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lee jaehyun [ h ] 29 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin, the hero we need but don't deserve

noh jisun [ h ] 8 seconds ago Reply

im crying i love jinymax just as much as i love yiboymax-
squishes her and wails

min yoongi [ sh ] 13 seconds ago Reply

okay hyunjin you’re soff as a cute plushie

choi yewon [ sh ] 16 seconds ago Reply

dedicates 3k to hyunjin and lip aka precious line :"D

jeon heejin [ sh ] 3 minutes ago Reply

jung haerim 1 second ago Reply
kim jungeun 4 seconds ago Reply
qt hyunjin has made an appearance
we have all been blessed

lee jaehyun [ h ] 12 seconds ago Reply

kim minseok 1 minute ago Reply
lee jaehyun [ h ] 31 seconds ago Reply
who would reject hyunjin though
she a precious pure smol bean of happiness



kim minseok 13 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin is so precious

kim jiwoo 13 seconds ago Reply

our hyunjin isso cute

jeon heejin [ sh ] 2 minutes ago Reply

lifts up hyunjin like a strong child and twirls her around
my one and only cuddle fish

yoo shiah 1 minute ago Reply

loona sandwich, a meal packed with talent.

yoo taeyang 7 seconds ago Reply

kwon hyunbin 16 seconds ago Reply
hyunjin is so pretty wth

huang renjun 29 seconds ago Reply

kwon hyunbin 30 seconds ago Reply
hyunjin is so pretty i'm shook

kwon hyunbin 37 seconds ago Reply

lee jaehyun 1 second ago Reply
loona slay me
and lay me into my grave 6 feet below the ground
i'll still stream your mvs from the afterlife

kim minseok 2 minutes ago Reply

no no she's a legit baby- so baby jin

lee jaehyun 29 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin's about me page, under pasttimes: cooing, whining, kaomojis, [ insert some other cute ]
my about me page, under pasttimes: bITCOIN ES

lee jaehyun 49 seconds ago Reply

you're my only hyunrrito wys

ha sooyoung 20 seconds ago Reply

hyunjinny jin jin looks so cute

ha sooyoung 5 seconds ago Reply

clutches my heart 

precious (pre.shus):


ha sooyoung 43 seconds ago Reply

i love hyunjin

lee jaehyun 9 seconds ago Reply

my fav lil bean is hyunrrito

lee jaehyun 49 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin, a cute smol

lee jaehyun 35 seconds ago Reply

coos at hyunrrito without even realizing
it's like a habit now

hwang hyunjin 32 seconds ago Reply

babyjin a mean rapping machine

yeo hwanwoong 16 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin the hell you're girl crush material enough

kim sunwoo 39 seconds ago Reply

666th to a lil demon kitten who

kim taehyung 14 seconds ago Reply

I'm a big softie for babyjin has she cast a spell on me or something

kim taehyung 13 seconds ago Reply

babyjin could draw on my face with a permanent marker and I wouldnt mind bcs i'd get to see that little happy face 

kim minseok 5 seconds ago Reply

babyjin is so precious- my daughter is the best

kim sunwoo 10 seconds ago Reply

i can always count on hyunjin to abuse me

im yeojin 37 seconds ago Reply

slams in to smoochie hyunkitty unnie’s cheeks

kim sunwoo 6 minutes ago Reply

everytime a croissant drops in the world
you can hear hyunjin crying over it

kim taehyung 27 seconds ago Reply

babyjin making me soft at 6am only babyjin

im yeojin 1 minute ago Reply

adopts hyun unnie as the 5th cat 
this one is my fave

jeon heejin 9 seconds ago Reply

im yeojin 21 seconds ago Reply
hyunkitty is the only rapper i respec

kim youngjo 1 second ago Reply

jae ha 5 seconds ago Reply
lee chan [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
i love how all the loona girls suddenly appear

lee hyunjae 16 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin is a constant arthur meme

kim sunwoo 7 seconds ago Reply

stands on the dinner table back at my dorm amd claps lifelessly
everyone; brothers, sisters, friends, pets, ellen degeneres, please vote for kim hyunjin on mixnine

kim sunwoo 1 second ago Reply

mentally curses the universe out before i look up at hyunjin with the most strongest pout i can muster, leaning towards her direction: 

thunwoo baegopa

proceeds to lift a finger to poke my cheek as i turn my head to the side, blinking twice and doe-eyed. 

thunwoo gwiyeowo???

choi chanhee 13 seconds ago Reply

me: im not weak
also me: HYUNJIN

kim sunwoo 30 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin is fine just the way she is 
coughs evil

kim sunwoo 11 minutes ago Reply

wow you're mighty strong pretty demon kitty

kim sunwoo 12 seconds ago Reply

just sorta kinda a little cute you are grumbles

kim sunwoo 1 minute ago Reply

takes a deep breath before looking at hyunjin
you're cute
smirks like how i did in the teaser

kwon hyunbin 1 minute ago Reply

around you is my favu song

jeon heejin 28 seconds ago Reply

BBC: You need a hobby.
Hyunjin: I have a hobby.
BBC: Being a sarcastic little isn't a hobby

kim minkyung 49 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin is so stronk wow oppa material

kim younghoon [ h ] 57 seconds ago Reply

kendrick who?

kim sunwoo 8 minutes ago Reply

pretty you're

jeon jungkook 31 seconds ago Reply

hyunjin is the only cat i'd lov

lee jeno 14 seconds ago Reply


park chaewon 1 minute ago Reply

im yeojin 3 seconds ago Reply
hyunjin on her death bed: stream my mv 
all of loona @ the funeral: remember to stream her mv

ha sooyoung 28 seconds ago Reply

jinny is so pretty i am flabbergasted

bi wenjun 6 seconds ago Reply

all these welcome homes it like hyunjin a soldier coming back after 5 years being deployed in iraq

lee hongbin 4 seconds ago Reply

i dont doubt hyunjin's skills on the battlefield

im yeojin 5 seconds ago Reply

it’s always thanksgiving when hyunjin is around because she is a blessing and we have no choice but to be thankful

kim sunwoo 3 minutes ago Reply

hyunjin's my deathentine

moon hyungseo 12 seconds ago Reply

protecs hyunjean

kim sunwoo 2 minutes ago Reply

hyunjin are you the french revolution
cause i'm losing my head over you

kim jungeun 2 minutes ago Reply

jung jinsoul 22 seconds ago Reply
but you are super duper cute bby hyunjin!


wen junhui [A] 43 seconds ago Reply



choi yewon7:24:43 PMReply

jinny is my favorite

kim younghoon4:30:35 PMReply

hyunjin: you ugly cancerous demon croissant dropping monster 
inner hyunjin: i stand by what I said, but you're kinda cute

choi yerim [A]7:25:53 PMReply

son hyejoo 24 seconds ago Reply 
jo haseul9:24:53 PMReply
we love jinny with every inch of our very being

kim sunwoo 24 seconds ago Reply

what the hell hyunjin is so ......

jeon heejin11:57:54 PMReply

hyunjin u are the cutest persn ever

na jaemin3:27:45 AMReply

i'm suddenly joining a sports team so loona can be my cheerleaders

na jaemin4:19:44 AMReply

jeon heejin13:19:24Reply
cheerleader!hyunjin is cute im in luv

jeon heejin1:34:51 AMReply

hyunjin is secretly the witch from hansel and gretel

jeon heejin1:37:33 AMReply

my lil kitty princess

jeon heejin1:07:00 AMReply

fun fact: hyunjin's dp was us as at our wedding

wen junhui [A]9:34:16 PMReply

aaaaAAAA WE LOV YOU TOO DOTTER ❣️💗💟💙💕💓💜❤️💘💕

kim jungeun9:54:01 PMReply

hyunjin you are My Girl™, my One And Only Girl™, not my teddy bear
my teddy bears get choked, and i'd never choke you

kim jungeun11:02:49 PMReply

she's my jinny in a bottle
and im gonna rub her the right way ; )

kim sunwoo10:10:45 PMReply

there can be as much kittens in the world but hyunjin is the one who has possessed me

lee donghyuck2:48:21 PMReply


jung ilhoon 1 minute ago Reply

she is very literate in the languages of cat and meme

park chaewon12:28:17 PMReply

fun fact: hyunkitty is the cutest cat

kim sunwoo2:44:28 AMReply

not a furry lover but if hyunjin is part of the cult then anything for her i guess

na jaemin2:21:12 PMReply

this is why i missed hyunjin

kim sunwoo 1 minute ago Reply

bald now because hyunjin Snatched my wig

na jaemin2:11:40 AMReply

jung jaewon11:11:13Reply
hyunjin is my hero

haruto watanabe11:14:53 PMReply

won (my) young (heart)
choi yewon2:28:53 AMReplyshe's won young lady

merry christmas !
to: hyunjin

i don't need to say anything