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RULE ONE. please favourite before commenting! upvotes are not needed but v appreciated!

RULE TWO. we do not accept any ooc drama of any kind. if you find you're having problems, message an admin asap and the problem will be rectified.

RULE THREE. remember you are different from your characters. do not get your real life and your characters life mixed up.

RULE FOUR. no god-modding, fairly standard rule, no power play or meta-gaming as well.

RULE FIVE. password is oogie boogie

RULE SIX. no self-deprecating comments about your writing. nobody writes perfectly, we all make mistakes, what we don't like is seeing you put yourself down.

RULE SEVEN. pretty much anything goes. the only forbidden topics are: , ia, animal abuse and perma death.

RULE EIGHT. this is a fairly mature rp, make sure to read your roleplay partners profiles for their triggers and always ask for consent if doing something that isn't pre-planned.

RULE NINE. forbidden relationships need to be approved by admins.

RULE TEN. no face chasing.

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RULE TWELVE. 1 week dating ban. move in couples are tentatively allowed.

RULE THIRTEEN. multiple characters are allowed but each additional character has requirements. first is free, second is a blog and third is proof of at least one active thread per existing character,

RULE FOURTEEN. private message an admin if leaving, do not comment.

RULE FIFTEEN. there is a strike system in place. if you do something to earn a strike, you will be messaged by an admin; do not delete strike messages. if you recieve 3 strikes, you will be kicked and banned from the roleplay for one week (your character(s) will not be deleted), failure to continue following the rules will result in being grey listed(banned from this rp only).

RULE SIXTEEN. while there are some lifespan guidelines(which you can read in the species page), you are welcome to change your characters age. the youngest age allowed is 18. as long as there are images that realistically look like the age you apply for, go for it!

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"THE HOWLS of a lone werewolf go unnoticed, mistaken for the baying of rogue wolves in the outskirts of the forests. Shin Hoseok does not die quickly, the silver knife trembling in his chest cavity as rivulets of blood stain the grass; compared to the government mandated silver bullets, a knife is a grisly way to go. Silver to a were is like holy water to a vampire or iron to a faerie. Hoseok can feel his guts rotting from the inside and as he takes his last shuddering breath, the wolf uses the last of his energy to gaze on his attackor; a white fang glinting in the moonlight as she smirks nastily."


Earth is a vastly different picture to what it was over a month ago. COTN takes place in a major city hub(currently unnamed) where vast majority of the population likes to take residence; the mixing of the human and supernatural world has been a reality for all over the last few centuries as circumstances forced intergration but now, life has been mostly settled. But recently, there has been a string of murders, primarily were- related and all seem to have the same modus operandi. While I encourage you to live your life as normal, be wary on the streets and forests at night. You never know who may stab you in the back, literally.

COTN is a semi-standard city au with supernatural elements and an over arching storyline that, if the rp remains active, will develop over time. You do not need to participate in the plot, just be aware that it is canon. Be creative in your characters, your jobs, etc. It would be awesome to see people apply for jobs that will help develop the story but it's not needed! 

Thanks for taking a look at COTN :)














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henggarae 3 years ago
Skrt skrt And pokes head admin
Hwannie 3 years ago
What kind of job would you need my chara to have for the overlapping plot? I like to be usefull. c:
Unknxwn_ 3 years ago
Can I.......... have a second? :3
moonkitten 3 years ago
can i get
im nayeon as my 2nd? owo
Cutaepie 3 years ago
Would a demon be allowed?
schnuggldiwuppdich 3 years ago
v. sofia18:40:21Reply
I'm looking for children

halfer, dad is a were-beast of choice
max. 24 years old

human or any halfer
max. 31 years old
pref. an orphan who never knew he had parents
silvanna 3 years ago
could i get choi soobin please?
schnuggldiwuppdich 3 years ago
Hello, can I get Sofia Vergara as 3rd please? I have several plots for Yuta in the university, and one for Yuri in the casino.
wonholic 3 years ago
may i reserve nam joohyuk?
moonkitten 3 years ago
hihi can i reserve min yoongi?
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