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Come here and kiss me already you dork

runs over and laughs, scooping you into my arms as i press a deep kiss on your soft lips



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are u yoongi bc u min a lot to me : )


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are u yoongi bc i feel like i’m on a suga high around u : )

Min Yoongi
 25 years old
 idol and producer
Cheolnir since 4.11
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—背景 background
Min Yoongi is a member from world wide popular idol BTS. At the same time he is also a producer and a rapper producing to his own group bts and also a few other artists like suran. he works like crazy sometimes holed up inside his studio for days until he got his job done. his face resembles of a grumpy cat but he is just a playful and a big softy on the inside. he is really just a little kitty meow meow trying to find real friend in this place. loves to watch different kind of moies andquoting everything on his word. it's to keep his lyric writing skill on point. he is also very concerned about the social situation happened in this world, "the negative side of capitalim" is what he describe the world right now. on bed though he is one motherer who likes to try anything and everything with his partner well except blood play, knife play and vore that scared the heck outta him and he will faint at the sight of blood. 
—个性 personality
a playful person and a very sociable person most of the times. but he has his bad days too, will have some depressed moment along the way but its okay he will be better through time. tries to help everyone to get better also because he understand the feelings and the pain whenever he is on his bad day. when he is playful thoush, he is going to tease you forever but don't be offended because that is just how he expresses how comfortable he is with you. sometimes his mouth would have no filter and will randomly says stupid or teases cheol on the chatroom so beware about that. yoongi is also an ambivert so there will be times when he enjoy peace and quietness but most of the time the louder the better.yoongi is a switch!!
—情人 lover
04.11. Choi Seungcheol. cheolnir. my boyfriend. my man. my bestfriend. my partner in crime. and my everything. the one who makes my heart go doki-doki boom-boom whenever he decided to be a total cheese and a flirt with me. fellow switch with subby tendencies. alhough we both subbies at times i still love you lots. fell in love with him is an easy thing to do. he showed me how to live my life and to be a better man everyday. anyway hes mine so back off >:(
—朋友 friends

—出字符 out of character
just an old person in university trying to graduate from communication major in university. talks to me in indonesian, english, korean, german, or javanese. love procastinating and rather play rpr all day than doing actual assignment. has love-hate relationship with university. been into kpop for 9 years so i know lots of stuffs the good and the bad of it. insomniac at times and anemic at mst times. forgetful person especially about eating. i like to eat but too lazy to chew so ye. a very sensitive person but tries to smile to be strong for everyone around her, talk to me about yourself and i will listen and give advice as much as i can. movie goers, watch a damn lots of movies, makes quotes out of it, then judge it with theory learned from school. music has been part of my life to keep me sane. Catch me ramble about music, school, and tv shows.O.