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scroll for memories.
kim sanggyun [ h ] 45 seconds ago Reply
hyeri don't leave us or cloud nine hyung will mix wine with milk again i.
ha sungwoon (the fairy) [A] 30 seconds agoReply
yah i wanna throw glitters around you too and bless you with all the love in the world and all and
w aves my wand around may the power of this wand grant han hyeri all the love she should have and deserv e bc i love he r and shes amazin g ♡ djdjkxkd
ha sungwoon [A] 2 months ago Reply 
@han hyeri its alre a d y half past 12 gmt+9 ;;; but but but fairy sungwoon is here to deliver a smol smth her prepared for your birthday :DD it's dumb tbh but i really hope you like it u v u ♡ happy 20th birthday, nae yeochin ♡ dont be too hard on yourself and rest well u v u dr INK MORE WATE R AND EAT YOUR MEALS PROPER L Y ILY :D ♡
here's the little smth id K -

ha sungwoon [A] 1 week ago Reply
@han hyeri c lea rs thro a T i am not the best guy a girl can ever ask for. i'm not prince charming on a white horse. i can't ride a unicorn and fetch you to the moon nor can i pluck the stars in the skies for you like romance novels would write. hyeri, love, it's been a while since you've been around and now that you're back i'm more than just happy. i've missed you a lot since the day you left; hours felt like years and years felt like millenniums without you here beside me. we all know you deserve so much better than a person like me but you were very sweet and you always said nice words. but enough with the blabbering and the overly cheesy lines that have been used over and over again. i just wanted to say, happy 5th monthsary hyeri-yah ♡ i love you u v u ♡
kim taehyung 42 seconds ago Reply
han hyeri [ h ] 2 minutes ago Reply
how do u do about me in layouts i cant describe mysef someone help me what do u think of when u see hyeri first thing I thought of
yeo hwanwoong 23 seconds ago Reply
im str8 for chaeyeon pls dont tell hAn 
ha sungwoon [A] 3 minutes ago Reply
okay so ,, before i cc hyeri to chaen imma just say chaen or hyeri, i love you ♡ thanks for being a fairy to me eidheidb im so sof t

ha sungwoon [A] 1 minute ago Reply
@jung chaeyeon jung chaeyeon. jung. chae. yeon. jung. chaeyeon. c lears throat. hello, love. you were a step ahead of me, posting your 6th month messages a day earlier than me. hing, how could yo U jkjk it was really cute tho i gotta say, you were really cute. i mean you are still cute wth ha sungwoon. anyway, i'm just gonna keep this rather short because i'm # uncreative and stuff and i can't make puns or write long cute letters for you but i just wanna let you see smth. its all written here :D

ha sungwoon [A] 23 seconds ago Reply
@jung chaeyeon thats cause i am your oppa u < u but but bit since i did something terrible to you so i will swallow my pride and do a ,, noona aegyo ,,
noo n a bogosipeoyo noona ddaranghaeyo ♡

hong nayoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply
kjbdsfks wifey ;; issok i know you feel bad and all those sad stuffs but i know he's out there somewhere panicking because he wants to go to you and marry you ;; now dont feel too bad bc he'll be here and still marry you and make it up to you okay? we're always here for you rain or shine c":
ha sungwoon [A] 19 seconds ago Reply
shdhdjd gnI T E WIF EY idc anymore whether or not we're officially married youre engaged to me youre gonna be my wifey anyways u v u
gnite wifey i love you aju many ♡♡♡
ha sungwoon [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
all i wanna do ? 
all you wanna do
wanna one ? nah
wanna chaeyeon
i mean r ip thats a bad
idea i said its bad

jeon somi 1 minute ago Reply
i need to go soon so uh - congrats cloudchaen, last long !! bless us with smol chae and sungwoon okno

ha sungwoon [A] 1 minute ago Reply
@kwon junhui @jung chaeyeon i'm not very good with words so i'll just keep it short. i promise to love this beautiful lady im marrying, jung chaeyeon, through thicc and thin through pain and sorrow through happiness and sadness and for all there is to share. i will love her with all my heart and soul, till the very last breath ill ever breathe. i don't know what else to say except you look beautiful this evening. and this evening, i'm going to marry you and take you home with me. i love you chaeyeonnie <3

jung eunbi 2 minutes ago Reply
kwon junhui [A] 1 minute ago Reply
guys look look l o o k she's ha chaeyeon now im not cyrignfgin

yeo changgu 9 minutes ago Reply
jung eunbi 1 minute ago Reply
kim taehyung 18 seconds ago Reply
kim minseok 42 seconds ago Reply
congrats once more to the beautiful couple- we truly appreciate and adore you.
last long and live a fulfilling live, together.

kim taeyeon 18 seconds ago Reply
i'm so happy you're my daughter in law
c oos sungwoon did well with such a cutie


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you're awesome。

scroll right. hello and welcome! whoever you are, if you are reading this you must be wondering "what the hell is this" right? it's just me, plain lil ha sungwoon here to tell princess hyeri how much he loves her. i thought that it was cheesy to say it to her so i resorted to using layouts to express myself. plus i didn't really do anything for her for our first month. and i felt guilty so. come, lemme tell you a story about a boy who fell in love with a girl.
The start. the boy started out as a salad; single and lonely and desperate. he was known as a winkboi™ who knows no about dating but still wants to experience one. as inexperienced as he is, he was a piece of back then, to his sharkguin princess. the princess was hurt by his actions but the dumb cluster was oblivious to it. he was dumb, and dumb was only just an understatement.
a second chance. after graduating from the life of being a piece of , the boy then became a man, right after the princess became a queen. it was at this moment, the man realised that the princess was a really important part of him and that he was dumb to neglect her that way. he wanted to salvage their relationship, that was mended and torn by he and himself. he wanted to make up to her. so he decided to open up to her, telling her what he had in mind for a while. he expected the princess to flip at him, throw tantrums at him, point fingers at him. but she did none of those. all she did was said she understood, and that she was willing to refresh their relationship, to give their love a second chance.
Improvements. the fool of man had taken this second chance as a way to show his love to the person that he should be appreciating the most. although he's still dumb, and sometimes time gets in the way, but he still tries his best to show the princess that he means what he had said that night. he meant it seriously when he asked for a second chance. and since he'd gotten the green light, he is willing to go all out just to show her how much she means to him. the scars that have been made before this boy became a man; he is trying to cover those up by leaving sweet kisses over them, covering those bad memories with new, beautiful ones.
what the future beholds. he doesn't know what is going to happen to him in the future, or what is going to happen to them in the future. but for now, he is glad with just the thought of being able to be by the side of the woman he loves, being able to hold her once again. no matter how far apart he is from her physically, he will continue to love her with every last ounce of his strength. 
do you know who the boy, the man, the princess and the queen are? if you already know then you can just stop here, but if you are curious about who these people are, just read on. hyeri, the reason why i told you this story is because i want you to know how much we've been through to become the strong couple we are today. i have been a piece of trash to you, and although you said it was alright, it wasn't. it isn't. and it never will be. but i'm trying. do you see where i stopped? i stopped at chapter four. but that is not the end. i don't want just four chapters with you. i want to make many more chapters. happy 2nd monthsary babe ♡ and to more months, years or decades to come. and if you really want to know who those 4 characters were,,, the princess was sohye, the queen was hyeri. the boy was jihoon and the man was... me :D thank you for reading this trash. and hyeri, thanks for being my yeochin, you are just a caring and beautiful being and i just wanna hug you, kiss you, keep you in my pocket and take you with me 10ever. lastly, i love you ♡
han hyeri is the apple to ha sungwoon's eyes. she never fails to brighten his life with her bright energy and caring personality ♡
08.25.2017. it has been 3 months since they've gotten together. sungwoon just wants to tell her how much she means to him ♡
ha sungwoon is wee woo rp's resident dumb. living up to his name as dumb sungwoon, he is so dumb you just wanna smack him to the wall. together with hyeri, they make the dumb dumb couple ♡
happy 3rd monthsary, hyeri-yah ♡