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01. kai & yeonjun
private room. keep out unless invited!
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❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
oh baby... theres not much to talk about there
/goosebumps rise on my skin when you touch me, it sends a thrill down my spine and i love it, i love everything that has to do with you
/a slow smirk stretches across my features when you watch me, tugging on me for another kiss it seems, and i bring my face close to yours, lips just barely brushing over yours as i speak
use your words, hyung
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
/draws patterns against your skin while you pull back, getting a good look at you as i appreciate your form and its obvious in the sound i make
you maybe mentioned it before
i'd rather talk about you though
/admits as i follow your wandering finger with my gaze, smiling up at you afterward before i tug you in again, wanting another kiss
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
/breathes against your mouth when i can, lips curling into a little smirk when you kiss me again and again, neither of us can get enough of each other
much better
/mumbles once my shirt is off, my lips tugging on yours when i pull back enough to let you look over me, admiring you myself before i trace a single finger down the center of your chest, following the shape of your body
have i ever told you how pretty you are?
feel like i could go on about it
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
/curls my fingers into the fabric and with your help it soon slides off of me, tossed to the side and forgotten as my lips are soon finding your own once more, hands cradling your nape as i can't seem to get enough of you
yours too
/mumbles between kisses, tugging on your own t-shirt and pulling it over your head eventually, my hands slipping down your torso appreciatively, taking their time to map all the lines and contours that make up you
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
/carefully pulls back, raising a brow when you react to me the way you do, tongue running over my lips before im nodding slightly, fingers now moving to help you remove it
sounds like a perfect plan to me
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
i'm not sure i do
/confesses as i tip my head lightly, smiling when i feel you find your way to my own jaw, arching up just a little under your touch
shall i take it off?
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
/moans softly, my lashes fluttering as my own lips find your jaw, teeth grazing over it while i drag my hand up along your torso, appreciating the feel of your skin
are you sure you need these right now, hyung?
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
that's the best part
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
/my breath hitches when you push back and then begin to feel over my skin, warm and soft but firm in place of my muscles as well, my own hands curling into your shirt slightly while my lips tug at your ear
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
wasn't exactly trying to be cute, y'know
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
/drags my hand down to your hip, pushing back as i then slide my hand under your shirt, mapping your body under my fingertips while i take a deep breath
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
Why work on it? I like it
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
Giggles softly against your neck, parting my lips to brush my tongue against your pulse, enjoying how it races somewhat as I speak
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
a-ah... is that so? guess i have to.. mm.. work on that
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
gives in very easily, my lips parting against your own to swallow your noises, though my own fall muffled against your mouth as i moan similarly, the sound breathy when you move to my throat
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
you're cute...
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
pulls you in when you take away what i want, kissing you hungrily as my hands frame your face, against your mouth before my lips trail down to your own throat, nibbling gently
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
always have, always will
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
leans in once more, this time hovering over you while my lips press to yours, tongue dragging along your lips for a taste, leaving you wanting when i speak
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
you like what you see?
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
tips my head back as i feel your hand around my throat, smiling as i look up at you and tug you even closer to me, keeping you between my legs
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
... pretty. could get used to this view in particular.
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
comes to sink down a little with you, dragging my hand from your nape to curl around your throat instead, giving a very small squeeze as i look over you like this
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
so what if i am? i thought you might though... handsome fox
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
slides my hands back up before twirling my fingers in your hair, tugging at the strands gently and pulling you closer, my legs lifting to hook over your own a bit
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
mm... you're gonna get a kick out of calling me or on this, aren't you? n yeah, i know, i may even use it to my advantage.... sometimes
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
hums softly, distracted long enough as i press more kisses to your lips, each growing a little less chaste each time, pulling at your bottom lip for the last one
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
i knew it... well, at least you know it now right?
❀ k. jongin 。ᵏᵃᶦ 10 months ago
leans onto my hands either side of me now, kissing you back happily if a bit chastely so you may speak still
❀ c. yeonjun 。 10 months ago
tch... whoops, you caught me— but no, i think you left out that detail


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violentdesire 7 months ago
Juyeon left. Thank you and take care~
chanseowoon 8 months ago
Can I get hwang minhyun as second character?
chanseowoon 9 months ago
Hello can I have Im Jinah/Nana?
epiqhany 9 months ago
hi can i have park chanyeol? thanks!
painter 10 months ago
hello, can i have im nayeon please
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 10 months ago
Ok its been a while and I can finally upvote ><
So just stuck on who to be
[comment deleted by owner]
violentdesire 10 months ago
|| Hello, hi! May you please reserve THE BOYZ' Juyeon [for me] and Soloist Jung Jaewon for my friend? Thanks so much.
a253dba2f9525e26a7f5 10 months ago
lee seungjun /j-us pls?
Babylon 10 months ago
may i please reserve kim sungjoo?
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