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jiwon (good day) > sua > saerom > nunu > jisun > zn > jisun > chaeryeong > jisun > hangyul

son hyejoo7:12:44 PMReply

why would i love myself today when i could love jiwon everyday

son hyejoo 13 seconds ago Reply

whenever and wherever we shall be princess, no matter how cute anyone is, you're my cutie

jeon heejin 13 minutes ago Reply

who is liv gonna arrest

son hyejoo 13 minutes ago Reply

probably jiwon for stealing my heart

son hyejoo6:37:00 PMReply

jiwon looked scrumptious in the fancam

lee joowon7:43:39 PMReply

i'd date you jiwon !!!

son hyejoo 1 minute ago Reply

i love kim jiwon


kim yewon 1 hour ago Reply

kim bora is a god

lee seoyeon5:14:13 PMReply

@ babe

wong yukhei9:30:58 PMReply

hdjshdhd saerom is making me soft in this house we stan a cutie

lee seoyeon 1 hour ago Reply

she's my wifeu

lee seoyeon11:48:41 PMReply

eunwoo is my baby

lee seoyeon 1 minute ago Reply


lee seoyeon [A]6:05:33 PMReply

noh jisun is a goddess

lee seoyeon [A]6:05:46 PMReply

jisun is absolutely the most adorable person

felix lee2:08:51 PMReply

jisun no ; u ;
who is going to be the normal and healthy, functioning adult of the rp?

wen junhui [A]8:17:13 AMReply

jinye noona uwu

wen junhui [A]6:34:56 AMReply

slepe weeeeell nooonanana

jung jaehyun2:11:49 PMReply

but i guess jisun is Ultimate Sun

hong jisoo [A]1:32:20 AMReply

whats the tape for i

kim hyunjin1:32:37 AMReply

to hold chaeryeong's sanity together

lee seoyeon [A] 25 seconds ago Reply

hangyul :<

lee seoyeon [A] 15 seconds ago Reply


park sooyoung10:37:48 AMReply

pastes corgi stickers on jisun's cheeks i lov u pls exclude me from this

I'm not good with my words
Though I don't say it often enough, you flabbergast the hell out of me. I don't know what words to say when I'm around you. I genuinely can't figure out how to word properly sometimes and it's like some words that I want to say get stuck in my throat and I just can't figure out how to speak them correctly. I want to do my best and tell you how I feel but damn, I completely get tongue-twisted around you, even if it doesn't seem so.
I want to tell you
Do you remember our first conversation? It was back when you were still Jiwon and I was still Olivia, around the beginning of April. We talked and became friends, then it was Jiwon's birthday. And of course as a friend, I asked what you wanted for your birthday. Of course, you being you just had to ask for a kiss, and so I gave you a kiss because- well, because you asked for it. Then after that the nicknames came in and eventually we became comfortably settled into this little middle area between unofficial and official, otherwise known as unofficially official. And honestly, since then all I've always wanted to tell you but never have been able to is that,,,You Make Me Happy
Early Memories

this is what started it all
kim jiwon [ sh ] 1 month ago Reply
noms on olive's cheeks gently. do i get a birthday smoochie :>
i don't remember my response to this but then you..
kim jiwon [ sh ] 1 month ago Reply
juts out her lower lip before leaning up with puckered lips. more olive :>
and so i
son hyejoo 1 month ago Reply
blinks even more as the tips of her ears start to burn slightly before she gives up to the older yet cuter one, pressing a chaste kiss to her puckered lips. ( ˘ ³˘)♥
which caused you to
kim jiwon [ sh ] 1 month ago Reply
freezes in her spot as her cheeks redden, eyes wide as she glances at olive. o olive- sdnajfknldag
and me being the natural tease i am
son hyejoo 1 month ago Reply
beams a cheeky grin at the female and presses a smooch to her forehead. you asked for a smoochie, and so i gave you one, duh
Some Other Cutes That I Found

son hyejoo 1 month ago Reply
jiwonton and olive
kim jiwon [ sh ] 1 month ago Reply
olives and wantons are an interesting combo
kim jiwon [ sh ] 1 month ago Reply
@son hyejoo hey random answer
but you're the younger one so you're my baby girl♡
son hyejoo 1 month ago Reply
jiwonton, lemme fite the thunder for you
Hear me out

Alright, so now to the real reason why this exists. I know I'm not the best with my words or my emotions. I know that sometimes I say stupid things or do stupid things and I know that in the future I'll probably do even dumber things. I know that sometimes I really don't know how to speak around you, and sometimes I seclude myself from you rather than confiding in you. I know that instead of coming to talk to you like a good,,, not-girlfriend?, I just wallowed in my own feelings. I know that sometimes I really should listen to your advice instead of being dumb. I also know that if I want a relationship with you, I'll have to work on all of that. I know that you just want to help and I know that I should let you instead of pushing you away with my words. I know that you're a person who needs signs of affection often and I know that I shouldn't make you wait too long for me, because that would be selfish of me.
What I'm trying to say is

I know that in just about every sense, I'm not fit for you. I wouldn't be surprised to find that I'm just about the polar opposite of you. But, I'm definitely willing to change a part of me to become a person better for both you and I combined. I'm 100% willing to give you all of me, for even just a part of you. I genuinely feel like I could make myself good for you and even if you say I don't need to change, I know that I do. A part of me has wanted to change and just needed a good reason to , which is why I 1000% believe you are the perfect reason. So what I really want to ask is,, Are you willing to be my reason, to be the light I need in my darkness, to be the beauty to my beast, to be person I turn to most when in times of need? Will you be my girlfriend, my princess, my baby girl, my sweetheart, my love, my everything?
Songs For You

What is sleep when you're in love, also, hover over the images :>
You know I