Confession Room


You wanna confess something? You've come to the right place!

You can either write your confession openly in the chat room for everyone to see. But you can also write it anonymously onto our padlet! You can even comment on other confessions if you feel like it :) It is all up to you! 

Since we might have some rated confessions in there, I added a password to it: tmo. Just enter it and you can post.

Have fun ->

"I confess that I missed this place and everyone who made it great! I confess that I missed this place and everyone who made it great!"




Jaejoong 2 years ago
I confess that I am doing a ty job at replying but i’ll be on top of my game starting next Thurs
Key 2 years ago
I confess that I dislike my new hair cut. But hey no!
Key 2 years ago
Come on sugar,
Come on sugar for the break down~
For the break down~
Key 2 years ago
I confess to my sins
Jinyoung [A] 2 years ago
[Maybe we can try it out :) Tell me if it works! Thanks, Jun!]
Hyuna 2 years ago
@Jinyoung (honestly, I prefer this to the anon confessions, but got curious about it since it didn’t seemed like working)
Jun 2 years ago
@Jinyoung [i’ve seen rps using padlets
But im not sure how they work—

And they are also a pain in the lol
In a rp i am, we recently had a problem bc of it and the admin had to change the settings of the padlet
So now the anon confessions have to be approvec first to be posted on the padlet]
Jinyoung [A] 2 years ago
@Hyuna [I'm not sure yet. the old system was quite annoying but I haven't found a better way yet. so for now we just have open confessions~ but if anyone has got an idea, feel free to tell me!]
Hyuna 2 years ago
(admin just a question, are we going to have the anon-confessions again?)
CL  3 years ago
@Jinyoung You are not the only one
Jinyoung [A] 3 years ago
I confess that I miss this place and everyone who made it great!


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_climax 7 months ago
Definitely missing this place & all who were a part of it. I hope you’re all doing well.
Jin_Young [A] 1 year ago
I still look at this place once in a while. It was a crazy time back then and I'm still surprised how big it got. Now it has over a million views and is the most viewed rated RP on this page (the second most only has 128k :O). Thanks to everyone who was here and maybe still checks in once in a while. Met so many great people here <3
bebwiboo 1 year ago
I miss this place, and everyone I ever met and knew here.

-- Mirror Prince, Jeongmin.
hanabira 1 year ago
holy that's literally a million views wtf
JoanOFarc 2 years ago
Hii can I request for CLC's Sungyeon please
pinkcrayon 2 years ago
Jaehyuk left
ce2b55b1a4197a4440c7 2 years ago
mind reactivating the old Kris if he's still around?
yoonjinhyo 2 years ago
Can you add Jay Park? Thanks :)
7aca3d8ccd887965bd20 2 years ago
mind adding Lee taeyong for me? thanks.
xX-MyouiShin-Xx 2 years ago
Can you add Wooyoung for me pls ?
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