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kim yerim 3 months ago
kim subin 3 months ago
kim subin 3 months ago
min yoongi 4 months ago
I just want a date
one date.. with a bi or gay or even a bi curious man -
kim byeongkwan 4 months ago
Ace members please and thank you!
min yoongi 4 months ago
We need some hot and y jrockers - just a thought, it'd be cool
kim yerim 4 months ago
Kards Matt to be my prince charming
joji miller 4 months ago
Sofia Jamora
Cindy Kimberly
Jung minhee
kim jiwon 4 months ago
pls give me hyeri
i nEed her here
kim jiwon 4 months ago
ikon or ie will cry
cheng xiao (´。• ᵕ •。`) 4 months ago
more people to love uwu
bae joohyun 4 months ago
hit me with my rv babes
choi jongho 4 months ago
kim seolhyun 4 months ago
a changmin
please i'll love him forevermore
eric sohn 5 months ago
oh wait
eric sohn 5 months ago
what's up B)
eric sohn 5 months ago
hey guys
kim yerim 5 months ago
I wish for a handsome prince
min yoongi 5 months ago
A boyfriend -

More solo artists, actors and older men maybe - idk
lee minhyuk 5 months ago
the rest of block b but specifically yukwon
kim junmyeon xD [ h ] 5 months ago
can someone venmo me cash xD
kim yerim 5 months ago
I wish for Im Chang-kyun please
kwon chaewon [ h ] 5 months ago
Oh yes I forgot NCT
cha taeyong ♡ [A] 5 months ago
kwon chaewon [ h ] 5 months ago
DIA, The Boyz, Dreamcatcher, Oneus, Monsta X, Gugudan, Infinite
kim yerim 5 months ago
I wish for chanyeol to be my husband
kim hyunjung 5 months ago
zhu xingjie !
kim yerim 6 months ago
I wish for Seo kangjoon, Monsta x I.M and RV to be complete
hwang yeji [ sh ] 6 months ago
shin ryujin to wreck havoc with uwu


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artemis_ 1 month ago
jung chaeyeon has to take her leave. I'll miss you guys!
luciddream 1 month ago
going to drop yoohyeon and onda but keeping eunchae!
narcotic 2 months ago
please put jongin on a 4 week hiatus. thank you in advance!
collywobbles 2 months ago
sends love to this rp uwu
windowsxp 2 months ago
actually can i snatchy hwang minhyun since i got drop kick c:
luciddream 2 months ago
I need a couple more weeks of hiatus. Finals are coming up and then I will be back
PinkMatcha 2 months ago
park jimin please
spotify 2 months ago
hi exams are in two weeks and i should study dhshsh can i get a month’s hiatus please? thank you xoxo
killerchrome 2 months ago
hey guys ! I really didn't wanna do this but I need to go on an emergency hiatus for a week :') my grandma's in the hospital and they're suspecting vvv bad stuff going on with her health :')

- xiao and co.
bangmafia 2 months ago
hEY !!!!!!! !! ! !! ! ! ! !
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