❝ lα vσguє étαt ™ ❞【 ⌨ a new oғғιce aυ! ⌨ 】|| (EST. 01•20•19) || accepting internationals and all orientations! BECOME OUR CORPORATE SLAVE TODAY!

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Welcome to the company that brought you the “La Vogue État” clothesline, corporate slave! Also, this is a fashion company if you haven't figured that out. Here is where all the magic happens; all the behind the scenes clips are filmed from this very building you just stepped into.

As a corporate slave, you already could tell what happens in this line of work that we are stuck with. It’s really just paperwork after paperwork, deadlines after deadlines; it’s an endless cycle at this point really.

This is the place where workaholics are cryptids and the social butterflies know everyone by face but not by name. The workload gets to your head and eventually it will be the only thing you know. Not to mention the different kinds of bosses you end up getting at work— just cross your fingers that yours isn’t the biggest in the building. How will you survive that?

But hey, at least you got your co-workers by your side and their friendship in your hands... right? Well, you’re only going to find out if you come out and join us in creating a fest in the office and getting scolded by our bosses after! And don’t forget about the struggles of juggling your personal life with work life. Good luck, slave. You’re going to need a whole ton of it.
james mcavoy
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name here
name here
imagine dragons - working man
NOTE: There will be a limit for how many people could apply as models and interns. There can only be a total of seven models and two interns each department for now. This is a first come, first serve! Check the masterlist to see if there's any slots left! ALL MODEL SLOTS ARE TAKEN.

* Favorite the roleplay before applying! If you fail to do so, we won’t be accepting your application.
* Reservations last for 48 hours. If you need an extension, just say so. You may not reserve for a friend, but you can refer the rp to them so they could reserve for themselves.
* First character is free, second is gained through an upvote, and third needs a blog made about the rp. Up to only three characters for this rp and you applying for fcs from the same group is not allowed.
* No employee or model can have a faceclaim that is below 21 years old. Interns can have faceclaims below 21 years old but not below 19 years old. You also can't have a faceclaim of the same group.
* No cliques. We want you to interact with everyone as much as possible despite what orientation your character is. I don't want you ignoring women completely just because your character is gay.
* No OOC drama allowed. Any drama you have with another user in the rp should not be dealt with in the rooms. I don’t want to see innocent people getting involved in they aren’t suppose to be when all they came here for was a good time. Any OOC drama seen in any of the rooms will get a warning. If you choose to continue with the OOC drama, we are going to give you the boot without hesitation. IC drama, however, is MORE than welcomed! Go nuts with it!
* Please no one-liners for those who put effort in writing up a reply/starter for you. Also no crack please. We really want funny shenanigans and such, but there is a difference between that and crack and we hope you can determine it.
* Respect the admins. We try to give warnings in the most nicest way possible so please take them with maturity.
* No face-chasing, no god-modding, and all that other stuff that you probably have memorized by now. And I know you surely don't memorize the password so here it is: how do you like your coffee?
* There will be a strict dating ban of one week. Move-in couples are allowed. should be done in the mature rated rooms, on your walls, or in PM's.
NAME:James McAvoy

AGE:32 years old


human resources management,
marketing, production, research
and development, and purchasing

PERSONALITY:3 positives
and 3 negatives

PASSWORD: read the rules.


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leviachan 1 year ago
minghao left, thanks for having me!
beelzetan 1 year ago
nana dipped! thank you!
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mingyu out ☆
PUDDIN 1 year ago
may i also have yoo shiah as a second <3 uwu
lmaobruhimbusy 1 year ago
hi can i have sen mitsuji thanks
PUDDIN 1 year ago
can i take park jimin since his reservation was 4 days ago?
lmaobruhimbusy 1 year ago
. me. up.
shoganai 1 year ago
kim soomin, please o/
sweethearts 1 year ago
song yuqi, please! ♡
asphuxia 1 year ago
Oh no, was there something wrong with my application?
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