❛ head counselor's office

width must be 220 but height can be anything

room description here: keep it relatively short but height will auto adjust.

✿ lee seokmin 9 months ago

Tiptoe-ing to the office with a box on his hand, carefully not to disturb the people. inside the office. On the box is a note that said. "Great Job!" with a smile face "from: Nimkoes Eel" Slightly chuckling he put down the box and knocked on the door before running away.

✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo my gaze is almost sad when you mention scaring you, but before i can even respond you've pulled me back in and i'm returning your kiss so soft and sweet and gentle.
hmmmm.. promise.. i promise i won't scare you again..
i'm sorry - really. you know that right?
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung a soft but small smile grows on my face as I talk in your presence. a soft hum sounding from him.
yeah? we both just missing each our a whole lot then?
don’t you dare scare me like that again though.
grumbles a bit before pulling you back in for another kiss
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo breathes o ut softly when you pull away, already missing your lips
hmm? slowly blinks my eyes open to meet your gaze, my own eyes gentle and fond as i search your face carefully,
channie.. i missed you too, you know? a lot more than you probably realise..
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung that long huh?
asks before leaning into the kiss my hand moving to cup your cheek for a moment before pulling away, my eyes examining your face.
I missed you-
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo my lips tug up into a pleased grin when you give in so easily to the pouting, letting you tug me forward into you.
mmm.. finally... been waiting since i got here...
mumbles softly before my lips are pressing against yours in a gentle lingering kiss
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung Damn, I tried my hardest.
chuckles a bit placing my free hand on your thigh giving it a little squeeze
Hey no pouting-
Let’s out a sigh playfully rolling my eyes.
Fine, come here.
Gently tugs at your arm to pull you closer
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo nop eit definitely isnt believable at all ehehehe
my lips fall into a little playful pout as i let out a soft huff.
don't punish me for getting lost~ you know it was an accident.
whines a little and pokes at your lower lip gently.
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung Wha- it’s totally believable
grins while shaking my head in feign disbelief.
ah. it’s been a while hasn’t it, even longer since you tried to escape camp hmm
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo somehow i dont fully believe this either?
pulls one of my hands free gently, walking my fingers up your chest slowly.
you used to kiss me all the time
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung Yeah, I’m picky about who I let annoy me.
lets out a small snort
Oh? What’s that?
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo tilts my head to the side gently as i let out a soft chuckle.
i guess you do, hmm~? maybe only from me though?
you know what we haven't done in a long time?
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung mm true
holds my hands loosely open until you slide your fingers in between mine, letting out a soft chuckle.
Yeah, guess I like being annoyed or something cause there’s no other explanation.
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo almost~~ because nobody is perfect, my dear channie~
glances down at our hands when you take hold of mine, humming gently as i move my hands slowly until i can slip my fingers between yours.
you're one hundred percent correct yes~ and yet you let me keep coming back?
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung the almost-
nods a bit, my hands reaching up to grab your hands, holding them for a moment,
aren't you always super annoying? regardless if i'm tryna sleep or not? lol
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo i'm always right~ well, almost always..
let out a soft airy laugh, nodding my head while my fingers rub gently over your chest.
i'm awake and super annoying and you were tryna sleep
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung omg help i wasn't done let me add this []

lets out a huff when you lift up, looking at you my eyebrows raised.
i- might?
chuckles lightly
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung mm, shh we don't know.... yeah, actualy you're right.
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo you could never lie to me~ you could try but you'd definitely fail~
throws my leg over your waist to sit up settled on your hips, looking down at you playfully.
you know you gonna regret inviting me over?
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung looks at you for a moment when you move to look at me, with a small nod at your question and humming when you run your hands through my hair.
i'd lie and say no, but yes, i did.
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo hums happily when i hear you, wiggling up a little until i can peer down at you with a soft expression, moving my hands to slide through your hair slowly.
hi sleepy head~ did you miss me?
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ kim taehyung hears you open the door, and come in but still not awake enough to get up to do anything before i see you coming into my room.
setting my phone done on the table beside the bed as you get on the bed, my arms immediately wrapping around when you finally settle with a soft smile.
hi taeh..
✿ kim taehyung [A] 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo makes my way across the campground until i reach your office, finding your spare key easily and letting myself into the office quietly slipping my shoes off at the door.
i waste no time in coming into the room your bedroom is in, crawling across the bed to practically collapse against your chest, nuzzling over it slowly,
mmmm my channie..
✿ lee minho 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo "i know. but you look like you'd keel over any minute." minho snorts, "no problem and—visit the clinic soon. health is still as important, if not more than work. i can even help you there now, if you want? otherwise, I'm heading back to the cafeteria. got kids to feed."
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ lee minho chanwoo looked at the other, almost in a shocked expression. "please, i'm sick i'm not dying." he shook his head. "but that's good at least. again, thanks" makes the 'yikes' expression. "uhm yeah, i've been kinda-- busy??? to go to the clinic, so ..... no?"
✿ lee minho 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo minho lets out a quiet sigh, looking the other up then down. "—i'm not so awful as to take money from someone sick. keep it. and the sandwiches are from cafeteria, anyway." he shrugs, "by the way, have you gone to the clinic yet, chanwoo?"
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ lee minho chanwoo gives a weak smile, before following the other inside a little looking at the contents in the bag nodding lightly. "ah you didn't have to go through that much trouble for me, but thank you." instinctively grabbing his wallet out he looked at the other. "how much do i owe you?"
✿ lee minho 9 months ago
@— ✿ jung chanwoo eyebrows furrowed, minho quietly greets the sick head counselor. "hey, yourself. you look like ." he softly mutters, walking in and gently placing the bag on the desk. "i got you two bottles of sprite. really not sure it'll be a great help but... you asked for it. got some meds too just in case you're running low. and sandwiches."
— ✿ jung chanwoo 9 months ago
@✿ lee minho gets up from the chair, by my desk, opening the door of the office, "oh, hey." says with a horse voice. "did you find anything at the store?" he stepped aside to let the other in
✿ lee minho 9 months ago
with a small plastic bag in his left hand, minho gently knocks on the door. not too loud, just enough to be heard by the occupant inside.


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— camp everwood
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Hello, can I reserve FA’s Kim Theo
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can i reserve itzy's shin ryujin ?
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:shaky eyes: inch resting.
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