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 entertainment au
 est. 14 july 2022
 open and accepting
07 sept 2023
Revamped and officially open again for business!
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+ events
— head in the stars festival
A music festival hosted in Los Angeles! Many groups, trainees, and other performers will hit the stage while festival goers can enjoy great music, glamping, and a refreshing swim at the pool! Read the announcement here.
— event two
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— event three
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— event four
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 about us 
Two of the biggest entertainment companies, Noir Entertainment and Sunrise Entertainment, have battled against each other in recent years for dominance of the global market as they rush to debut their most talented stars ever.

From already famous established groups to bright–eyed trainees working hard to finally have their limelight, our stars rise to fame.
Not interested in the stage? There are plenty other careers you can pursue! Read our Occupations room for suggestions.
All ethnicities, ualities, and identities are welcome to join us for the chance to live your idol dreams! Be sure to check out our lovely sister affiliate group, Novis Initiis, as well. ♥
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Please read the rules and information tab rooms thoroughly before applying. Check the FAQ if you have any questions or contact an admin for help.
 general rules
001. Favorite the roleplay before reserving and applying. upvotes are only mandatory when requesting second characters.

002. We only accept writers, faceclaims, and characters who are ages 19+ internationally. Although this is not a rated roleplay, there may be mature and rated content present.

003. No OOC drama tolerated. Do not mix IC with OOC. While IC drama is expected, all IC drama must be plotted and/or consented to. If you have an issue, take it to private messages or create a group PM with admins if you feel you cannot resolve the issue on your own. Do not ever create or drag on OOC drama in any of the public rooms.

Anyone found in violation of this rule will receive only one strike if the matter is resolved. If it is not resolved or you get a second strike, you will be removed and blacklisted.

004. Keep NSFW, mature, and triggering content within rated rooms, PM, and walls. Please keep our OOC chat clean of any triggering or explicitly mature topics. You are required to put trigger warnings in any profiles or replies as needed. The safeword is Code Red.

005. We have a two strike system. Failure to obey warnings or receiving a second strike will result in removal from the roleplay and banned for 7 days. You may be permanently removed and blacklisted depending on the severity of your offense(s).

006. You will be granted 10 activity points as a reward for every person who mentions your name in their application referral !
 activity rules
001. Inactivity is set to 10 days. You will receive only one 48 hour warning before being removed from the roleplay and banned from returning for 3 days. Going inactive 3 times in a row will result in permanent removal and being blacklisted.

002. Semi hiatus lasts 1–2 weeks. Full hiatus lasts 3–4 weeks. Extensions might be given if you provide admins a reasonable excuse for why.

003. You must have a basic profile done within 3 days of joining (c+ping your application counts) and a full profile done within 10 days of joining. Bullet points for long content such as background are acceptable.

004. Activity requirement of at least 2 active threads within your first 10 days of joining.

005. If leaving, PM the admin character with your reason for departure. Failure to do so will result in being blacklisted.
 character rules
001. We will not accept the following faceclaims; Alleged or convicted of serious crimes, aged under 19 years old internationally, deceased, have stated they wish not to be roleplayed, and/or their IRL age cannot be verified.

002. There is no limit on how many characters you may have, but be realistic with your time management. Refer to the Requests room for additional characters.

003. Character ages can be tweaked up or down by 5 years as long as the minimum age remains 19 years old internationally.

004. We accept faceclaims and characters of all ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, or ualities. Internationals are welcome.

Racebending will not be allowed. This means your character must be the same biological race as their faceclaim. However, nationality changes are allowed.

Example: Faceclaim is Kai from EXO. Character's race is fully Korean, but they were born and raised in America, making them Korean–American through their nationality.

005. Marriage and pregnancy are allowed, but no mpreg. Move in couples allowed as long as you mention who you're moving in with when you apply. Dating ban of 2 weeks, but please remember to interact with others beside your romantic partner(s).

006. We do not allow bubble roleplaying, facechasing, userchasing, making others feel unwelcomed, godmodding, etc. You are responsible for reaching out to others and making an effort when it comes to making connections, plotting, etc.
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 application form 
When commenting to reserve, please use the format below. Failure to use this format or provide proper information on your comment will result in admins ignoring your reserve. Check faceclaims room first.

Faceclaim Name: Their full legal name.
Faceclaim Occupation: Specify group or job title.
Faceclaim Age: Their international age.

Reservations last 48 hours before they are deleted from the masterlist. Remember to include both OOC and IC sections of the format when you apply.

full name + group/job
gmt -/+
summarize 1 rule from each section
who referred you?
full name
oc name optional
stage name
can tweak 5 years -/+
read occupations room
noir, sunrise, or independent
group + position
only applies to idols
List 3 from strongest to weakest
1-4 sentences
60k notes
+ rosetea
main admin
+ bubbles-
+ nihilist
+ admin name
timezone —
position —
+ admin name
timezone —
position —


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captaintycoon 2 months ago
Hello, is this still open?
Cuddle_Koala 7 months ago
question has it been three days if so may i please have Daehyun back if that's okay sorry for being inactive i have been in a bad funk along with being sick
4c3716b565ea1078e468 7 months ago
hello may i ask for Ko Sungho (Mujin from Kingdom)?
lassitude 7 months ago
aaa so sorry for going inactive TT could i return as wooshik please?
rosetea [A] 8 months ago
 ★ ˙ 。❛ ʀɪsɪɴɢ sᴛᴀʀ ❜
 ↬ open and accepting reservations.
 ↬ read our rules and use the proper format when commenting to reserve.
 ↬ music festival event ongoing. please read announcements.
 ↬ thank you for joining us !! ♥
SeHYUNG 8 months ago
park sunghoon
popmycherry 8 months ago
vernon chwe/choi hansol
lilybun 8 months ago
lee jieun

if she's not allowed, then

park chaeyoung
tendojigoku 8 months ago
Hello love, i have a little question

Is the soloist position still open?
[comment deleted by owner]
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