marketing department floor.
headed by: kim jongdae
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killerchrome 7 months ago
minghao left, thanks for having me!
sanshine 8 months ago
nana dipped! thank you!
babyxuxi 8 months ago
mingyu out ☆
PUDDIN 8 months ago
may i also have yoo shiah as a second <3 uwu
lmaobruhimbusy 8 months ago
hi can i have sen mitsuji thanks
PUDDIN 8 months ago
can i take park jimin since his reservation was 4 days ago?
lmaobruhimbusy 8 months ago
. me. up.
shoganai 8 months ago
kim soomin, please o/
sweethearts 8 months ago
song yuqi, please! ♡
soliphrenia 8 months ago
Oh no, was there something wrong with my application?
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