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out of character
Let's get to know each other <3
coded by yxgurt
Seukhye [A] 2 years ago
So bored =/
Seukhye [A] 2 years ago
@Seukhye Waiting orz
Seukhye [A] 2 years ago
//rolls here// writing for more peeps


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babytenshi 2 years ago
Is nana up for grabs or not? :)
Taengsic 2 years ago
Do you guys need boys or girls ?
daehwi_com 2 years ago
Can you add L.Joe from Teen Top please?
SweetLies [A] 2 years ago
KaiSomething 4 years ago
Applied as Chanyeol.. finallly ~!
teddybearjelly 4 years ago
A&r Jihoon aka Woozi for me please ^^
eggaroo 4 years ago
a&r baekhyun for me, please? c:
oceani 4 years ago
idk who to be, help?
KaiSomething 4 years ago
How abot some Chanyeol? hahah can you add him?
BBVIPBaby [A] 4 years ago
Can you add luvian please?
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