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heya there, i'm sungkyung, or you can call me lami ! i just wanted to thank you for existing and for gracing our rp with ur existence. seeing a happy fam bam in wee woo makes lami a happy child hehehe please stay awesam, like what samsam would say and take care. l eaves a cookie in a box for ya - see ya ! ♡



merry christmas !
to: jeonghan

hannie :c i'm not sure if og me is going to be back for the holidays but,, i heard that you like sour gummies. don't eat them all at on c e thouGH do it like this. every time you miss him eat one. if you run out of gummies don't be afraid to ask for more okay? merry christmas, i love you ♥
to: jeonghan

Jeonghan loved watching the humans more than anything, sitting above a cloud with his wings flapping gently behind him, causing a gentle wave of wind to flow through the atmosphere and clothe the humans with his loving breeze. He loved how pure they were, and even loved how unclean they were. He especially loved using his powers to protect the ones that hurt and to bring smiles to those that couldn't. Even without knowing what was covering them, humans were always grateful for the gentle reassurance given to them by Jeonghan, and Jeonghan was more than happy to shower them in his love, for his gentle love knew no bounds and he would prove that every day that he was allowed to watch the humans.



you're awesome。

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