aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 6 months ago
@zkdlin.bbh.com @yuqioh.bbh.com @yuebyul.bbh.com @yerinthegenuine.bbh.com @xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com @syaoran.bbh.com @starfreckles.bbh.com @snowclouddreamer.bbh.com @shibermetimbers.bbh.com @shashasana.bbh.com @ydynamite.bbh.com @seungbird.bbh.com @seulgisenpai.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com @seoju.bbh.com @santaclaws.bbh.com @saebby.bbh.com @richerthanyou.bbh.com @ricepaste.bbh.com @princejin.bbh.com @peepeeman.bbh.com @optimushwang.bbh.com @noirwykh.bbh.com @nanajaem.bbh.com @naeunniejjang.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com @luhan.bbh.com @lordchub.bbh.com @lalipop.bbh.com @kwonceleb.bbh.com @kwangbae.bbh.com @ktaehyung.bbh.com @kingkyong.bbh.com @joojoobean.bbh.com @jjhyun0214.bbh.com @jjallang.bbh.com @jammies.bbh.com @hansouffle.bbh.com @godjihyo.bbh.com @godfather.bbh.com @girigiri.bbh.com @eunuwu.bbh.com @dlwlrma.bbh.com @CrystalOrigin.bbh.com @chuuweetheart.bbh.com @chachachanyeol.bbh.com @bunbunyeon.bbh.com @aggresoo.bbh.com [ announcement! ]

Hey guys! We have listened to your request, and thus, we have added a message board! Please use the message board to post lovely messages to friends. Times can be tough so let's uplift each other! Please take notice that the message board will only open during events! It is to ensure that no negativity can creep in! The Secret Santa Event will also be posted in there! Have fun with the board, and we will see you again in another small announcement! Head over to the BORD ROOM to check out the link to be redirected to the message board!
[post deleted by owner]
syaoran.bbh.com 6 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com @aggresoo.bbh.com hi, hi! may i request for an apartment? just needing a rp space for those who live off campus < 3 thanks!
kwonceleb.bbh.com 6 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com thank you !
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 6 months ago
@kwonceleb.bbh.com yes! i'll get it up
kwonceleb.bbh.com 6 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com () hello! could i request a park? uwu
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@zkdlin.bbh.com @yuqioh.bbh.com @yuebyul.bbh.com @yourheartandseol.bbh.com @xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com @tenshi.bbh.com @taengoo.bbh.com @syaoran.bbh.com @soulfool.bbh.com @shibermetimbers.bbh.com @ydynamite.bbh.com @seungbird.bbh.com @seulgisenpai.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com @santaclaws.bbh.com @peepeeman.bbh.com @olive.bbh.com @ohse.bbh.com @noirwykh.bbh.com @naeunniejjang.bbh.com @mrsmooth.bbh.com @mjchinangel0203.bbh.com @minhaha.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com @luhan.bbh.com @lordchub.bbh.com @lalipop.bbh.com @kwonceleb.bbh.com @kwangbae.bbh.com @kingkyong.bbh.com @joojoobean.bbh.com @jjkookonut.bbh.com @jjhyun0214.bbh.com @grimreaper.bbh.com @godjihyo.bbh.com @godfather.bbh.com @girigiri.bbh.com @eunuwu.bbh.com @chuuweetheart.bbh.com @chachachanyeol.bbh.com @aggresoo.bbh.com

hello everyone ovo i added some town rooms!
just a note ー i named some of the shops after some of you! all the ones i named after are people who upvoted this rp ; w ; thank you so much for the support. if you aren't comfortable with the store i gave you then let me know ー also not everyone who upvoted got a store so if you haven't got one that's jbc i couldn't think of a store + name with your username/chara name. sorry! if you have an idea pls let me know uvu

thank you all!
santaclaws.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seoju.bbh.com haofkdkd no rush at all bb!! ♡
tyt ♥
seoju.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@santaclaws.bbh.com yeah! i was supposed to add more off campus rp spots today so i might do that rn uwu
santaclaws.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seoju.bbh.com hi can we have a mall or like shopping district or something? uwu
luizinho.bbh.com 7 months ago
the rest of x1 & cix please!
godjihyo.bbh.com 7 months ago
all of twice pls uwu
santaclaws.bbh.com 7 months ago
i demand a jung yunho from ateez riGht now.
even santa has wishes you know ;~;
*xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com 7 months ago
give me the Queens: CL, Sunmi, Ailee, Victoria Song, Jessica Jung
and no one gets hurt
seungbird.bbh.com 7 months ago
give me oh my girls or death esp mimi or hyojung
also winner's yoon or hoony pls
seoju.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
complete snsd esp tiffany uvu
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
complete exo uvu esp chen
*xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com 7 months ago
[] wishing for a boba tea shop! i give yall full freedom to name it whatever
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@lordchub.bbh.com [ added to your wall! O ♡ O ]
lordchub.bbh.com 7 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com [] putting the default layout up Is fine with me
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@ohse.bbh.com [ i've added it to your wall! have fun with it and thank you for adding into the festivity of this place O ♡ O ]
ohse.bbh.com 7 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com Id love to have it! I just made room on my wall for it!
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@mjchinangel0203.bbh.com [ have fun with it and i'm sure jjh will be delighted to hear that! u v u ]
mjchinangel0203.bbh.com 7 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com () i love it so much, im using it and taking the main layout i gotten before! tyvm for the layout < 33
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com [ no worries! ]
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@mjchinangel0203.bbh.com [ i've already added it for you u v u and thank you! ]
mjchinangel0203.bbh.com 7 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com () i haven't edited anything on the profile on my wall but can you put yall layout on the personal message so i can see what it looks like? also take your time and keep up the gr8 work < 3
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com crystal clear, thanks soo!
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 7 months ago
@zkdlin.bbh.com @yuqioh.bbh.com @yuebyul.bbh.com @yourheartandseol.bbh.com @xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com @tenshi.bbh.com @taengoo.bbh.com @syaoran.bbh.com @soulfool.bbh.com @ydynamite.bbh.com @seungbird.bbh.com @seulgisenpai.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com @santaclaws.bbh.com @peepeeman.bbh.com @olive.bbh.com @ohse.bbh.com @noirwykh.bbh.com @naeunniejjang.bbh.com @mrsmooth.bbh.com @mjchinangel0203.bbh.com @minhaha.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com @luhan.bbh.com @lordchub.bbh.com @lalipop.bbh.com @kwonceleb.bbh.com @kingkyong.bbh.com @joojoobean.bbh.com @jjkookonut.bbh.com @jjhyun0214.bbh.com @grimreaper.bbh.com @godjihyo.bbh.com @godfather.bbh.com @girigiri.bbh.com @eunuwu.bbh.com [ notice! ]

hello, everyone! i'll place this here so it's easier to track but we're adding default profile layouts on each wall. however, we have not put the default profile layout to some walls due to the walls already having a layout of their own. therefore, please let us know if you would love to have the default profile layout (courtesy to our jjhyun0214.bbh.com and xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com). we will also add your info on the directory. if there is anything that you would like to change in regards to your basic info, do let us know. thank you ♡
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
nice! thanks c:


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MaleWifey 4 months ago
senpai left
inertialsunflower 6 months ago
is park sooyoung available? sorry for disappearing, I was overwhelmed by finals and forgot to come onto this site OTL
[comment deleted by owner]
1d34a8a6cad16e2a7c94 6 months ago
Can I be Jennie Kim?
grandemint 6 months ago
hi my loves ♡ wasn't sure where to ask, but could i get a hiatus for taehyung until january 3rd? ♡
shiseido 6 months ago
is park chaeyoung available?
redflavor 6 months ago
kim minjoo please?
shinyechan 6 months ago
could i get kim wooseok?
valehearted 6 months ago
hi, is choi san available?
psychologist 6 months ago
shoshin 1 day ago Reply Replies All
congratulations on the feature, my bobohu family!
kodokushi 2 days ago Reply Replies All
late but, congratulations on the feature !!

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