botanical gardens

being an idol is so hard. Why not take a break and spend a refreshing afternoon under the sun and amongst the flowers. Frolick, read, take a date there. There's so much to do and so many pretty things to see. Not to mention the Grade A photos you'll get for the gram.
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botanical gardens
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
the tiny font
im nayeon 5 months ago
ᶜˡᵃᵖᶻ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵒʳⁿᵉʳ
yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan i like them a lot! i love them there are actually a lot of different types—
i stop myself short of rambling out my nerves, completely aware that this was simply not the time to mask nervousness with a word vomit.
oh- that was quicker than i expected, hehe.
my eyes widen, almost sparkling with anticipation as you lean closer, by now absolutely sure that my skin was probably as pink as it has ever been. i tilt my chin up as you cup my face in your hands, waiting with uncertainty until you finally placed your lips over mine, and i circle my arms around your waist out of habit. there was something a little different in the kiss, though it was difficult to place- perhaps just an imagined extra dash of sweetness, that set it apart from others we’ve shared
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
@kim dahyun hmm? you like them? i had a hard time picking them out once you told me what your favorite gem was-- who knew there were so many pretty rings with saphires.
i spoke, my voice gentle as i was still in the process of calming my own nerves. as you took the ring to slip it onto my own finger, i was a bit amused at the way your small hand trembled, silently glad that i wasn't the only one struggling to keep it together. once the piece of jewelry was set, my gaze lowering towards our hands as they displayed side by side, the smile on my lips widened a bit before i cleared my throat, my attention averting back to your gaze.
i guess this is uh-- this is where we kiss? i think so.
i rambled shortly, and although we have shared numerous kisses before, i still felt my fingers tremble with an overwhelming amount of joy and nervousness as i cupped your cheeks. brushing my thumbs against the softness of your skin, i kept my gaze locked upon yours for a few seconds longer before i leaned down, fitting our brims together in a sweet, lingering kiss.
yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan no- i- if you cry i’ll end up crying too so, no-
seeing the blush on your cheeks by the end of my speech only raises the flush on my own face, my own head a little too jumbled to even reply properly when the rings were presented, only managing to let out a surprised gasp from my lips. my hand shaky, it was only after you manage to slip on the ring that i could swallow my nerves and speak, in a hushed tone.
baby, this is so pretty- i- i love the ring so much- oh wait hang on-
almost forgetting that i also needed to give you your ring, i clumsily take the ring out of its box and return the box to you before taking your hand, glancing at you just to make sure it was the correct hand and finger for the ring, before carefully slipping it onto your finger.
there, perfect.
i put my own hand next to yours to examine the way they matched, admiring how they looked with our hands next to each other. my gaze eventually moves from the shiny gems and to your eyes, the curve upon my lips never once slipping through the whole process.
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago

@kim dahyun i'm sure yours will be just fine--
i uttered, the racing of my heart making it a bit harder to speak as i attempted to calm myself down, a hand lifting to rest upon my chest in a soothing gesture. the moment you began to speak, lips curled into a flustered grin, the apples of my pale cheeks sporting a deep shade of red. after you finished speaking, i lowered my hand from my chest and took hold of your own once more, lifting it so that i can place a gentle kiss to your knuckles.
are you trying to make me cry, miss? oh-! the rings...hold on--
dropping your hand, i reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a small black box, opening it to reveal two identical rings.
these rings will now solidify our bond with one another and hold all the promises that we've ever made. so--
taking the rings out of their containment, i took hold of your left hand, gifting it with a gentle squeeze before slipping the small band onto your ring finger. once secured, i placed another kiss onto the individual finger before passing the other ring to you.
now it's your turn--

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yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan i can’t see your vow being any worse than mine.
i simply chuckle at your words, firmly believing that even if the words were all things i’ve heard before, they would still be precious to me. and as i stood, listening carefully, i was not disappointed, my smile stretching so far that i had to bring a hand to my face, pressing the back of my palm to my cheeks to cool down and regain some sort of composure.
is- is it my turn now- i... will make this short and sweet. yoon jeonghan, i don’t really recall details that well but i just remember you, making me smile the most that i’ve smiled, and then ruining that with all the tricks you have up your sleeve for making small girls feel flustered. but then as time went on, i realised that your words had always been genuine, and even if you put me in risk of arrhythmia, i’ll always be safe with you. and that i can be vulnerable around you, and you will still accept me— more than that you’ll even sit with me until i can regain composure. i appreciate that you’ve also let down your walls for me. i want you to know that every inch of you is worth loving, and that love doesn’t just mean spending happy moments together and then checking out when things get rough, but it also means standing firm beside each other when we most need support. i love you, even on days you annoy me and on days we have disagreements, i still love you the most. i love you so much sometimes it hurts, like butterflies are threatening to burst out of my ribcage— and i thank you for being with me, and i look forward to our future together with you as my husband.
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
@kim dahyun you're making a big assumption that i even know what i'm doing. i feel like everything i say is going to be something you've heard before.
my brows furrow at the though, a new wave of nervousness over coming me as i wanted everything to be as 'perfect' as possible despite our last minute decision. once we reached the small shelter that was settled near the end of the river, i lead you under it, taking in a small, deep breath before turning to face you fully, my hands clasping around your own gently.
ok so..i don't really know how to start vows but i'll try my best. i can't remember the exact month that we began to talk-- i think it was around october? i remember seeking someone to talk to just to pass the time and i came across you. you had the lyrics from beauty and the beast in your status and i couldn't help wanting to approach you-- after all, a girl who knows the songs to one of my favorite disney movies? i couldn't pass up the opportunity. i didn't think we'd get as far as we have. of course, your presence brought me a lot of joy. you have managed to put a smile onto my face since day one. but the thought of dating you hadn't crossed my mind-- at least not then. i can't really tell you when the thought surfaced but i know it didn't take long for it to. another thing that i remember is my desire to make you as flustered as possible because the sight of you blushing and just getting unbelievably timid made me grin like a fool. did i do a good job at that? well..maybe the situation that we're in now is evidence enough that i did. but you know...i was never as confident as i attempted to show. just being around you made me nervous and fidgity. sometimes looking directly at you needed a lot of courage that i sometimes did not have. i always wanted to impress you and to this day, i still do. so far...our relationship has gone pretty well. we've had a few bumps in the road, but that's normal for every relationship, right? i truthfully don't think i would be satisfied in a "perfect" relationship anyway. which brings me to this-- i love you, dahyun. i love you more than i can put into words. no matter how many bumps in the road we have or how many mountains we have to climb in this relationship, i will always be by your side. i vow to never go to bed upset or angry with you-- nor will i let you go to bed upset or angry. i vow to protect you from all your inner demons and hold you up when you feel like you can't stand. i vow to take care of you when you feel sick and spoil you in all ways that i can. i vow to love you unconditionally along with our family to come. a h-- i really can't wait to start a family with you, dahyun. just the thought of taking care of you while you waddle around with your little baby bump...and then cherishing our family and giving them the best that I can brings me an unexplainable amount of happiness. but i digress-- lastly...i vow to be the supportive and loving husband that you deserve and that you need. i love you to the moon and back, kim dahyun. and i am more than ready to make you my wife.
yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan i listen closely to you, having to put extra effort in doing so since i found it hard to focus on your words with all my jitters as i follow beside you.
oh- that’s what you meant, aha— for some reason i imagined a bunch of chairs. vows, yes, you can go first, baby. i’ll listen first to make sure i’m doing things right
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
@kim dahyun the squeeze that you gifted my hand managed to ease the persistent fluttering of my chest, my nervous calming down just enough for me to clear my mind and properly think of the event that was about to take place just a few minutes from now. shaking my head in response to your words, i give your hand a small tug, beginning to descend over the bridge and towards the area that i spoke of.
no it's-- like a little shelter place? you know the kind that's open but with an overhead. i'm sure there's an actual word for those but i can't think of it. when..we get there-- one of us has to speak first..our vows, i mean. do you want me to?
yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan i extend my hand towards you as you reach for me, an excited squeal sounding at the back of my throat when our hands meet, and i quickly squeeze your hand to ease my nerves a little. i barely notice your own pulse through the nervous fluttering of my own, but the sight of your grin settled the most of it.
seating areas sound good, but i don’t think i could sit still right now, actually- so i’ll remain standing up
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
@kim dahyun as you hurried over to me, the grin on my lips widened a considerable amount, a hand instantly reaching out to take hold of your own once you were close enough. for a moment, i wondered if you could feel the quickness of my pulse through my touch, my heart hammering beneath my ribcage.
my princess. i-- are you ready? i'm not really sure if there's a specific spot to do it here. i think there's seating areas a little farther past the river if you want to go there?
yoon dahyun 5 months ago
@yoon jeonghan finding a last-minute dress was a miracle that took time to work, and i had to take hastened steps to make sure i wouldn’t keep you waiting for too long. i had to pause the moment i see you, just to take a couple of breaths to ready myself, but at the sound of your voice calling out to me, i couldn’t help but rush over.
my ham!!
yoon jeonghan 5 months ago
@kim dahyun taking in a small yet deep breath, i stood by the small opening of the bridge that arched above a running river, my lower lip caught between my teeth as i nervously nibbled upon the flesh. fiddling with the edges of my sleeves, i glance around the area in search of you, spotting your approaching form just a few fet away, a light grin forming on my tiers.
dubu !
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wu yifan [A] 10 months ago
@dilraba wu As she leans down to take a closer look at the flower, he knew his eyes weren't wrong. The shade of pink matched the rosiness of her lips and the apples of her cheeks. "It's not that you wear pink alot. It's your pink undertones."
dilraba wu 10 months ago
@wu yifan "Does it? Do I wear pink a lot?" She asked with a quirk of her raised brow, thin rosy lips grinning all the while staring down to said blossoms he mentioned, lowering to get a closer look as well.
[post deleted by owner]
wu yifan [A] 10 months ago
@dilraba wu His lips curved up upon hearing the affirmation of the picture. Holding her hand in his, they continue walking down the path, observing a variety flowers in front of them. "Babe look this shade of pink is so pretty. It reminds me of you."
dilraba wu 10 months ago
@wu yifan She takes the phone back to look at their captured photos and nods holding a thumb up in approval to his camera skills. "You did great, honeyyy!"
wu yifan [A] 10 months ago
@dilraba wu He grabs hold of her phone, slightly leaning down making sure that we're both in frame. Tapping the screen a few times both horizontally and vertically, he handed the phone back to his wife. "What do you think of my photography skills?"
dilraba wu 10 months ago
@wu yifan "Let's take selfies at this beautiful path of flowers hubbi!" she exclaimed reaching into the back pocket of her denim jeans to pull the slick phone out, a few taps to open the camera making it face us. "Hold it please, you are the taller one here."
lee nagyung 10 months ago
@kim mingyu I peer back at you as you follow along behind me, swinging our hands just before as we head off the direction i mapped out, the path taking us down a heavily planted area.
A maze? Mm usually gardens like this have a small one- let's go try to find it. Then we could really get lost.
I chuckle softly after speaking, pursing my lips in concentration as I'm on high alert for any signs of a maze nearby.
wu yifan [A] 11 months ago
@dilraba wu He smiles from the chaste kiss on the lips. He holds her body close for a little bit before releasing his arms around her waist and holding her hand warmly. "Im sure peanut would love the colorful flowers. God it's so pretty here." Lightly swings our held hands together as we start following the path ahead of us.
dilraba wu 11 months ago
@wu yifan She brought her arms to wrap loosely around his lower waist while the two of them stood unwavering in one spot, eyes lowered when he stamps his lips over the flat of her forehead. "Yeah, let's come again as a family. I think our little peanut would love it." From looking up again their eyes met, warmly boring into each others she tip toes quickly to press a chaste peck over his lips.
wu yifan [A] 11 months ago
@dilraba wu He rubs his thumb over the back of her hand to reassure her. "I'm sure one small flower won't hurt... I saw someone ahead of us do the same- But you do look beautiful with the flower, it accents you really well." Staring into her eyes and glancing at the flower, accenting the colors on her face. He leans in and places a small peck on her forehead. "I bet it's really pretty here then. I guess they have cool stuff happening all the time."
dilraba wu 11 months ago
@wu yifan "A-Are you sure we can pluck the flowers here?" She asked, eyes looking around to see if anyone had witness him picking the flower, hands moving above to cower her head as he tucked it over the shell of her ear. Since it looked like no one was around she let her guard down again, just chuckling lightly and smiles up to him. "They probably have special events year long too, I think during the fall there's a lantern festival here."
wu yifan [A] 11 months ago
@dilraba wu He reached out and gently plucked a nearby flower that couldn't be noticed easily and placed it on her hair resting the stem of the flower on her ear. "Oh I bet and maybe really crowded too. Maybe we can come back next year in the summer. I heard they change up some flowers too."
dilraba wu 11 months ago
@wu yifan She moved with him in light steps through the walkway trails of blossoming abundantly placed flowers to accompany us as well. "It's beautiful here especially around this time of year, maybe it was even more so during spring time."


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