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Do your part, sign petitions, donate, speak up, go to protests,talk to your family. Make the difference in your community. If you can't donate because of home situations that's okay. If you can't go to protests that's okay. There's other things you can do. 

Here's a video you can stream and watch, the adsense will be put towards multiple different Black Lives Matter funds. Make sure you watch it with the volume up and TURN OFF ADBLOCK. Please check the links located in the video's descriptions and sign those petitions.

Be safe out there, get educated. Please please take care of yourself and the people around you. Check on your friends in this time, elevate black people's voices! Do your part!! 

Here's another source with ways to help and threads of petitions to sign as well as different pages to donate. 

-Text “FLOYD” To 55156

-Text “JUSTICE” To 668366

Don't forget to register to vote, and vote! Make that difference. 



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realllllmino [A] 5 months ago
hi there!
we're closed now but you can join our chaotic family at SAY 3.0!
sprezzatura 5 months ago
i hate myself HAHAHA work killed me
can i please get hwi back i will take care of him i swear T_T
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pxssionfruit 6 months ago
h hewwo
c can i get jimin back pwease? i pinky pwomise i will be active o ///// o
haejangguk 6 months ago
can i have one (1) lee chaeyoung please, and thank you ><
gyuhub 6 months ago
i contemplated this for like- 3 days dfgdfg
may i have son naeun pls?
dragosteadintei 6 months ago
choi san pls?
wiggly 6 months ago
kang yeosang pls
sprezzatura 6 months ago
can i get a second now :((((
asueki 6 months ago
jo yuri pls!
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