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are you kim donghan?

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merry christmas !
to: hwan

I love you papi and zaddy <3 Merry Christmas (the middle one was yebs' idea)
to: hwan

the anonymity hey beS. i'm giving you a notebook for christmas so you can practice writing poems for ham !! or for when you get a ting ! but you're off sjdfjsdjf i love yoU merry christmas !


08. 26.98
$h¡€t han says
kim donghan 1 hour ago reply
you dont ha ve to do much you just have to stand there and my heart already goes !! !! !!!! !!!!! fdgsd

kim donghan 25 seconds ago Reply
i would do an 11:11 wish thing but hes right here so nah im good

kim donghan 6 hours ago Reply
im always thinking about you hwan so if you sneeze a lot sorry thats me

kim donghan 6 hours ago Reply
whh kook at me whdn j ckukd lokj af yoj youre so nuch mkre beaufiful and stuff i l**e gkj
(translation: why look at me when i could look at you you're so much more beautiful and stuff i l**e you)

kim donghan 14 seconds ago Reply
if i had to rate hwan he'd be a 9 bc i'm the 1 he needs
jk hes a 10 for sure

kim donghan 8 seconds ago Reply
me confessing my undying l**e for hwan : dude i l**e you yes homo

kim donghan 26 minutes ago Reply
its just. sometimes i look at you and i think wow you're so ing beautiful. you could show me the sky, the trees, the sea, even the whole ing universe but i'd still never take my eyes off of you. you're more beautiful than anything i've ever seen and anything i will ever see and i hope you know that

kim donghan 10 minutes ago Reply
i'm not. i'm not good with words, i think. but suddenly i want to be. i want to be so good with words because all i wanna do right now is sum up my feelings for you and i can't. i don't know how to properly convey the happiness and the warmth and the love and the affection i feel for you and it's just. it's ing upsetting, dude. how am i supposed to explain the way you make me want to scream into a pillow because you give me more palpitations than four (???) coffee things. i don't even know what i'm saying anymore i give up trynna be poetic. it's just. i ing love you, man. it s me up. you make me so ing happy and i doNT UNDESTAND WHAT ARE FEELingd dfshgfsadfjhgjSAdsa

kim donghan 3 minutes ago Reply
i love you you're the light of my life and you make me so impossibly happy

kim donghan 2 minutes ago Reply
loops my arms around hwan's waist and mumbles against his ear. i l**e you princess

kim donghan 3 hours ago Reply

kim donghan 32 seconds ago Reply
hwan i l**e you know you'd make the best **** and i'd just wanna stay with you forever and always

kim donghan 55 seconds ago Reply
i dont think i can trip anymore bc i've already fallen for you
(then he tripped after saying that)

kim donghan 1 minute ago Reply

kim donghan 46 seconds ago Reply
i am like the gayest man alive for hwan and im not even gay

kim donghan 4 minutes ago Reply
just in time but my 4k goes to you hwan ! you cant say youre not much because to me, you're everything. youre my everything. i guess i just. make you feel loved because i like trying to say what's on my mind even though i can't words because you're always on my mind. and like,, i'm glad that i can make you feel loved because yeah you're the most amazing person i know and you deserve to feel every bit of love i have for you (which is a lot, by the way in case you didnt know) and i. kinda dont know what im trynna say with this but thank you like holy thank you so much for like idk. everything i guess? existing, liking me back, and then l**ing me back, and then loving me back because wow do i have a lot of things i can think about at random times to make me smile and yeah. this got long but basically i love you to the moon and back and i am so blessed to be dating someone like you syiscukskfjfauFgsjs

kim donghan 3 minutes ago Reply
no i'll be like "hey hwan's immune system, this is hwan's boyfriend speaking and i know that sometimes its hard to do your job and defend him from getting sick because life is hard, but i really don't want him getting sick because it when he's not healthy, for both him and me. yeah i'm just his boyfriend and i cant tell you how to do your job, so would you please kindly defend him better? i want him happy and healthy all the time and it would be nice if you could help me out with that" or something along those lines

kim donghan 2 seconds ago Reply
GjshzkHsHgjd i just made the ugliest noise holy heck i am so in love with yeo hwanwoong

kim donghan 45 seconds ago Reply

kim donghan 27 seconds ago Reply
youre a frenCH FRY NEXT TO me because youre gorgeous and i wanna eat yoU

kim donghan 3 hours ago Reply
if hwan wakes up tell him i lvoe himmdmm

kim donghan 27 seconds ago Reply

kim donghan 1 minute ago Reply
you're always pretty

kim donghan [ sh ] 15 seconds ago Reply
you landed a kim donghan bc you somehow made him extremely completely super mega whipped for you with your amazing hwanwoong powers !!

kim donghan [ sh ] 53 seconds ago Reply
im a may baby bc may baby ako and his name is hwan

kim donghan [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply
beside me you are a vERY ATTRACTIVE POTATO you are the freNCHIEST FRY bc youre so appealing and attractive and i loVE YOU

kim donghan [ sh ] 2 minutes ago Reply
rip in pieces kim donghan 1998-2017 cod : yeo hwanwoong
(i'm sorry it's funny yet cute)

kim donghan (after hwan's done w him) [ sh ] 13 seconds ago Reply
yknow whats more important to me tho hae ? hwan is hes one of the most important things in my life ehsjhdkdjlcocs

kim donghan (after hwan's done w him) 16 seconds ago Reply
excuse me hwan is my smol

kim donghan (after hwan's done w him) 1 minute ago Reply
ye s ,,,, youre my hwan and only hwanbelievable hwandeniable l o v e

kim donghan (after hwan's done w him) 1 minute ago Reply
yes other half tripped but ultimately he fell for you ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

kim donghan 30 seconds ago Reply
the only time ill let you live is when you'll live with me (。+・`ω・´)

kim donghan 5 seconds ago Reply
hes priceless : [ and his worth to me is beyond human monetary value

kim donghan 2 hours ago
i have an alt that curses like a sailor sunghyuk im used to it heh. even if he talked trash 25/8 i wouldn't want anyone other than him yay

kim donghan 4 seconds ago Reply
yes ok that's it
tang¡na labyu orbski

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