❛ lake

width must be 220 but height can be anything

lake! this area is out of cell service, but close to the camp that if you really try you might get some signal. 

✿ lee seokmin 9 months ago
Seokmin standing half with a life vest on, a donuts, with a donut floater, and soome swimming noodles. With his phone on the hand, he was just staring at the camp group chat with a very clueless expression. " But...I want to go for a dip?" Looking like a lost child in a waterpark.
✿ choi yewon 9 months ago
[] i dunno if i was meant to @ dejun ehe but i am here!

Yewon makes it to the lake after spraying herself with bug spray, wanting to do the search in comfort away from any insects nipping at her skin. "Sorry if I took a bit. Didn't want to get bit up while on the search. Have you seen anything yet?" she approaches her partner with raised brows and a huff, fixing her fringe a little as she comes to a stop.
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo [] im just gonna reply even tho taeh is missing-

His eyes shifted from the book he was reading to his phone as soon as the alerts went off, he already had a feeling who they had been from before he even picked the device up, a smile on his lips as he texted back a simple 'ok' emoji. He was already dressed and ready to go so he simply headed down despite being told to take his time, and of course that meant he arrived first. To his happiness the lake was quiet, everyone had cleared out for the evening as he had expected them to and so he picked a nice place beside a fire pit to wait for his friend; quiet nerves bubbling in his chest that he tried to smooth over with his hand.
❀ xiao dejun [A] 9 months ago
Heads down to the lake in search of the missing staff member. Waiting for yewon to meet him here.
— ✿ jung chanwoo 10 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung After cleaning up the office and locking the door to his room, Chanwoo made sure to grab some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for the s'mores that would be enjoyed later, and made sure to grab the other things that he would need before heading out, leaving a small note on the desk of his office saying "radio if you need anything - chanwoo". Nothing ever happens later in the evening typically, but you could never be too sure. Pulling out his phone, he walked out side, taking a quick glance around.

[to: taeh]
- i'm heading towards the lake now!
- tyt getting here, i'll be doing a small round of things while i'm waiting.


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puppup 9 months ago
sebastian moy [ influencer] is going camping!
7cd0fde176e45e56da4e 9 months ago
yang jeongin from skz is going camping !
parsley 9 months ago
— camp everwood
⠀⠀↝ please read the rules + check masterlist before applying
⠀⠀↝ everything is limited to help fill out spaces, please check positions page to see what's open! if it's crossed out we are not accepting for that position until more openings come along!
⠀⠀↝ need: 12 campers
⠀⠀↝ comment full name + group : ex jung chanwoo from ikon is going camping!
zeriri 9 months ago
jin junya is going camping!
cautionramen 9 months ago
bang chan from stray kids is going camping!
wikihow 9 months ago
Hello, can I reserve FA’s Kim Theo
DamnDaehyun 10 months ago
can i reserve itzy's shin ryujin ?
eihGeB 10 months ago
:shaky eyes: inch resting.
iBANAYNAY 10 months ago
can i reserve oh my girl's choi yewon ? :3
joshuji 10 months ago
lee seokmin from svt is going to camp!
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