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a fancy, well-known restaurant which serves any kind of food you can imagine.
kwon boa。 2 years ago
@jordan huxhold。 "No need to be sorry, it's not like you chose it or were trying to be difficult. That just means we get to be a bit more creative when it comes to trying local cuisine." I reply with a cheeky grin, setting the menu aside to fold my hands neatly in front of me on the table. An eyebrow arches upward at your request and I chuckle softly as I try to figure out what to tell you. "I love dogs? Cats are good too but I love dogs a bit more. Hmm. I am more than a little addicted to coffee and when it comes to how I spend my free time, I am usually reading something or watching a documentary. What about you?"
jordan huxhold。 2 years ago
@kwon boa。 “Thanks I’m sorry about that, having allergies to food.”
Saying this with also a slight frown since I wish I wasn’t allergic to anything. As the lady soon bows and leaves I smile politely to her and thank her. Luckily she says “you’re welcome” in English and I chuckle slightly.
“I don’t mind at all Boa I will gladly spend time with you when we can. It’s a deal.”
I playfully wink.
“Something more personal... I’d love that. I know I can look up anything else if I wanted too so I’d rather hear it from you.”
kwon boa。 2 years ago
@jordan huxhold。 A thoughtful look crosses my features followed by a slight pout before glancing back over the menu. "Okay. A decent part of our food has shell fish in it so I will do my best to avoid any and all of that." I reply with a quick nod. My fingers trace over a few options before I look up again, smiling at you warmly until the woman comes to take the order. I greet her politely and rattle off my selections for the meal until I can turn my attention back to you. "Well, I hope you don't mind me taking you up on that offer a lot then." There is a brief pause as I consider your question and chew my lower lip pensively. "What would you like to know? The wikipedia facts or something more personal?"
jordan huxhold。 2 years ago
@kwon boa。 "well for starters, I am allergic to shell fish, but I can eat things like sushi, i do not like overly cooked meat though. I am not a fan of overy sweet foods or drinks either, but I wouldn't say know if it's a gift."
reply to your first question while taking in your appearence across from me and mentally thinking i'm happy we are both easy going in this lunch setting. (lunch or dinner?)
"Oh I see, well I'll be more than happy to always talk or hang when possible, I know what it's like to be home alone most of the time, though truthfully I don't mind it... I love company too"
my smile still on my sharp features and soon a server comes to us and i let you order while I respond to a quick text from a friend. Afterward I put my attention fully bakc on you. "So tell me a little about you?"
kwon boa。 2 years ago
@jordan huxhold。 Having just come from work I am wearing a soft pink hued blouse with light grey slacks and my dark brown hair in a loose, low pony tail. "You definitely seem easy to please here. Are there any flavors or foods that you absolutely don't like?" I ask, making mental notes of what items to ask for before I look up with a soft smile. "I can come out, I have the ability to, but I don't go out that often. I spend most of my 'free' time at home alone. In this case I would say that I am the lucky one."
jordan huxhold。 2 years ago
@kwon boa。 I also remove my own jacket and hang it up on the opposite wall. I have my golden locks in half a ponytail style and a plain black t-shirt and Jeans. Kinda Boho is but just myself. "You had me at. Spicy and Black Raspberry." I'm pretty much relying on you at the moment for the reccomendations, which I'm hoping you do not mind. "Do you get to come out a lot more these days Boa? Or am I kinda lucky today?" I ask with a playful light laugh.
kwon boa。 2 years ago
@jordan huxhold。 A soft chuckle emits from my lips as I go to my seat and remove my jacket, hanging it up on a hook behind me before sitting down to glance at the menu. "Then we should get you some spicy pork belly and everything for the wraps." I nod a few times and then glance at you as if weighing what I think you might like. "We should get you some bokbunja. It's a black raspberry wine and it's among my favorite drinks. A definite must try while you're here. How does that sound?"
jordan huxhold。 2 years ago
@kwon boa。 "oh? no of course I don't mind, I completely understand... hmm~ I love spicy food, and i'm more into protein for sure."
Saying this while i follow you and when we reach the more private dining room I sit across from you and begin looking at the menu, luckly they also have everything in english as well as korean. I know our level of publicity is pretty different, you being a renowned Idol and singer, while I'm a celebrity purely because I'm a public figure and a super model on the rise. "Think I'll try a glass of wine while i'm at it, or is there a drink you might suggest too? *looks at you from my menu.
kwon boa。 2 years ago
@jordan huxhold。 "Well, that depends on what you have a taste for. Are you good with spicy food? Would you like meat or noodles?" I inquire, offering a small smile and a nod of my head as I step through the open door. "Thank you for that." With a wave of my hand to the woman, I quickly ask about a private dining room and she leads us both back there. "Hope you don't mind this. Because of who I am, I rarely eat in the main room or it can cause a stir."
jordan huxhold。 2 years ago
@kwon boa。 After we start walking and getting about, I'm kinda glancing about and trying to memorize the surroundings. My hands in my jacket pocket and I look over to you smile.
"So Boa, I honestly am hungry, but I don't know what I should try... do you have any recommendations?"
The local resturant coming into view and I open the door for us to go in.
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 /My eyes widen a little.
"South Africa? Oh wow what a change in scenery and culture I bet?"

"Well I am always open for being your "travel buddy" as you say. I do have responsibilities too though, I guess it depends on our schedules but I'd definitely shoe you around. Like today I'm happy to share a meal with someone new."
//says this kindly and honest.
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ Thanks man... *Clasps my hands on the table and hums*
Ah Im from South Africa. My accent sometimes made people confused.. *chuckles*
Yeah, it would be nice to have a travel buddy around Korea though.. and I do agree Autumn in Korea is so much better.
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 I'm happy to hear you like it so far, it really is great here. Soooo where are you from than?
//orders the same and they give us drinks and we wait for the straps of marinated beef and kimchi fried rice.
Oh I hope you can take some good pictures for yourself and all the sights here are amazing around this time of year.
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ Yeah..
Also so far I find Korea to be veey beautiful. Every corner in the city deserves to be a background for a magazine.
*Chuckles softly* the aesthetics here are the best.
*Looks into the menu and hummed* oh yeah I heard bulgogi beef is very good here huh? Well I think I will have the kimchi fried rice with beef bulgogi then
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 Oh I should of guessed man with those good looks of yours huh?
//laughs fondly and follows you on into the restaurant and than over to a free table and sitting down.
That's cool though and if it's future building and something great for opportunity than he'll yeah.
//a server gives menus and I order a iced drink.
Bulgogi and kimchi are my most go to btw.
willem de klerk。 2 years ago
@kim namjoon。ʳᵐ *pushes up my glasses on the bridge of my nose and hums*
Oh well I actually had a contract with a modelling agency here and I am a model.
Still new to the industry but moving here would pretty much be a very good opportunity for my career development. *Nods and leads you inside the restaurant*
kim namjoon。ʳᵐ 2 years ago
@willem de klerk。 //walking with you and adjusts my cap and sunglasses I'm wearing.

So Will what brings you to Korea? Also what do you do for a living?
{ h } jeon soyeon。 2 years ago
@kim taehyung。ᵛ we are not even started yet and youre already making me cry with laughter, thats a good sign my prince~
I will be waiting, make it quick, the ladies dont like to keep on waiting, you know?
/sends you a wink and twirls in my dress around before shooing you off to get me that juice I need before fanning myself with my hand like a lady I am/
/but blinks when I get escorted oh! so suddenly~ and chuckles fabolously as I follow you and sit down lady like/
I know right~? and I didnt know everything is so freaking fast and magical, appears immediately, out of nowhere, its interesting dont you think?
youre welcome my prince, anytime, I can be your female friend uwu
kim taehyung。ᵛ 2 years ago
@jeon soyeon。 *looks at you, and attempts not to laugh as you actually act out our newfound persona's and tries to quell in my goofy side and reign in the prince like side as we go towards the bar*
I must say, that might be one of my strong points is making others laugh, but here we are.
*orders your drink and asks for two plates of lava cake to be brought to our table and escorts you there*
Just did, and now we sit. I didn't realize how big Disney land is.
Soybean, I've never had a female friend before, so it's fun getting to do this stuff. Thank you.
{ h } jeon soyeon。 2 years ago
@kim taehyung。ᵛ /waddles after you into the restaurantoo as I take a quick glance from left to right and flips my hair to the other side/
mister taehyung you are very funny tonight, I must say
/chuckles princess like and watches you eating it with a bright face/
so? did you get my drink?
kim taehyung。ᵛ 2 years ago
@jeon soyeon。 *waddles into the restaurant with my arm linked with yours*
So Soybean, tell me all the gossip. Boys, girls? Mythical createus?
*I ask with a laugh, lifting the stick of cotton candy up to my mouth to take a bite*


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unrevealed 2 years ago
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unrevealed 2 years ago
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JiminieMouse [A] 2 years ago
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lalima 2 years ago
roh jisun please!
kaeya- 2 years ago
could i please have lee joongi?
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 2 years ago
I might be late
But happy yellow star

Wriggles and shakes in excitement
Penthesilea 2 years ago
Since Karina dragged me here...

Jung Yunho please?
LadyofGalifrey 2 years ago
Please add and reserve Kwon Boa for me, thank you!
bintu-san 2 years ago
Yoo Jeongyeon pls
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