guess who's baCkKK, back again?

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uh the text box looked weird there for a moment.

hi i literally have forgotten what this is. 

[smacks mic] iS thiS thIng oN????

i'm kidding, hi hello. for those who've forgotten me, i get it. i forget myself like everyday.

i'm jess! the resident dad, or i used to be at least. it's been a lil bit since i logged into this site and honestly, i felt the tug the most today. the tug never left, but some days it's more than other.

i think i'm just feeling really fuzzy right now, i've been on a little movie spree and i finally made myself it up and watch call me by your name. now. i love that book, i think i read it in my earlier high school years, so it held a very special place in my heart. it isn't really even the plot- though, i adore the plot and the characters. what got me with the book was the feeling that these memories being retold were my own? i felt so invested in the lack of time and how i could barely register how i felt for a very long time, that the book was just so much more magical. it's all about the experience, i recommennd you read it.

anyway, i was putting off watching the movie because as an avid read, book-to-movie adaptations will forever frighten me, i'm afraid they won't do the book justice a lot of the time. i mean, we have gems like harry potter and perks of being a wallflower and honestly, i enjoyed the hunger games movies. but for cmbyn, i was nervous they wouldn't encapsulate that ethereal feeling i feel every time i reread it. but tonight, watching it with a big chocolate chip muffin and the book snuggly tucked against my chest, i really felt like they pulled it off. i felt myself so emmersed in the world and in the two characters and the wonderful scenery. it's a slow, methodical movie that just put me in one sweet mood.

i didn't come here to gush about cmbyn, though i'm very much just a general pile of goo when it comes to contemporary books. i like to be transported into a story that could definitely happen right next door to me, or in another country. i rave about books like aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe or the sun is also a star or boy meets boy (which i finished reading for the first time today on the bus! honestly, one of my favourite books of all time) because those books make me feel so good.

but whatever, if you're still reading this, i'm sorry for the impromptu gushing over some of my favourite books. i've been really busy with university, i'm in my second semester and it's just more stressful than my first. but oh well, i faked my way through that one so i definitelyy can fake myself through this one.

how have you all been?? i miss it here. this was a place i loved to come and hone my writing skills, y'know? i still write, i'm really just in the process of building my own story, it's been creatively blissful.

tell me about your lives, please. i do miss hearing about all the fun things that happen in others' lives. maybe tell me your favourite book? that'd be fun! if any of you are book lovers like me, lets connect heh. 

alright ! please stay well rested, guys!! make sure you drink enough water, take your supplements, take time off to take care of yourself, maybe watch a movie or listen to music or read or anything ! love you guys, bye bye. < 3


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glitterassgaysparkly 2 years ago
sits down here and opens my arms, making grabby hands at you
y o u
gudetama 2 years ago
wOw jESS !!!2$/)2$
acuteassmess 2 years ago
You're so cute tf and I missed you lots (aka it's hygge-lna/winkeus)!! I hope you been doing good as well and my fav books are the hunger games like I couldn't stop reading them till I was done with the whole series of it like I loved it so much ;;
bulgguki 2 years ago
papa i think i got a food poisoning from eating blueberry waffles
huimang 2 years ago
HoneyMocha 2 years ago
b r b c ry i ng
angelcode 2 years ago
canislupus 2 years ago
i missssssed yaaaaaaa screamsss
shinyechan 2 years ago
it's been like 3000 years since we've talked - also i did change my un so just to make sure you don't think some random person is just commenting like this on your blog, i was forttaejin!! do you still remember me though- haha
microwave 2 years ago
oh my god jess hellO
i appreciate the cmbyn gushing because i had yet to find someone that actually liked it here and wowoowowow
peachtarte 2 years ago
shiber 2 years ago
ITS MY bestesstat friEnd im crying
hi I hav missed u and i lov You watdafq

(i hope you remember me aaaa w8)
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