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dp spam ;
lee jeno 6 hours ago Reply
@lee taeyong wong yukhei 5 seconds ago Reply
i wanna kiss taeyong's eyebrow
wong yukhei [ h ] 16 seconds ago Reply
taewwyong pwease chwoke
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hewwo, i finally get to dedicate something for you again after 533763 times missing my milestones. be proud of me. i'm not good at stuffs like this dgjsgd but An Effort Has Been Made and yes i'm writdingf this at 5am it's too early for anything let me live dad. i made a padlet about you because you're the only reminder of what love is to me when things get rough uwu. and i want to protect it more than anything in the world, i know i don't really say those three words often but i hope you know that i mean it, fully and honestly, everytime i say that i love you. i love you yongtae, you furry.
pw is my favourite movie and if you get this wrong pls disown me in instant im going back to mama velvet's house thank you.
wong yukhei 10 minutes ago Reply
please sir m just a hole


park chaeyoung 12 minutes ago Reply
my diss rap about baby yong: 
uh yeah hey you why are you so cute 
it’s not humanly possible uh uh yeah
park chaeyoung 8 minutes ago Reply
another masterpiece by me:
uh huh yeah baby yong why you gotta be so rude 
yeah uh huh so talented, cute, aNd sweet you know that’s just crude