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im changkyun 4 seconds ago Reply
it is confirmed
lapmoan is a dork

kim jiho 25 seconds ago Reply
nyoomjoon goes zoom zoom
jang yeeun [ sh ] 44 seconds ago Reply
i just imagine namjoon as those derp baby animals running so fast
they go nYOOM

kim jungyeon 24 seconds ago Reply
i imagined him being upset so he would always randomly run
around the room and whisper nyoom everytime he passes by

jo jinho [A] 14 seconds ago Reply
priest! namjoon
jackson wang 26 seconds ago Reply
but in all honesty.. nambruh would be the hottest priest in the
world- #allhomo

jeon jungkook [ h ] 26 seconds ago Reply
i lov namjoon hes my fav hyung !! !
lee minhyuk 1 minute ago Reply
jang yeeun 56 seconds ago Reply
namjoon = rap monster = monster truck
wen junhui 32 seconds ago Reply
oh seunghee 3 seconds ago Reply
min yoongi 46 seconds ago Reply
destroyer of stuff

kim namjoon™

wen junhui 3 seconds ago Reply
wait lemme just

daddy namjoon ♡

jo eunhee 40 seconds ago Reply
namjoon is so cute isTg
wen junhui 1 minute ago Reply
ya lemon hyung is cute ♡
kim namjoon 1 minute ago Reply 
why was 6 afraid of 7? because

kim namjoon 
789 posts | 789 pts

park chanyeol [ sh ] 14 seconds ago Reply
Namjoon, my favorite bangtan
choi yujin 26 seconds ago Reply
namjoon i appreciate you
park chanyeol [ sh ] 4 seconds ago Reply
I suddenly love Namjoon?
I'm love Namjoon

park chanyeol [ sh ] 16 seconds ago Reply
If I went drinking with Namjoon I'd be crying over the fact that he's such a great person and he makes my heart soft and I want to
protect his heart for 8 hours straight.

jin longguo [A] 1 minute ago Reply
u have some amazing eyes raepmon
jang yeeun 1 minute ago Reply
what do you call namjoon when he's dead?

Rip Mon

wen junhui 13 seconds ago Reply
rolls in for a few seconds

lemon hyung ure not dad ure daddy ok

rolls out

nam joohyuk 26 seconds ago Reply
i just got here and i can already tell namjoon is v nice
kim namjoon 1 minute ago Reply 
kim namjoon 1 minute ago Reply 
wow i've been rejected without even asking

this was my 1111th post,,,

jeon jungkook [ h ] 16 seconds ago Reply
its bcs i only namjoon hyung ah a ha
jeon jungkook [ h ] 20 seconds ago Reply
dad in choker is my kink
park chanyeol [ sh ] 35 seconds ago Reply
I want to frame everything Namjoon says it makes me so happy;;
lee minhyuk 7 seconds ago Reply
nambabe, nambro, grapemon, nampoop
its an exercise. they say that it relieves stress and hurts the throat.

park chanyeol [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply
I love you too, Nams ; ;
park chanyeol [ sh ] 1 second ago Reply
believe I.

You make my heart do the kill bill siren sounds when you appear out of nowhere, and you're also like gavin memes because you make me laugh so easily, and you make my heart soft and warm and you make me feel loved and wow I'm so sappy.

park chanyeol [ sh ] 54 seconds ago Reply
Namjoon is the meme, cassanova, dork I've been missing in my life
this whole time

lee hojung 7 seconds ago Reply
bts' leader, kim nyamjoon
motto in life: strong power thank u

kwon junhui 44 seconds ago Reply
lemon hyung ?? bottom ?? I Don't Think So
park sungjin [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply
Unnecessary PSA to say I love Namjoon
park sungjin [ sh ] 11 seconds ago Reply
Me and Namjoon after a week of not seeing each other:
[record scratching.sfx] I missed you so much wow I love you (repeat)

chong tingyan [ sh ] 46 seconds ago Reply

yuto is the only helpful soul in pentagon

you're awesome。