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❀ heo yoorim 5 months ago
✿ jeon jungkook 1 minute ago Reply
dejun feel free to take me im ready
— ✿ jung chanwoo 5 months ago
✿ jeon jungkook 11 minutes ago Reply
chanwoo is lil bettes boy toy omg the drama
✿ lee minho 5 months ago
✿ kim taehyung 19 minutes ago Reply
i'll hgelp too

— kim taehyung, finding the missing camp staff (he is The missing staff)
✿ huh yunjin 5 months ago
✿ jeon jungkook 1 day ago Reply
✿ huh yunjin 20 hours ago Reply
the fact that all of the staff chaos is happening in the general camp, which means all of the campers are reading all of these messages and going
✿ huh yunjin 20 hours ago Reply
"so we're not trusting jungkook"

putting their lives in the hands of the human equivalent of a dog who keeps trying to fit a huge stick through a door by pausing, doing a circle, then trying again like it magically makes the stick smaller lmjajskijfsidf
✿ jeon jungkook 5 months ago
❀ heo yoorim [A] 4 minutes ago Reply
out. OUT! did you knock him OUT hard enough.

❀ heo yoorim [A] 5 minutes ago Reply
did you knock him up hard enough?

✿ huh yunjin 7 minutes ago Reply
is he still awake
✿ huh yunjin 5 months ago
❀ rayan xasan5:39:10 PMReply
cook a puppy!!
❀ park wonbin 5 months ago
— ✿ jung chanwoo [A] 53 seconds ago Reply

— ✿ jung chanwoo [A] 57 seconds ago Reply
Thank you, wonton.


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puppup 5 months ago
sebastian moy [ influencer] is going camping!
Kagune 5 months ago
yang jeongin from skz is going camping !
parsley 5 months ago
— camp everwood
⠀⠀↝ please read the rules + check masterlist before applying
⠀⠀↝ everything is limited to help fill out spaces, please check positions page to see what's open! if it's crossed out we are not accepting for that position until more openings come along!
⠀⠀↝ need: 12 campers
⠀⠀↝ comment full name + group : ex jung chanwoo from ikon is going camping!
zeriri 5 months ago
jin junya is going camping!
cautionramen 5 months ago
bang chan from stray kids is going camping!
wikihow 5 months ago
Hello, can I reserve FA’s Kim Theo
DamnDaehyun 5 months ago
can i reserve itzy's shin ryujin ?
eihGeB 5 months ago
:shaky eyes: inch resting.
mimodreams 5 months ago
can i reserve oh my girl's choi yewon ? :3
joshuji 5 months ago
lee seokmin from svt is going to camp!
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