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/takes a deep breath, biting my lip softly as I take the ring, slipping it on sooyoon's finger/ i, xukun, promise to love and support you, sooyoon, as we live each day with kindness, understanding and passion. with this ring, i wed thee

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Hi...uhm I'm not rely sure what to say. I have never been good with words and expressing stuff without the help of music. But here it goes. I have not spent a lot of time around Sooyoon compared to my long friendship with Xukun. Despite the short amount of time I have k ow the guy...I can tell he has a heart of gold and the gold heart has the name Xukun engraved in it. I am honestly so happy that Xukun has found him. Xukun, my bestest buddy, has a very large heart. One that is filled with so much love and compassion. But with such a big heart is easily broken. Sooyoon has been very delicate and loving toward Xukun. Always being the shoulder for him to lean on and keeping him safe. Their love is very pure in the sense that they are truly in love and are there to protect and cherish another. To me that is very admirable. Before they were lovers, they were friends. Through this friendship they were able to build a strong and beautiful foundation for the blossoming love.
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same guys are two perfect pieces that have found each other in a crazy hectic world.... I am so proud of you both for taking the next step and dedicating yourselves to each other. 
So...from me...a single pringle I would like to give some advice and quotes and all that grandpa sayings kind of stuff...
First....never underestimate the impact of those small gestures have on your partner’s well-being. From writing a love you note to the in their lunchbox before work to getting a warm bath for them. They bring love, compassion and respect into those days one may be having a bad day. It let's the other know you still care.
In love, sometimes you have to pick your battles. You are gonna be thrown into a whole new world where this one person is going to be by your side for the rest of your life. Sometimes we feel like we need a break and that even the tiny things our loved one does can set us off...Don’t focus so much on what they’re not doing that you’re forgetting what you’re not doing. Dont hold back your feeling because you dont want to burden your significant other. Be open about how you feel because the other person may not be away are feel like things are okay when they may not. Open communication is so key in marriage....This keeps you from fighting about the million small things that would chip away at the love and appreciation you could have for each other.
Make love your number one priority....then make second.
Make exciting. Dabblenin some . Explore new things. You have a life time together, you get to explore the world and explore your favorite . Dont be embarrassed. is great. It is dirty, messy ---if you are doing it right heuheuheu.... but it is also beautiful. Two people coming together in the name of love and becoming one... so beautiful.
So....thank you inviting me to the wedding. Sorry for talking about . Love you both. 
-pops confetti-
-runs away-


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