perfect." He declares with an ounce of sheepishness, knowing that, that is not always possible, but knowing that you find it delicious has a feeling of knots in my stomach that make my smile blossom a little more bright.
wang linkai。ˡᶦˡ ᵍʰᵒˢᵗ 2 years ago
@jeon soyeon。 //lacing out fingers together and nodding with a smile. "Ride or Die...count on it."
//takes a selfish with you. Just than I get on my skateboard and do a wheelie and than skates over to you.
"Will you go on a date with me tonight? Starting now... I want to take you to dinner. And by dinner I mean shots and pizza?"

(He likes simple dates)
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@han dong。 *chuckled along and nods* its a long run, hopefully.
*Listens to you and hummed in thought* well, this kitty seems to wanna sleep already. But hey, I don't have any plans either. My first day at the new company hasn't started yet till next monday so I am pretty much free till this weekend. *Grins and stands up afterwards, gently picking up sleepy Princess in my arms*
Coffee sounds great. Do you mind if I send Princess up first to my apartment? Its just nearby so maybe you can wait here while I put this kitty to bed. Then, let's have the whole day to ourselves. *Smiles*
han dong。 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 Oh no true , I dont think I could handle them by myself it is too much .. I mean it be nice to have her have kittens but for health reasons, perhaps getting her spayed is the best option, but I cannot say much, it is your choice in the end. Another note I too will be looking forward to that
-she stood up before contemplating , shaking her head again-
Truthfully things to do change often, but at this rate, I do not think we would have anything to worry about until we are at least 80, maybe 50 at our earliest
-she laughed before sighing at releif at his agreeance before shaking her head upon being snapped back into reality-
Oh damn right, right , I was just taking a shortcut to my usual cafe, I need coffee at this time of the day . And I have nothing planned, the other 6 members are not at the dorm either , what about you ? Do you have anything else planned,I mean I didn't want to interrupt your day too if you and your catto had other plans.
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@han dong。 For me, kittens are cute but I don't think having kittens while living alone is a good idea. I haven't spayed Princess yet cause she is still small. Maybe when she is old enough, I would do the same. *Chuckles and nods* I look forward to that.
*Shrugs* modelling is like a trend. There will come a day when I am no longer needed in the industry. When the beauty standard changes, so does my career one day. But lets hope that it would not happen yet.
*Grins and hummed* I couldn't agree more to that. *Blinks* ah! Where were you headed to originally? Can I buy you a drink or a meal?
han dong。 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 Of course of course, personally I did want kittens but for his health I decided to get them chopped , i mean I would get her spayed if it was a girl too
-casually rubs the back of her neck before clicking her tongue-
Maybe I could show you one day hmm? Ah anywho
Oh , not really , to keep us like these we diet still, but at least we do have some leniency of course
-she puffed out her cheeks while looking up and down at him in curiousity-
Well that is true, but just by looking maybe you do not have too, I mean you seemed to be very well toned alread
-tilts her head in curiously before shaking her head-
I never thought of that, but fussy clients are annoying but at the same time you do learn too
For me I would choose you as often as I could but its like everything , there will always be one better , however as long as you do the best you can then frankly ppsssshhht to the others
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@han dong。 *blinks and chuckled* so you had Nannan castrated already? Well that is actually a good step in owning a pet to be honest. It does more good than harm for them.
*Chuckles* wow..those are strong legs for sure..im impressed.
*Nodded and smiles warmly* starving.. you must not starve now then especially on how famous you are these days right?
*Chuckles* like I said, if I am required to take off my shirt for a shoot, I would go on a diet and loads of exercises.
*Laughs even more at what you said* stand and look pretty? Well its actually harder than that especially if you have a very fussy client. There will always be a better model than me, you know.. so yeah, I am not always the first option for some clients.
han dong。 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 Sounds good, also on my half , you wont have to worry about them having kittens either
-nodding softly she contemplated before choking at his words-
Well thank you also , If I can take down 3 of my members, then perhaps I could crush you , maybe huh?
-she laughed before shaking her head-
Oh please, when they say diet, its not what you think , we are so starving you cannot comprehend. But that m'dear , is another story.
Well you are lucky, maybe they will get you on a diet too , you never know
I mean it probably wont, but also I am sure it will be easy, like you just have to stand there and look good, it sounds preeeeety easy to me
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@han dong。 A cat play date huh? Never did that before but sure I think it would be nice for Princess to make a new friend too..
*Nods and the happy cat's head*
*Raised a brow and chuckled* oh no offense, I am actually complimenting you for having such strength for your legs. I wonder if thosw could wrap around my waist well?
*Clears throat and shakes my thought away* With diet huh? Must be excellent and fit for you then. For me I would do some diet if I have to take off my clothes for a certain photoshoot. But thank to God, I am graced with this type of body as naturally.
Ah! My age? I am 28 this year.
*Nods and hums* nice taste huh? Yeah I think they do. I didn't expect it to be easy either but I'm sure it will be good for me.


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unrevealed 2 years ago
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unrevealed 2 years ago
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JiminieMouse [A] 2 years ago
+.• ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋᴇᴅ! •.+
- ᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀʀ ғᴄs sᴛɪʟʟ ᴀᴠᴀɪʟᴀʙʟᴇ!
- ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴡɪsʜʟɪsᴛ!
- ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ғᴜʟʟ ᴀɴᴅ sᴛᴀɢᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴅᴇsɪʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀ!
- ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ʟᴀsᴛ 48 ʜᴏᴜʀs!
lalima 2 years ago
roh jisun please!
kaeya- 2 years ago
could i please have lee joongi?
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 2 years ago
I might be late
But happy yellow star

Wriggles and shakes in excitement
Penthesilea 2 years ago
Since Karina dragged me here...

Jung Yunho please?
LadyofGalifrey 2 years ago
Please add and reserve Kwon Boa for me, thank you!
bintu-san 2 years ago
Yoo Jeongyeon pls
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