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merry christmas !
to: yewon

your big bro asked me to give this to you since he really wants to give you a gift. said that when he saw it he was immediately reminded of you. merry christmas, though!


park junghyun 22 seconds ago Reply

when you look in a dictionary for the word precious you'll find a photo of arin

wong yukhei7:08:30 AMReply

yewon's dp is so squishy i feel attackef

na jaemin2:28:01 AMReply

choi yewon11:27:27Reply
i agree with jaems

you, an intellectual

wong yukhei7:43:37 PMReply

blows all the smoke away from arin. i'm her fan, fight me


jung jisoo12:47:29 AMReply

I'll dedicate it to arin unnie because she makes my heart swell with joy ❤



park chaeyoung10:56:35 PMReply

i think the time when i skyped and stuff with yewon was when i was happiest

cho miyeon8:29:12 PMReply

i lov arin everyone can go home

lee juyeon12:51:54 AMReply

my baby girl

lee juyeon 1 minute ago Reply

something cute did you mean You

hwang yeji5:49:48 AMReply

are u yewon bc ye truly won of a kind and always my top choi-ce



hwang yeji5:52:32 AMReply

are u yewon bc you arin my heart forever uwu

na jaemin 3 seconds ago Reply

arin is so smol she'd probably fit in one of seokwoo's hands


yeo changgu [A]2:12:01 AMReply

but ofc baby sis is always first uwu

kang chanhee [ h ] [A] 45 seconds ago Reply

1999 goes out to wonnie because it was the year a gorgeous princess was born and that princess is my girlfriend heh ♡

kang chanhee [ h ] [A] 52 seconds agoReply

my heart ??? snatched by kang arin :>

kang chanhee [ h ] [A]2:52:53 AMReply

ive cc'ed so many times but arin has never cc'ed what a powerful woman

kim donghee [A] 5 minutes ago Reply

im that boyfriend that asks for a selfie from arin everyday and reacts in keyboard smashes and heart-eyes emojis everytime tbh