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feels like i'm dreaming, you're so shining
have you ever thought back to the first time you were thinking about kissing someone? try to think back to how it felt, and how your feelings changed. how the excitement in your chest grew in the form of waves of heat and the strong pounding of your heart against its cage, but the most interesting moment, wasn't it when everything just slipped right out of your hands and the chance was just gone, within the blink of an eye? how you somehow forgot about each other over the time again, but now you're back, living something even realer than a deja-vu: this time, how will you act? will you decide to let the moment slip or will you act? now or never, they say.
001. Favourite is a must. Upvote is appreciated. 002. Non au rp only with internationals welcomed. 003. Semi crack rp, encouraging roleplaying. 004. No ualising underaged, that is under 18. Password is Flaming gay. 005. Be welcoming to everybody. Face chasing, OOC drama will not be tolerated. 006. Character limit of three. Second and third can be obtained with 100pts and 200pts on 2nd chara respectively. 007. Please PM any of the admins regarding Hiatus, leaving the RP or other inquiries. 008. Please be mindful in the chatoom regarding uncomfortable topics, must stay on walls or pms. 009. Be nice, respectful and lit. That's all we ask! 010. inactivity sign will show after a week. you'll receive a warning and if you don't respond within 24 hours, you're out.
semi crack
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Isya-Vanilla 11 months ago
a+r tom holland please
javaphyle 11 months ago
may i have a second- :')
sideeffects [A] 11 months ago
please read the rules again, they clearly state that you should contact an admin by pm if you leave. : )
nootella 11 months ago
lee jaehwan left
nervuhnah 11 months ago
Namjoon left.
vespertine 11 months ago
can you cc bambam to ivan lam?ㅡ
durarara 11 months ago
hyunho left
weishen 11 months ago
joohyuk left but hoseok is still around
nootella 11 months ago
lee jaehwan from vixx please <3
clandestinus 11 months ago
park jinyoung please
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