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Joshua hong
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27 Jan 2021
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our event begins at 10pm Sunday gmt+7.
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Bishop Briggs
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about us
the smell of wet asphalt lifts through the air, lingering all through the city as it slowly begins to sprinkle. you place your hand out catching a few raindrops in your palm, it all almost feels surreal. 
you realize that we all dreamed to be here, adults and living our own lives. because we would then be able to do our own things and do whatever we want. or so we thought. you soon realize that everyone has their own life and while some may be more successful than you, you have some that are just getting by in life. wherever you land you realize things only last a short moment of time. it will all come to an end at some point, so do what you can to make the best of it! 
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favoriting the rp is a must, upvoting is only optional (mandatory for a second chara tho) but very much appreciated.
we ask that you read the complete rule set before reservering your character. you'll have 48hrs to reserve your character and when reserving please state their full name and group/occupation when reserving. 
we ask that you refrain from face claims who are deceased, problematic or wish not to be rped, we also ask that your face claim is 18+ while you can change their age +/-5 years all charas ooc and ic must be 18+. 
all orientations and nationalities are welcome here we do not discriminate, it's a big city please through in some variety. 
ic drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it, however ooc drama will not be tolerated inside of the rp, if there is conflict and admins have to get involved you will be asked to get the situation resolved in a timely matter or be removed from the rp. 
a good rule of thumb is to remember that a character does not reflect the actions or opinions of the muns behind the character. 
rated or triggering content can go in rated rooms, walls or pms. if the content is public it must be presented with a tw at the beginning of each post containing such content. 
there is a 3 character limit at the time, you can get a second through upvoting, your third will come with a blog post and 50 points from both your first and second character. it is your responsibility to make sure you can handle the activity on all your characters.
upon joing the rp we ask that you have a basic profile up, and before your try to rp with others as it helps when building plots!
if you are planning on leaving the rp, please pm an admin when doing so. do not leave a comment below. the password is one of the rules you find most important to you, revised.
after being accepted into the rp we ask that you make at least one ic post within 7 days to kick start your activity. you will be given a 3 and a 5 day warning before your 7 days is up to remind you. this is to help make sure characters aren't being hogged.
activity is set to 10 days, that gives you little more than a week to be active. you'll be given one 48 hour warning before being removed if not active again. if you need a hiatus please let an admin know. you can either have a semi (2 weeks) or a full (4weeks) you'll be required to check back in and let the admins know if you need an extension, if it's been a while and you haven't checked back in you may lose your character.
if you have trouble approaching people to rp check out the plots/connections room. you can either post some plots there or try and see if there is a plot/connection you like and ask if the user if you can take the plot!
there is a dating ban of 2 weeks, we ask that you get to know others before getting into a relationship, and there will be no move in couples allowed. 
please be nice and kind to everyone, and if you need anything don't be afraid to reach out to the admins!
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d.O.b. + age
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mixing 2 years ago
Kim Jiyeon please~
suganoya 2 years ago
kang seulgi please <3
calhoun 2 years ago
christian hogue please
hologram 2 years ago
can i get choi junhong?
floraison 2 years ago
im nayeon please
hologram 2 years ago
i see that it says you can be anyone but just to double check, are non-asians / internationals allowed?
geunyeo 2 years ago
suan/kim sooah please!
sxfthao 2 years ago
stuck between kim youngso from hoppipolla and yang jeongin from skz
vanitas 2 years ago
wen junhui from seventeen or kang minah. actress?
im a bit indecisive with my choices
nihilist 2 years ago
blackpink’s lalisa manoban for me, please?
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