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welcome to Kim namjoon's humble abode! please knock before entering.
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -laughs softly as I watch you walk away, a gentle smile on my face as I wait for you to return-
It’s okay I can always get a new one and show it to you again~
-smiles when you come back-
How are you so handsome with not even trying..?
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 //the smile never leaving my face, I still help you out of the shower, and after you dry off some, while your still in your towel, and I put a towel around my waist. I pick you up in my arms bridal style and take you out into the bedroom.

Silly Me ripping off your maid outfit. Hm~

/after putting you on the bed I go to my closet
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ ( no worries it happens! )

-almost melts into the kiss, arms draping over your shoulders as I hum happily-
I want to be yours too, Namjoon.
-laughs a little at your words before nodding, pulling away to step out of the shower, careful not to slip before grabbing the towel to wipe my self down-
You’re silly but I like it a lot
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 (......I'm an air u.u my bad for taking this long to notice I didn't reply.)

"You heard me right cutie...I am yours and I want to be yours..."
//catches your chin in between my fingers and hums as I kiss your lips more sincerely and caringly
"... I really wanna stay in the shower... but we will both be prunes soon...to be fair you would be the most gorgeous prune I have ever laid eyes on."
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -moves close to you when you finish, humming softly as I wrap my arms around your neck-
So are you saying you’re mine? Is that what I’m hearing?
-laughs softly and leans up to peck your cheek with a smile-
You say I’m cute but I think you’re cute
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 Am I? ...mm~ well I'm your eye candy so~ /laughs and washing up before rinsing off.
Just don't tell the public you see all this? I rarely show skin. Well my chest anyway.
//is finished
I want to look at you all day long...guard you and keep you near.
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -my cheeks flush pink as you give my a squeeze, biting my bottom lip as I watch you-
Mm you’re like eye candy.. just so sweet to look at.
-smiles at you as I lean against the wall to help support my self-
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 //hopes you don't ble me for being so taken with you but I can't help myself. And eventually pulls away after giving your cute a squeeze to finally wash myself and let you stand in front of the water.
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -blinks a bit surprised but immediately kisses back, humming softly against your lips as I press close to you with a soft mewl-
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 "Yeah well I wanted to save room for a second time.
//smirks as both my hands hold ur face and than I kiss your lips passionately.
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ Is that so? Maybe I’ll want to stick around you then.
-smiles gently as I look up at you, arms moving around your neck before bringing my fingers over the mark left behind-
Hm.. it’s okay.. you should’ve left more.. I like it.
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 "Well if you get stuck with me I promise I will be happy about it."
//chuckles in a cute manner, the water in the
Shower pelting of me, my tan skin tone contrasts your whiter complexion, and I see the love mark I left on your skin.
.... I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself...
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -my eyes close as I lean into your touch, humming softly in content as I hold your shoulders-
Mm.. be careful now, you might have me stuck to you like glue.
-laughs softly before looking up at you-
Mm and if you need the help again I’ll be willing to offer assistance
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 Well I'll always take good care of you... ya hear?"
//leans down and kisses your forehead before washing over your smooth wet skin some more and than, letting you shampoo your hair.

You...took care of me. :)
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ -hums happily while you wash me, relaxing under your touch with a smile-
Smells like the body wash I have.. I love the smell of lavender.
-looks at you and kisses your cheek-
Thank you Namjoon.. feels nice to be taken care of
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 Ya know I will...
//can your still weak in the legs so I don't really let go of you, but come in directly behind you and also get wet. Grabbing a wash cloth and all spice lavander body wash and lathering it up, soon placing it on your back.
hakken ryou。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ *laughs as I wrap my arms around your neck before gently pressing kisses along your jawline*
Mm.. thank you for taking care of me~
*smiles before standing on my own, legs still slightly weak*
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@hakken ryou。 //after turning on the shower and making sure it's warm for you I come back into the bedroom and pick you up easily, carrying you to the shower and than, setting you down.

Shower time Hakkan~


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unrevealed 2 years ago
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unrevealed 2 years ago
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JiminieMouse [A] 2 years ago
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lalima 2 years ago
roh jisun please!
kaeya- 2 years ago
could i please have lee joongi?
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 2 years ago
I might be late
But happy yellow star

Wriggles and shakes in excitement
Penthesilea 2 years ago
Since Karina dragged me here...

Jung Yunho please?
LadyofGalifrey 2 years ago
Please add and reserve Kwon Boa for me, thank you!
orenjiboo 2 years ago
Yoo Jeongyeon pls
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