1169225.jpg?v=6411 wonshik 4 seconds ago Reply

sunggyu 1 minute ago Reply
@dohyeong Naughty kid, I'm gonna spank you some day

Umm no (ಠ_ಠ)

1169225.jpg?v=34896 wonshik 2 minutes ago Reply

I want him to be my wife

1169359.jpg?v=3695 daehyun 4 minutes ago Reply

Not at all, I know you and I'm a big fan.
Enjoy your rest dohyeong- 
Stay amazing alright?

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dohyeong [A] 1 minute ago Reply
Look at my man having friends my heart is full

My heart is full of you

1169211.jpg?v=36856 jinki [A] 2 minutes ago Reply 

he'll still the d even though he won't feel it

true romance

1169225.jpg?v=54081 wonshik 35 seconds ago Reply 

Oh my...
Y-Yes, I'll beg more.
*nods my head with wide eyes, face turning red*

1169225.jpg?v=65197 wonshik 4 minutes ago Reply 

Lowkey want to hear you scream

1169225.jpg?v=65197 wonshik 4 minutes ago Reply 

Nothin cuz I'm ur

1169211.jpg?v=5317 jinki [A] 44 seconds ago Reply 

sorry i'm late

had my ate

1169211.jpg?v=5317 jinki [A] 9 seconds ago Reply 

my hoe from another bro

1169225.jpg?v=65197 wonshik 4 seconds ago Reply 

I came

1169211.jpg?v=5317 jinki [A] 50 seconds ago Reply 

ugh dodooooooohh
such a taemin voice p r e double t y pretty boy

1169211.jpg?v=5661 jinki [A] 1 hour ago Reply 

dohyeong that dp got my quaking

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh he asked me to marry him!

 1169225.jpg?v=56709 wonshik 8 hours ago Reply

@dohyeong *intertwines our fingers and drags you excitedly, stopping to cover your eyes with my hands right before we get there*
No peeking, okay, babe?
*pecks your cheeks and guides you carefully until we're finally here, moving my hands away from your face to uncover your eyes so you can finally see where we're at (*
Taadaa! Like it? Beautiful, isn't it?
*watches you for a moment and waits for you to be completely distracted by the view before I move to stand right behind you, taking a deep breath as I go down on one knee then clears my throat loud enough to grab your attention*
Baby, since the first time I looked into your beautiful eyes, I knew you were the one and since that day all I want is to protect you, to take care of you, to give you my unconditional love and to bring you the happiness you deserve. I am absolutely and madly in love you, angel. No matter how many times you disagree with me, you will always be perfect in my eyes. In every way possible, you're the most beautiful human being in this planet and you make me incredibly happy. You're ing amazing, damnit! You're my everything and my everything is you...That's why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise I'll be the best man and daddy for you and our little family. So...Lee Dohyeong...
*looks up at you with a sweet yet nervous smile as I pull a small box out of my jacket, holding it out and opening it to reveal a ring (*
Will you marry this dork?

The ring is so pretty omg it's my favorite color too!