❛ cabin 3

width must be 220 but height can be anything

in this cabin there is 5 bedrooms (one master bedroom and 4 regular bedrooms) and a shared bathroom for the campers. 
in the master bedroom you have the counselor, and in the regular bedrooms you have the campers. 
in this cabin: 
counselor: Kim taehyung
campers: park wonbin, rayan xasan

❀ heo yoorim 8 months ago
@❀ rayan xasan Yoorims eyes darted around the cabin, curious of the layout of others than her own, but they were all the same. Only difference was slight decoration differences. Yoorim’s head turned in the direction of the voice of the other, when she finally heard her call out in response, a bright smile appearing on her face once she saw the other. “Oh hey!” She gave a small half bow before walking further into the cabin and towards the others room. “I came as you knight in shining armor to help sort this out!” She joked lightly.
❀ rayan xasan 9 months ago
@❀ heo yoorim "Gosh, what was I thinking?" Rayan said aloud, her voice as sharp as the huff that left her parted lips afterwards as her small hands darted around her open suitcase for the next item. She sat in the middle of her assigned room, clothes, shoes, and small bags of necessities were messily strewn around her as if she was summoning something great and ancient. Besides the colorful mess on the floor, the rest of her room was quite barren. Any life of the person before was washed out, and the wooden furniture collected dust under the rays of light that spilled in from the open windows. The bed was made up with thin white sheets, and a grey quilt that started to peel in little balls that Rayan knew she had to do away with immediately, she was glad her older sister was right to stubbornly stuff her patchwork blanket in with her things. Soon, it would be decorated with pictures and other memorabilia from the much anticipated time at the camp, the first night would rough to get through. "Hm?" Rayan briskly picked her head up from the pile of clothes when she heard her name from an unknown voice yet sweet voice. "Oh, Yoo—I'm in here! Please I'm drowning!" She dramatically huffed and puffed and she scrambled to the door of her room in her socks, sliding and almost tripping over the very shoes she warned her about earlier. "I'm right here." She sung as she poked her head outside the doorframe. Her hair was frizzy, the soft black strands falling in her face as her eyes started to glow happily seeing the girl standing there cautiously.
❀ heo yoorim 9 months ago
@❀ rayan xasan The great thing about coming to camp was the opportunity to meet new people, and as Yoorim's old friends from school all went in their own directions with life, she couldn't find a better opportunity to do such a thing than to come here, not only that but what is more fun than spending time in the great outdoors at any point during the year? Of course, that was probably the part of her that just loved adventure and new things, but as the camp started to slowly fill up with people she had put herself more out there to try and get to know the others, especially the campers that she would soon hopefully make good memories with.
So when a newcomer of the camp had mentioned needing help she had offered her help out there. Not only would this be a good chance at meeting someone new, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to look at half the wardrobe the other girl had mentioned she had. Once she had got dressed and ready to head out, she walked down to cabin 3 where the other said she was, knocking on the door a bit, before stepping inside the openly screen door. "Rayan?" She called out. "It's Yoorim from cabin 1." She said not wanting to go to far in not having actually met anyone from this cabin yet.


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puppup 8 months ago
sebastian moy [ influencer] is going camping!
7cd0fde176e45e56da4e 8 months ago
yang jeongin from skz is going camping !
parsley 8 months ago
— camp everwood
⠀⠀↝ please read the rules + check masterlist before applying
⠀⠀↝ everything is limited to help fill out spaces, please check positions page to see what's open! if it's crossed out we are not accepting for that position until more openings come along!
⠀⠀↝ need: 12 campers
⠀⠀↝ comment full name + group : ex jung chanwoo from ikon is going camping!
zeriri 8 months ago
jin junya is going camping!
cautionramen 8 months ago
bang chan from stray kids is going camping!
wikihow 8 months ago
Hello, can I reserve FA’s Kim Theo
DamnDaehyun 8 months ago
can i reserve itzy's shin ryujin ?
eihGeB 8 months ago
:shaky eyes: inch resting.
iBANAYNAY 9 months ago
can i reserve oh my girl's choi yewon ? :3
joshuji 9 months ago
lee seokmin from svt is going to camp!
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