Ken 3 years ago
I'm still alive yeah yeah! my cold is gone babeyyy *wiggles to the sides* do the wiggly dance!
Ken 3 years ago
ohhh gaaaahhhh!! *imitates Ravi's new video while doing crow like sounds*
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe (Ahh okay)
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan [night and by the way, later on I won't be here since I'm going to my grandpa's so yo might me see by your next day by night ;u;]

*I hum and grin* I see. *I continue to lather the foam by your head and smile*
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe Ahh that doesn't matter to me

(I'm going to watch some youtube videos and then going to bed. Goodnight)
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan because I can be a pain in the , maybe literally *I laugh and nibble on your jaw, before I get the shampoo on my hands and start to clean up your hair, while being careful to not get soap by your eyes*
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe why would i wanna get rid of you?
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan [it's ok TT ^ TT]

you better *I chuckle and kiss your lips* because so soon you won't get rid of me.
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe (Ahh I see. I'm sorry T-T)

*blushes as well* Ahh I love you too~
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan [missed Jinhwanie TT3TT]

hum I see *I hug you close and kiss your cheeks* you better not, because I love you. *I blush as I said the words for the first time and smile*
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe maybe and I'm not ignoring you babe.

(Sorry im watching a movie)
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan then should I do it more times? *I hum and peck your lips*
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe *smirks* Well that's good
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan *I smile and carefully bring you back into the water and I hug you close and hum* it was interesting for me as well. felt good to hear you moan and to feel you in my mouth.
jinhwan 4 years ago
@junhoe *nods* Mmmh it sure did
Ken 4 years ago
@Irene well, you're nice and funny *I wiggle my nose a bit and look up as if asking help to God to not blush, but after a minute or two, it happened* you seem to talk to people easily and become friends with them and even when I don't mind much, I do noticed and you're pretty, so yeah. *wiggles nose again*
junhoe 4 years ago
@Irene girl, but you need a little some thing, you know? *I grins*
if you want to have a boo in this middle of gayness, you need to get that sass on. *I wiggle my shoulders a bit as I was exciting for going shopping*
we can't be too different from what you are already tho, would be too fake, so first I need to ask ya, how is your normal style, what you are up to try and not and how you think the guy you want may like you as. You don't need to have a crush for now or something for this, but being dressed in a certain way may help attract the type of guy you want, for example if you were out in a mini skirt that looks more like a belt and that type of short stuff, you couldn't expect to get a prince, you know what I'm saying? *I raise one eyebrow and nod, trying to make you see that I was here to help somehow, even when not asked at first, but I still wanted to tell you that it was true, some girls sometimes expect awesome guys, but dressed like that they tend to attract bad attention and even knowing that you could dress how you wanted, I also wanted you to be safe, since I was probably older than you.*
Irene 4 years ago
@Ken So…which category would you put me in? Did i pass your standards?
Irene 4 years ago
@junhoe Well I am beautiful too you know, With or without make up, or clothed. but sure I'll take that offer.

[] dont worry :) i understand
Ken 4 years ago
@Irene I am not mad, I just kinda felt bad for getting put in the same category.
it's not like I also don't like boys, but I do also like girls, I tend to care more about personality, because I don't mind the physical presentation. I mean I know when a person is beautiful, but if they aren't nice it ruins it, you know? *I nod as I get a bit lost in my own thoughts*
Irene 4 years ago
@Ken Really?
good. For a second there, i thought you were mad at me
Ken 4 years ago
@Irene you didn't *I shake my head and look down and blush as you cup my face with your hands*
junhoe 4 years ago
@Irene I was born beautiful, how couldn't I? *I chuckle and playfully raise one eyebrow*
I had payment from the first tour, I can pay, but you better pay me up later on, hum?

[he's playfully calling '' since he's sometimes a female Regina George, so don't take it in as a offence ]
Irene 4 years ago
@Ken Aww /cups your face.
I didnt mean to offend you, Jaehwan.
Im really sorry
Irene 4 years ago
@junhoe You have a really really high self confidence, Boi.
And I dont have enough money for Junhoe revolution. Imma just watch you guys eachother while eating nutella toast.
junhoe 4 years ago
@jinhwan *I hum as I take in your and drink it down and then as I take my mouth away, I gave your head a last * was it good?
junhoe 4 years ago
@Irene girl, you and me need to go shopping, you new some more bababom in your life so the boys won't turn so gay for me.
I mean they still mostly will turn gay for me, of course *rolls eyes as it if was obvious* but then like this you will stand a chance. *I nod*
Ken 4 years ago
@Irene *I pout and look down*
well, but I am. *I nod and blush lightly*
Irene 4 years ago
@junhoe Define Junhoe revolution and I'll think about it /nods
Irene 4 years ago
@Ken Ohh I didnt know that... Sorry
Kenjumma OTL


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
No one is active anymore so I really lost inspiration for Ken ;u; (would say for Irene, but we also barely talk so...)
sorry, see you all around ♡
PUDDIN 3 years ago
Hakyeon left
slim_thick 4 years ago
yugyeom pls
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's taeyong please?
wooyuki 4 years ago
Add and reserve Hongbin for me please c:
jamlessbread 4 years ago
add and reserve bobby for me please.
GhostWolf 4 years ago
Add Ravi for my please~
PUDDIN 4 years ago
Add Hakyeon (N) for me please
jungjeffrey 4 years ago
a&r nayeon for me
1Glance 4 years ago
a&r Kris wu for meeh
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