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wong hendery1:49:33 AMReply

stares off and grasps my chest
my husbandos and my wife

you guys have watched me grown up to become the
person I am.
the man I’ve become.
you are the source of my energy that keeps me going,
that keeps me able to entertain you all when there are
tired days.
from being an sm rookie to being a full fledged group
of such wonderful men who have taken my kokoro.

when I say you guys are phokeen hAndsum, I mean
PHOKEEN HANDSUM. my dark orbs are still a little
lost but when they look at each and every one of you
they’re filled with so much admiration.
u n u
ily husbandos and wife.
I wouldn’t make empty promises, bc I’d fulfill each one
every step of the way that we take together

- n -
seo youngho, jung jaehyun, na jaemin, wong lee moon choi kang jung liu yangyang,

you are my forever and ever
stomps foot for extra emphasis on the forever and ever


i’m nayeon21:42:29Reply

, u didn't hear it from me but u getting sad over no barbie time was c*** too >://

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