❛ hiking trail

width must be 220 but height can be anything

hiking trail! no cell service! make sure to have a walkie talkie! 

❀ park wonbin 7 months ago
@❀ heo yoorim he was hyped, excited to prank the camp counselor who had typoed his name as soup dumpling, instead of his actual name. wonbin was going to get sweet revenge, by making chanwoo look for non-existent animals. to make things even better, yoorim, a girl from another cabin, had actually agreed in chat to join in on the mischief with him. and to his luck, the latter even had connections in getting the animals that would be needed to pull of the prank flawlessly.

reaching the vicinity of the specific hiking trail that they had agreed to meet, wonbin peered around, looking to see where yoorim was. past a tree, she saw the slim figure of a girl waiting, off to the side. unclipping the walkie talkie from the his waistband of his jeans, wonbin held down the device's button to radio the nearby camper. "yo. fellow prankster. i see you." he spoke, hiding behind a bush some distance away.
❀ heo yoorim 7 months ago
After a second radio call for search and rescue, yoorim had a handy back pack and a walkie talkie attached to her belt. Her hair tied back for the ease of looking and searching for someone. She was going to meet the other at the campsite, but she decided it would be easier to head straight to the hiking trail and wait for them there once she got her supplies.
❀ heo yoorim 8 months ago
@❀ park wonbin It had all happened really fast, Yoorim was in the group chat (half) joking about pulling a prank on the staff in the camper only chat, and suddenly she was making real plans for an actual prank, not only on the staff but the actual head counselor himself, and needless to say the mischievous half of Yoorim was a little more than excited. She had messaged wonbin in the chat and the two of them would meet up to meet the farmer that was dropping off the animals that they would set loose in the head counselors cabin.

After getting the number from her father and passing it along to wonbin, so he could be the one to call the farmer, and pretend to be chanwoo, she hadn't known the next happening other than where the two were meeting, so yoorim headed out to the entrance of the camp, close to the hiking trail where she would meet wonbin, and hopefully the farmer to drop off the livestock.


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puppup 7 months ago
sebastian moy [ influencer] is going camping!
Kagune 7 months ago
yang jeongin from skz is going camping !
parsley 7 months ago
— camp everwood
⠀⠀↝ please read the rules + check masterlist before applying
⠀⠀↝ everything is limited to help fill out spaces, please check positions page to see what's open! if it's crossed out we are not accepting for that position until more openings come along!
⠀⠀↝ need: 12 campers
⠀⠀↝ comment full name + group : ex jung chanwoo from ikon is going camping!
zeriri 7 months ago
jin junya is going camping!
cautionramen 7 months ago
bang chan from stray kids is going camping!
wikihow 7 months ago
Hello, can I reserve FA’s Kim Theo
DamnDaehyun 7 months ago
can i reserve itzy's shin ryujin ?
eihGeB 7 months ago
:shaky eyes: inch resting.
iBANAYNAY 7 months ago
can i reserve oh my girl's choi yewon ? :3
joshuji 8 months ago
lee seokmin from svt is going to camp!
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