Crack Room

Rated M ver

Ken 4 years ago
as a birthday present I demand to the maknae to come here before Kenjuma becomes mad and for a Vixx hug. *pouts*
Ken 4 years ago
@leo *I nod and pout* I miss them as well and I saw Ravi coming on his way, but I think he may had gotten lost *I sigh and nod*
leo 4 years ago
@Ken Get Ravi and Maknae here ASAP
/explodes suddenly
Ken 4 years ago
@leo Hyung looks best as a blonde.
Labi still needs to get his in here and bring the maknae.
leo 4 years ago
we is y~~~~
junhoe 4 years ago
*cracks some eggs*
get it? crack room....
then they say me and Bobby are awkward...
I've been far too long near him and BI *shakes head and leaves the room*
junhoe 4 years ago
Need to also plan myself a diet, eating so much Valentine's chocolates is not that healthy. *nods*
junhoe 4 years ago
Valentine's day is coming...
What should I offer myself this year? *pouts*


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
No one is active anymore so I really lost inspiration for Ken ;u; (would say for Irene, but we also barely talk so...)
sorry, see you all around ♡
PUDDIN 3 years ago
Hakyeon left
slim_thick 4 years ago
yugyeom pls
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's taeyong please?
wooyuki 4 years ago
Add and reserve Hongbin for me please c:
jamlessbread 4 years ago
add and reserve bobby for me please.
GhostWolf 4 years ago
Add Ravi for my please~
PUDDIN 4 years ago
Add Hakyeon (N) for me please
jungjeffrey 4 years ago
a&r nayeon for me
1Glance 4 years ago
a&r Kris wu for meeh
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